GLORY 3 Rome ‘Final 8’ Results and Pics: Giorgio Petrosyan Takes Home Tournament Championship and $300,000 Grand Prize

GLORY 3 Rome ‘Final 8’ Results:


Rome, Italy (Nov. 3, 2012) – Before a roaring crowd of countrymen at the historic PalaLottomatica arena and a global audience on, Giorgio ‘The Doctor’ Petrosyan made a clean sweep through three opponents to take home the GLORY 3 Rome ‘Final 8’ lightweight (70 kilogram/154 pound) tournament championship and grand prize of $300,000, and re-enforce his status at the world’s No.1 kickboxer in his weight class.

Petrosyan defeated Ky Hollenbeck of the USA, Davit Kiria of Georgia and Robin van Roosmalen of the Netherlands, demonstrating the inhuman reflexes and timing that have proven impossible for his fellow fighters to deal with.

“Petrosyan is an artist. This is not just fighting, it is more than that,” GLORY chairman Pierre Andurand stated at the post-fight press conference after presenting Petrosyan with the winner’s cheque. “He is a once in a lifetime talent, it is incredible to watch, and I would like to congratulate him on being the first winner of a GLORY tournament. It is a pleasure to watch him fight.”

Andurand’s comments were echoed by Marcus Luer, Managing Director of GLORY, who likened Petrosyan to Italian masters of bygone days.

“Italy has a history of producing master artists,” said Luer. “Petrosyan is to his art what Leonardo Da Vinci was to his. He really is that special and that unique. His performances are beautiful to witness, they really do transcend the sport.”

Despite having won three fights in a row and taken a life-changing amount of money as a grand prize just moments before, Petrosyan was his usual humble self when asked to comment on his victory.

“I was confident that, if I went out there and did my best, that I would win the tournament and I did,” he said. “But they were all very strong fighters and they are champions too. I am very proud that this tournament was in Rome and that I could fight in front of an Italian crowd. Their support was very nice and I would like to thank everyone who came to the arena to support me.”

Petrosyan’s first fight of the evening saw him overwhelm and outfox Hollenbeck, who suffered a ligament tear in his right knee while clashing shins, an injury that forced him to retire from the bout.

Kiria was next and gave Petrosyan one of the hardest fights of his entire career, thanks in no small part to Kiria’s karate-based style. Petrosyan persevered, though, and pulled out the decision.

The final fight of the evening saw Petrosyan face the stocky KO artist van Roosmalen in what was a real clash of styles. Van Roosmalen throws every shot with heavy power and likes to give a lot of forward pressure. Previously that evening he had stopped Tim ‘TNT’ Thomas and Sanny Dahlbeck to book his spot in the final.

But it was Petrosyan that would emerge the victor. The small adjustments in distance and angle he made every time van Roosmalen came forward left the Dutchman often swinging into empty air. Petrosyan’s positioning for two of the three rounds was immaculate and while the pace began to tell on him in the third round, he was the clear winner of the fight when the final bell sounded.

GLORY 3 Rome ‘Final 8’ Complete Results:

Main Card

‘Final 8’ Tournament

70kg Final: Giorgio Petrosyan def. Robin van Roosmalen by decision

70kg Semifinal: Robin van Roosmalen def. Sanny Dahlbeck by TKO (Bodyshot) R3

70kg Semifinal: Giorgio Petrosyan def. Davit Kiria by decision

70kg Quarterfinal: Sanny Dahlbeck def. Yoshihiro Sato by TKO in Round 2

70kg Quarterfinal: Robin van Roosmalen def. Tim Thomas by TKO (Ref Stoppage) in Round 2

70kg Quarterfinal: Davit Kiria def. Shemsi Beqiri by decision

70kg Quarterfinal: Giorgio Petrosyan def. Ky Hollenbeck by TKO (Injury) in Round 2

70kg Reserve Fight: Alessandro Campagna def. Fabio Pinca by decision

70kg Reserve Fight: Warren Stevelmans def. Dzhabar Askerov by decision


70kg: Jordan Watson def. Mustapha Haida by decision

72.5kg: Alka Matewa def. Marco Re by decision

Preliminary Card:

GLORY Rules Bouts:

Catchweight 72.5kg: Ricardo Lecca def. Giuseppe D’Amuri by KO, 2:05 R1

70kg: Julian Imeri def. Emannuele Raini by unanimous decision, (30-27)

MMA Rules Bouts:

Cesario di Domenico def. Davide Dolce by Submission (RNC, 1:08 R1)

Ivan Musardo def. Giorgio Belsanti by Submission (RNC, 3:00, R1)

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