The World Kickboxing Federation’s American affiliate   USMTA is assembling Team USA to compete at the 2014 World Championships in Prague, Czech Republic from November 10th thru the 15th, 2014. Team USA will compete in Amateur Muay Thai, MMA, Point Fighting, Kata, Weapons Katas, Kickboxing, Low Kick, Semi-Contact and Light Contact.


The time is now to make the first move towards winning global prestige for yourself and your country. This is not an open tournament. Only national teams will compete at the   World Championships in historic Prague.

Whoever makes Team USA, we’re on our own to cover the trip’s costs. Full disclosure: $1,975.00 would have to be sent in advance to WKF USA Headquarters, along with a copy of your passport and ID. That’s what it’ll cost to cover registration fees, airfare, ground transportation, meals and hotel accommodations.

This will be the first time since 1992 that we’ll have sent Team USA to compete at the WKF’s World Championships. It’s time for TEAM USA to go for glory.

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This is also the time for sponsors to endorse America’s team at the World Championships this coming November. Where Red Army tanks once patrolled Prague’s streets in the Czech Republic let’s carry the red, white and blue. Send a message with your support for Team USA:

WKF – USA (World Championships)
2018 North Roff Avenue
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73107
ATTN: WKF – USA President Ric Sniffen

Call to join today:
(405) 212- 6047
Or send an email to [email protected]

First People Founding Fathers

WKF – USA Vice Presidents:
Clint Heyliger
Kevin Jacub.

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