RAMTL Battle IV in Moscow

RAMTL Battle IV │ Full Rules Muay Thai
Moscow, Russia
June 26,   2015

Through the Looking Glass


Chariton “Wolf” Tuktaev │ Moscow │ Coach Boris Yunusov │ 21 years old │ Weight 67 kg. │ Height 167 cm. │ Master of Sports of Russia in kickboxing.
Elbrus “Sheikh” Kaziev │ Rostov-on-Don │ Coach Shihshabek Zaynalbekov │ 22 years old │ Weight 67 kg. │ Height 171 cm. │ Champion of Dagestan and Rostov Region.

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Even though Elbrus “Sheikh” Kaziev won in a tense battle, fans appreciated Chariton “Wolf” Tuktaeva’s courage and resilience.

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Isa “Samurai” Agayev │ Moscow │ Coach Arsene Eldarkhanov │ 19 years old │ Weight 75 kg. │ Height 178cm.
Oleg “Spartan” Khokhlov │Smolensk │Manager Andrew Kim │ 26 years old │ Weight 75 kg. │ Height 177 cm. │ Repeat Judo and K-1 Medalist in Russia. A courageous, stubborn and tenacious fighter, not just winning an unequal battle but also a strong contender for character.

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One of the most exciting fights of the evening. Samurai kept his cool against the Spartan’s roundhouse kicks and throws, despite taking a lot of punishment. Oleg “Spartan” Khokhlov won on points. Khokhlov also won the Audience Award.

Photo #5

Rustam “Tong Po” Atayev in │ Moscow │ Coach Dilshat Mirzaev │ 25 years old │Weight 75 kg. │ Height 183 cm. │ 7 professional fights.
Alex “Spear” Kostikov │ Moscow │ Coach Arsene Eldarkhanov │ 18 years old, Weight 75 kg. │ Height 180 cm. │ Medalist in Moscow Thai boxing 2014 │ Medalist of Moscow K-1 in January of 2014 │ Won all three professional fights by KO. A fan of martial arts, “Spear” dreams of becoming a world champion.

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Kostikov scored two knock downs. He punched Atayev in the head and then went for the kill, forgetting to protect his legs. Even as “Tong Po” seemed to on his way out, he launched a counterattack with low kicks to Kostikov’s legs. Smashing Sasha’s leg, he blunted the “Spear” and won by TKO in the 4th round. Winner: Rustam “Tong Po” Atayev.

Photo #7


Albert “Highlander” Kandikamedov │ Moscow │ Weight 91 kg. │ Coach Arsene Eldarkhanov. Unhurried and cautious in battle, with a deceptively good-natured smile and relaxed style. He hits hard with both hands that unwary opponents rarely survive.
Vitali “Cat Brazil” Bamburov │ Rostov-on-Don │ Weight 91 kg. │ Coach Shihshabek Zaynalbekov. A heavy hitting direct fighter by nature, not one step back!

The fight was expected to be a heavyweight crowd pleaser. At first, the balance tilted towards Kandikamedov. But then “Cat Brazil” adapted. On the wisdom of his corner’s advice, Bamburov ended up dominating the ring in everything: in tactics, in power strokes and in heart. Winner: Vitali “Cat Brazil” Bamburov by TKO in the 3rd round.

Photo #8

Cher “Shere Khan” Mamazulunov │ Moscow │Coach Boris Yunusov │20 years old │ Weight 81 kg. │ Height 183 cm. Prize Winner and Champion of Moscow in K-1 and Muay Thai. Uzbekistan champion in kickboxing. Master of Sports of Uzbekistan Kickboxing. Two pro bouts, winning both by knockout.
Sergei “The Bear” Kopachev │ Rostov-on-Don │Coach Shihshabek Zaynalbekov │ 32 years old │Weight 81 kg. │Height 182 cm. Former Intercontinental WBL Muay Thai Champion. Winner of the 2007 “Russia vs. US” professional Muay Thai match in NYC.

Sergei “The Bear” Kopachev

Sergei “The Bear” Kopachev

A very competitive bout. Cher “Shere Khan” Mamazulunov won on points over the seasoned Sergei “Bear” Kopachev.

Photo #10

Promoter of the Sports Program: Shihshabek Zaynalbekov │ President of the Rostov Regional Federation of Thai boxing │ USSR Master of Sports in boxing │Chairman of the rating committee of the Russian League of Muay Thai.

Photo #11

Promoter of the Show: Sergei Zayashnikov │ President of the Russian League of Muay Thai.

Photo #12

End Story MarkArt Director of the Show: Renat Gubaev (Moscow).

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