Invitation to WKF Austrian Open Tournament on May 3, 2014

WKF Logo World AUSTRIAN OPEN MAY 3, 2014 INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT Forms, Semi-Contact, Light Contact and K-1 Rules Venue: Sporthalle Alt Erlaa 1230 Vienna, Anton-Baumgartner-Straße 44, Austria 2014.05.03 WKF Austrian Open SCHEDULE: Friday, May 2, 2014 Weigh-In 4 pm – 8 pm in the Sport Hall ATTENTION: There is NO registration and NO weigh-in possible on Saturday morning! Drawing will be done Friday night! Saturday, May 3, 2014 08:30 am: Referee Meeting 09:30 am: Opening Ceremony 10:00 am: Elimination Fights Following Finals Schedule Subject to Change ELIGIBILITY: The tournament is open to all clubs, teams and federations. All competitors need sports pass with valid medical examinations. ACCOMMODATIONS: INFORMATION: Austrian Open Hotline: +43 664 368 51 53 e-mail: [email protected] FORMS: Traditional - No Music 1 FHS Forms Hard Style Japanese 2 FKO Forms Korean 3 FVT Forms Veterans Traditional 4 FVW Forms Veterans Traditional Weapons 5 FSS Forms Soft Style Traditional 6 FWT Forms Weapons Traditional Creative - With Music 7 FFS Forms Freestyle 8 FFW Forms Freestyle Weapons Creative - No Music 9 CRE Forms Creative 10 CRE Forms Creative Weapons SEMI-CONTACT & LIGHT CONTACT Kids, Girls and Boys, 8-13 Years: -25kg, -30kg, -35kg, -40kg, -45kg, +45kg Juniors, Girls, 13-18 Years: -40kg, -45kg, -51kg, -55kg, -59kg, -63kg, +63kg Juniors, Boys, 13-18 Years: -45kg, -51kg, -55kg, -59kg, -63kg, -67kg, -71kg, +71kg Women: -50 kg, -54kg, 57kg, -60kg, -63kg, -66kg, + 66kg Men: -57kg, -60kg, 63,5kg, -67kg, -71kg, -75kg, -81g, -86kg, -91kg, +91kg K – 1 RULES Women: -50Kg, -54Kg, -57Kg, -60Kg, -63Kg, -66Kg, +66Kg Men : -57Kg, -60Kg, -63,5Kg, -67Kg, -71Kg, -75Kg, -81Kg, -86Kg, -91Kg, +91Kg CATEGORIES: In each category, it is necessary for at least 4 athletes. If there are less than 4 competitors in one category, then it will be merged with the next higher category. It is allowed to start in more than one category. EQUIPMENT: Download WKF rules from ROUNDS: Kids and Juniors - All Fights 2 x 2 min. SC and LC - 2 x 2 min. Elimination and Finals K-1 Rules - 3 x 2 min. Elimination and Finals STARTING FEES: First Start: € 30 or €20 with WKF Sport Pass Each Additional Start: €15 Please pay the Starting Fee by April 25, 2014 BANK ACCOUNT: Bank Austria - Unicredit IBAN: AT21 1200 0236 1175 9001, BIC: BKAUATWW REGISTRATION: Pre-Registration is compulsory. Please send the Registration Fee to [email protected], Web Site: DEADLINE: April, 25th 2014. No registration will be accepted at the tournament. Make sure to report your correct weight. DISCLAIMER: The promoter/organizer does not accept any liability in case of injury. AIRPORT: Vienna Airport. Please request shuttle service. Flags Octagon Gym Logo
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