Buyer Beware

SPAM is the hormone of a promiscuous key word. Every now and then I’ll get an invitation. For the price of deluxe hotel accommodations, buffet dinner and membership in a club that I’d never otherwise join, I’m eligible for induction into some Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Muay-Thai-3

We’re supposed to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. So I write back. “There must be some mistake. I’m just a journalist who covers martial arts.” It’s like trying to talk a cop out of writing a bogus traffic summons, when he’s (or she’s) got a sales quota. “Just hang the Hall of Fame certificate in your dojo. It’ll do wonders for your business.” Never mind I don’t operate a dojo. Always follow the money.

Let the buyer beware. With the right connections in Thailand and paid tuition, I can also get a Kru Certificate supposedly “authenticated” by the Ministry of Sports and Tourism. What poses as authentic is sometimes just a Ponzi scheme.

Since not everyone knows how to do the acid test on fool’s gold, I make it my own business to let you know – whenever possible – all that glitters isn’t gold. Due diligence doesn’t get you where you want to go, though, unless it also reveals what’s real in the deal.

Ognjen Topic (Right) vs. Paowarit Sasiprapa.  Photo by Dale Shirley.

Ognjen Topic (Right) vs. Paowarit Sasiprapa. Photo by Dale Shirley.

So home schoolers might want to check out whether this works for you:   Muay Thai Boran Chaiyuth Tutorial Educational Video. Heads up. Consider skipping the ad.

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