Amazing Thailand Festival, England, 2015

The date has now been set for this year’s Amazing Thailand Festival, which is the biggest Thai festival outside of Thailand.

The Festival will take place on August the 29th, 30th and 31st at Secretts Hurst Farm in Milford, Surrey, England.

Amazing Thailand Festival 2015The Festival offers everything: Thai, food, crafts, cultural arts, dancing, Wai Kru │ Ram Muay competition, MuayThai, Krabi Krabong. The Festival also celebrates many of Thailand’s festivals, like the Loy Krathong (Festival of Lights).

For practitioners of the Thai martial arts, this year’s festival is very special.

This year’s Festival will be dedicated to the father of Muay Thai, Nai Khanom Tom.

The Thai Masters who will be teaching at this year’s festival will be Arjarn Palang (Kru Lang) from the old city and home of Nai Khanom Tom, Ayutthaya. Arjarn Palang will be teaching the art of Muay Thai and the Wai Kru │ Ram Muay.

Arjarn Sila also from the old city of Ayutthaya, who is a teacher of the Royal Thai army, will be teaching the art of Krabi Krabong (sword fighting) as taught to the soldiers of Thailand.

Training will be held 2 times per day from 10am until 1pm and again from 2pm until 4.30pm.

Students will have the opportunity to train in any or both of the Thai martial arts Muay Thai and Krabi Krabong.

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