Man City’s Kru Joel Yarwood of SitSiam Camp Wins England 2015 Wai Kru Competition in a Tie Breaker at Amazing Thailand Festival

Tie Breaker

1st Prize at the nationwide Amazing Thailand Festival Wai Kru Competition goes to SitSiam Camp’s Kru Joel Yarwood in a tie breaker. The win earns him a coveted invitation to compete next year in Thailand to represent England at this most prestigious of tournaments, along with:

plus a round trip to Thailand
plus 10 free training sessions at Petchyindee Kingdom Boxing Camp, voted Thailand’s Best Muay Thai Camp
plus 10 VIP ringside tickets for a Petchyindee Boxing Promotion at Rajadamnern and The New Lumpini Stadium
plus ₤100 voucher for a meal at the magnificent Thai Square Restaurant

Doubling down for Man City, SitSiam Camp’s Rahat Abbas wins 2nd Prize to earn:

Muay Thai Shorts belonging to Kwankhao Chor Rachapudsadu-Esarn
Winner of Best Wai Kru award in 2013-14 and Best Wai Kru of the last decade (Thailand)
plus ₤50 voucher for a meal at the magnificent Thai Square Restaurant

Kru Joel Yarwood

End Story MarkHonoring our spirit guides, Muay Thai’s ritual Wai Kru makes integrity of character the foundation of this martial art. For more information, go to

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