World Premiere of Born Warriors Redux

Born Warriors Redux Logo“Born Warriors Redux” will make its World Premiere in Los Angeles on May the 23rd at the L.A. Movie Awards Festival.


The long-anticipated cinematic milestone has now been completed after two return trips to Burma, an extensive restructuring of the three-disk DVD set and despite major delays due to a lack of funds.


“Born Warriors Redux” was awarded the Best Documentary Feature Award at the Los Angeles Spring of 2015 Movie Festival.

Tickets for the May 23rd screening (Block 2) can be ordered via this LINK on the website.

A New York screening will likely be scheduled in June or early July.

In the next update, there will be a more detailed description of the new material that is being assembled for the Born Warriors three-disk special-edition set. Check the Facebook page for updates and information, while the website is under construction.

YouTube: Vimeo: For more information, contact Vincent Giordano at [email protected]. Vanishing Flame-Cinejutsu Logo
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