WMC-IFMA Referee & Judge Course in Texas

Referee & Judge Course in Texas

The United States’ 1st ever WMC-IFMA Referee & Judge Course will take place at the University of Houston’s Campus Wellness and Recreation Center (CWRC).

The course will be taught by Mr. Chris Samson of New Zealand. Serving as the Head of the Oceania Referee and Judge Commission, Mr. Samson is lauded as one of the top ten officials in the world and has been selected to officiate at World Muaythai Day in Bangkok in February 2015 by WMC-IFMA.

Also on board to teach the course and conduct the IFMA Female Commission’s workshop is Ms. Luanda Smith of Mexico, an equally experienced and well-respected official who has officiated in various IFMA World Championships and Sport Accord’s World Combat Games.

This is the first of three courses offered that will serve to provide Local/State Amateur level certification for Muaythai referees across the country. Upon successful completion of the State course, candidates will be eligible to enroll in the National and International Amateur certification and professional certification courses to be held by the MTAT in the future.

The course will be limited to 33 candidates, so make sure to register early to reserve your seat.

For complete information, send your inquiry (to the attention of Pramajarn Kayan Sitsanthaparn, MTAT Chairman) via email at [email protected]

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