Citadel in Manchester Curates the Legacy of Wat Phutthai Sawan’s Por Kru Samai Mesamarn

In the Thai language, Por Kru means father teacher. Por Kru Day is observed annually on May the 5th. It is the most auspicious day in the Buddhai Swan / Sitsiam Camp calendar, celebrating the life of Por Kru Samai Mesamarn (1914-1998).

Por Kru Samai Mesamarn

Por Kru Samai Mesamarn

Arjarn Tony Moore, a native son of Manchester in England, was very fortunate to have been a Student of this great Master of the Thai Martial Arts.

On this auspicious day all of his students perform   demonstrations of the Thai martial arts in honor of (father teacher) Por Kru Samai Mesamarn.

If you’ll be in the neighborhood, here’s something that you might want to catch:

Muay Thai Seminar
25th May, 10 am
Panthainarasingh (PTB) Camp

Conducted by Arjarn Tony Moore.
This seminar will cover the Wai Kru/ Ram Muay and the art of counter-attacking.

For more information, contact Kru James at [email protected]

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