OneSongchai Grand Muay Thai Show on December 2, 2013


Featured Fight: Numtesaban Na-yokmonponthong (105 lbs.) vs. Mistergreen Por Telekul (105 lbs.)

Featured Fight: Jaroenphol Poptheratham (102 lbs.) vs. Saensak Sujeebameekiew (104 lbs.)

Preliminary Fights:
1. TanaiK Lukkaokwang (107 lbs.) vs. Chooponglek OrbortorKampee (107 lbs.)
2. Danglun Sitkriangkrai (108 lbs.) vs. Siuyai Lukmuangpetch (107 lbs.)
3. Klasuk Orbortorkampee (106 lbs.) vs. Onepichit Meenayothin (106 lbs.)
4. Pichitchai Orbortor Kampee (112 lbs.) vs. Ruengsak Sitniwat (112 lbs.)
5. Lamnampong Noomjeantawanna (126 lbs.) vs. Taksinlek Sitniwat (126 lbs.)
6. Ruengsaknoi Sitniwat (100 lbs.) vs. Farangkom Kietbanpetch (100 lbs.)
7. Petchrungrueng Sitnorasing (100 lbs.) vs. Norasing Lukbanyai (100 lbs.)

In other news, “Big Song” Songchai Ratanasuban awarded an honorable jacket from Onesongchai Promotions to Pichitchai OrbortorKampee soon after his consecutive wins, where all four boxers from the Orbortor Kampee Gym ko’d their rivals at the November 18th show and Pichitchai Orbortorkampee knocked out Ole Sitniwat in the main event. Promoter Songchai Ratanasuban awarded the honorable OneSongchai jacket to honor Pichitchai Orbortor Kampee and to inspire all of the boxers at Orbortor Kampee Gym.

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