McCann’s Thrive in Chaos Seminar

Thrive in Combat

Full Contact Fighting Seminar!!!

Primal Gym
231 Bakers Basin RD
Lawrenceville NJ 08648

Primal Gym

April 27th
10AM – 3PM │ $50

Find out what works and what doesn’t

● Trouble shooting
● Worse Case Scenarios
● Multiple Opponents


● Hand vs. Hand
● Hand vs. Knife
● Hand vs. Stick
● Hand vs. Gun
● Knife vs. Knife
● Knife vs. Stick
● Knife vs. Gun
● Stick vs. Stick
● Stick vs. Gun

This seminar will test your skills at all levels.


● Mouth Guard
● Head Gear
● Training Sticks
● Training Knives
● Training Guns
● Gloves
● Head Gear
● Eye Protection

We will absolutely bring your Combatives Skills to the Next Level


“A pint of sweat, saves a gallon of blood.” – General George S. Patton

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