Ajarn Mike Miles Presents the Next Installment in 18+ Years Promoting Muay Thai with “DISSENSION”

International Muay Thai Gala DEERFOOT INN & CASINO 1000 11500 - 35th St. SE Calgary, Canada Friday, November 6, 2015

Top Image MAIN EVENT: Scott MacKenzie (Calgary) vs. Hirokatsu Miyagi (Okinawa, Japan) FRMT │ 5x2 CO-MAIN EVENT: Shijiree Shinjiro (Mongolia) vs. Tony Richards (USA/Marfort) FRMT │ 5x2 Side Image FEATURED FIGHTS: Shalva Avtandilashvili (Georgia) vs. Lucus Greer (Airdrie,Canada/Bellegarde) Eddy Chang (Edmonton, Canada/Lee) vs. Andrew Rivera (USA/Marfort) Meaghan Cameron (Calgary, Canada/Miles) vs. Robin MacMillan (Toronto, Canada/TKMT) John Nguyen (Calgary, Canada/Gentile) vs. Jordan Sasley (Winnipeg, Canada/Hodge) Sean Holmes (Calgary, Canada/Sawyer) vs. Gavin Owen (Red Deer, Canada/Cheney) Olivia Awad (Calgary, Canada/Miles) vs. Amber Berg (Winnipeg, Canada/Hodge) Nick Gallipolli (Calgary, Canada/Miles) vs. Justin Rocheleau (Red Deer, Canada/Cheney) For TICKETS: 403●244 ●8424 End Story MarkDISSENSION on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1471995833108646 Mike Miles MuayThai & Kickboxing: https://www.facebook.com/MikeMilesMuayThaiandKickboxing Mike Miles MuayThai (Formerly National Kickboxing): https://www.facebook.com/groups/4022610697/
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