Matt Lucas’ “The Boxer’s Soliloquy”, A Muay Thai Novel

The Boxer's Soliloquy by Matt Lucas

The new collection of fifteen interconnected short stories “The Boxer’s Soliloquy” by Matt Lucas follows the lives of Muay Thai boxers as they experience the glory and the blows of Thailand’s most famous martial art. These are the stories of punches thrown, of kicks landed, of cutting elbows, and knock out knees. Written with a direct and spare style this novel is available not only as a paperback but also as an ebook through nook, kindle, and itunes.

Rob Cox, Muay Thai Sports Journalist says that “Matt has hit the nail squarely on the head with his depictions of the life of a foreign fighter in Thailand, writing with an authenticity that could only come from someone that has experienced it first hand. It makes for a very engaging and entertaining read!”

Kevin Ross, WBC Muay Thai Super Lightweight Champion, writes, “I was immediately drawn into Boxer’s Soliloquy. Matt has a way with words that brings you up close and personal with all of the characters. You can imagine yourself right there with them.”

Matt Lucas is a veteran of Rajadamern Stadium in Bangkok, along with many other locations both in the United States and Thailand. He is a frequent contributor to the popular Muay Thai blog,, and trains out of Pacific Ring Sports in Oakland under the guidance of Mike Regnier and Ganyao Arunleung.

For media inquiries contact Matt Lucas at: [email protected]

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