Association of Boxing Commissioners (ABC) Spinoff Announced

The Association of Combative Sports Commissions (ACSC), a newly-formed non-profit organization comprised of athletic commissions, has announced that it will be holding its inaugural “Annual Conference” from July 9 – 12, 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana.


The ACSC came to being in an effort to move in a new direction in working to protect the health, safety and welfare of combative sports contestants. Linking athletic commissions worldwide that are involved in the regulation of combative sports, the ACSC will stress the importance of transparency, accountability, strategic planning and open communication in all of its endeavors

The ACSC welcomes both state and tribal athletic commissions in the United States, as well as athletic commissions regulating combative sports in other countries, to join. All athletic commissions will be granted full membership and accompanying full voting rights.

Any athletic commission or similar government entity is invited to be an ACSC member regardless of whether or not is it affiliated with any other organization or organizations whose membership includes athletic commissions or athletic commission representatives.

The ACSC will place a strong emphasis on providing regulatory training and relevant medical information to its member athletic commission representatives. The ACSC plans to conduct officials training seminars – including, but not limited to, boxing seminars for referees and judges and MMA seminars for referees and judges.

The ACSC’s missions include:

  • To protect the health, safety and welfare of combative sports contestants around the world.
  • To promote the continual improvement of, and for, professional boxing, professional and amateur mixed martial arts, and other professional and amateur unarmed combative sports.
  • To reflect and maintain transparency, accountability and strategic planning in all of its endeavors.
  • To promote the uniformity of health and safety standards and other requirements pertaining to the conduct of combative sports events.
  • To forge a close and ongoing working relationship with that segment of the medical community which maintains combative sports as its focus or interest.
  • To encourage communication, cooperation and uniformity in the supervision and regulation of combative sports among all athletic commissions.
  • To promote the timely and transparent standard reporting of combative sports events between all athletic commissions – including official results, fighter injury reports, medical and administrative suspensions, and other relevant information.
  • To publish and disseminate medical and training information, and to promote and hold seminars for the continuing education of all officials, ringside physicians, commissioners and commission employees.
  • To include as a focus of its regularly scheduled meetings a presentation or presentations of timely medical issues or developments in combative sports.
  • To promote fairness, equity and transparency in the officiation of combative sports bouts and in the regulation and inspection of combative sports events.
  • To educate member commissions regarding recommendations to consider when approving combative sports bouts to prevent, and to eliminate, the mismatching of opponents.
  • To maintain an open and ongoing line of communication with those who are working in the combative sports industry, and to serve as a resource for this group with regard to the dissemination of pertinent regulatory information or developments.
  • To encourage adherence to, and enforcement of, applicable laws by each member commission of the ACSC.

The inaugural ACSC Annual Conference to be held from July 9 – 12, 2016 in New Orleans will feature two initial days of officials training seminars and two following days of meetings, ending with a banquet consisting of a dinner and silent auction. The ACSC invites all sanctioning organizations involved in combative sports, as well as those working in the combative sports industry, to attend.

Any athletic commission which is desirous of obtaining additional information in regard to joining the ACSC may send an e-mail request to [email protected]

End Story MarkTo obtain an ACSC Annual Conference Registration Form, please send an e-mail request to [email protected]

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