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Man City’s Kru Joel Yarwood of SitSiam Camp Wins England 2015 Wai Kru Competition in a Tie Breaker at Amazing Thailand Festival

1st Prize at the nationwide Amazing Thailand Festival Wai Kru Competition goes to SitSiam Camp’s Kru Joel Yarwood in a tie breaker. The win earns him a coveted invitation to compete next year in Thailand to represent England at this … Continue reading

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Look What You Could Win at the 10th Amazing Thailand Festival This Month in England

WHEN:  Saturday, August the 29th; Sunday, August the 30th; and Bank Holiday Monday, August the 31st WHERE:  Secretts Hurst Farm in Milford, Surrey (GUB SHU) in association with Wai Kru │ Ram Muay Competition 1st Prize (Overall Winner) THE NAI … Continue reading

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Por Kru Day in England

Krabi Karbong Thai Sword Fighting demo at Sitsiam Camp in Manchester, England: http://youtu.be/0hnbgEGFYiY.

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Citadel in Manchester Curates the Legacy of Wat Phutthai Sawan’s Por Kru Samai Mesamarn

In the Thai language, Por Kru means father teacher. Por Kru Day is observed annually on May the 5th. It is the most auspicious day in the Buddhai Swan / Sitsiam Camp calendar, celebrating the life of Por Kru Samai … Continue reading

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It Is Not Titles That Honor Men But Men Who Honor Titles

At the beginning of every academic year in Thailand – usually in October but some schools do this in January or even June – every Thai student participates in Wai Kru Day or Teacher’s Day. Even though the many schools … Continue reading

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Stars and Strikes Ride the Trans Siberian Railroad Into Manchester

Our Manchester guardian reports that the hottest concert ticket in town is for Trans Siberian Orchestra playing at the Apollo this coming Friday. Lead guitarist Al Pitrelli took the opportunity, while touring in Manchester, to train in the Thai martial … Continue reading

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Seminary for Sentinels

This story took a detour last year between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Better late than never. It comes sadly with an obiturary for Arjarn Dr. Yodthong Senanan, “Father of International Muay Thai”: The Early days: Arjarn Yodthong’s … Continue reading

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