Challenger 15 “Annihilation” – Full Results

Challenger 15 “Annihilation”
International Muay Thai Gala
Calgary, Canada
February 13, 2016

Scott MacKenzie (Canada) vs.
Kieran Peart (United Kingdom)
Super Middleweight Professionals │ Modified Muay Thai Rules │ 5×2

The Main Event featured Calgary, Canada’s Scott “Smash” MacKenzie against England’s Kieran “The King” Peart. The bout was originally supposed to be full rules Muay Thai (FRMT). A request was subsequently made by the host’s English counter parts for Modified Muay Thai rules, which was accepted by the Canadians. So the bout did not allow elbows but did allow the clinch and knees to the head. Both athletes were very similar in experience. They were also close to the same body types and size. The only visible difference between the two was MacKenzie’s being a southpaw.

The bout began with both athletes testing each other. Peart moved around the ring, trying to keep Scott from setting. Throughout the first few rounds, Kieran mostly relied on his low kicks. When they clinched, the Canadian appeared to be stronger in terms of power and skill. To compensate, the Peart smothered MacKenzie against the ropes. This resulted in some unintentional but very low knees from the British athlete, which once made it necessary for Scott to be given time for recovery.

Rounds three to five saw the bout turn heavily in favor of MacKenzie. In pursuit, he landed some very strong blows. Kiernan was bleeding from the nose from the third round on. Scott made it an exciting and thinking man’s fight.

Winner: Scott MacKenzie by Unanimous Decision

Scott Mackenzie

Cody Jerome (Lethbridge/Wall) def.
Shaun Thankachen (Calgary/Sukys)
Middleweight Men │ Modified Muay Thai Rules │ 3×2

The Co-Main Event at 160 lbs. was under Modified Muay Thai rules. Both athletes brought the same amount of experience. It was action packed throughout.

Winner: Cody Jerome by Unanimous Decision


Meaghan Cameron (Calgary/Miles) def.
Kate Clements (Calgary/Smandych)
Featherweight Women │ FRMT │ 3×2

In the featured women’s bout, Meaghan Cameron squared off against her former team mate Kate Clements. The two had been scheduled to meet last summer in the USA at the IKF World Classic. Kate had to withdraw from that bout, though, due to illness. It was subsequently arranged for them to fight in Calgary, where the local audience got to witness the bout in person. Both athletes gave a highly spirited performance. Their fans were fully into it and very emotional throughout the bout.

“The first round was the closest” reported Meaghan’s coach Mike Miles. “I think that round could have gone either way. The remaining two rounds in my opinion went to Cameron. I suspect the judges felt the same way…But without a knock out and in such a highly emotionally charged encounter, there will always be opinions about the decision… everyone in the fight game knows this.”

Winner: Meaghan Cameron by Unanimous Decision

Future Champ


Jennifer Morgan (Nashville, USA/Walker)
def. Olivia Awad (Calgary/Miles)
by Split Decision
Super Middleweight Women │ Modified Muay Thai Rules │ 3×2

Damian Moscibrodzki (Calgary/Miles) def.
Hunter Cooze (St. John’s/Rock Athletics)
by TKO in Round 1 (Three Knockdown Rule)
Lightweight Men │ Junior Kickboxing │ 3×2

Mohammad Shah (Calgary/Miles) def.
Kurt Spizawka (Saskatoon/Scheers)
by TKO in Round 1
Super Middleweight Men │ Modified Muay Thai Rules │ 3×2

Greg Lamothe (Victoria/MA Unlimted) def.
Ethan Doucette (Calgary/Smandych)
by TKO in Round 3
Welterweight Men │ FRMT │ 5×2

Stephanie Schmale (Red Deer/Cheney)
def. Bree Howling (Calgary/Miles)
by Split Decision
Lightweight Women │ Modified Muay Thai Rules │ 3×2

Ketty Hoyem (Calgary/WTM) def.
Sarah Zientek (Calgary/Miles)
by Split Decision
Super Middleweight Women │ Modified Muay Thai Rules │ 3×2

End Story MarkRiley McKenzie (Saskatoon/Scheers)
Oleksandr Papush (Red Deer/Lafantaisie)
by Unanimous Decision
Men │ Kickboxing │ 3×2

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