Dennis Blue Combat Insight Seminar in New Jersey

February 22nd & 23rd

McCann / Byrne
Primal Gym
231 Baker’s Basin Rd
Lawrenceville NJ 08619

Primal Gym

Saturday & Sunday
9AM – 4PM

$100 – 1 Day
$125 – 2 Days

Dennis Blue Combat Insight Seminar

Sifu Blue has more than 30 years of training and teaching with the JKD Wednesday Night Group under Tim Tackett, Jim Sewell and Bob Bremer (the latter two are original students of Bruce Lee).

He has also studied with Pete Jacobs and Guro Dan Inosanto and has extensive knowledge of not only Jeet Kune Do, but also South East Asian Martial Arts such as Filipino Martial Arts, Silat and Muay Thai.

Sifu Dennis has taught at numerous seminars around the world with Sifu Tackett’s Wednesday Night Group; the former and the new Bruce Lee Foundation; as well as other seminars in the US and Europe.

Sifu Dennis holds a Senior Advisory position with the Chinatown JKD Association.

DENNIS BLUE’S COMBAT IN-SIGHT is an organization dedicated to combative development, refinement and application. It is an affiliation rich with its roots in JKD-WNG and others. It is through these affiliations that we have members worldwide.

Dennis Blue Combat Insight Seminar


Since the onset, it has always been our mission and focus to provide those like you with the highest quality, most practical combative training. Our training provides a real world approach, while enhancing the safety zone. This creates a comfortable, positive yet challenging environment. Instruction is provided only by those who have performed and met the tasks and requirements to effectively communicate the material. This is a scientific and empirical methodology that brings about achieving attainable goals.

The Seminar

Original Chinatown Jeet Kune Do
In this training session you will learn some of the most valuable secrets and training methods taught to Bob Bremer by Bruce Lee in his backyard. You’ll absolutely leave these sessions a better fighter, with the “who, what, where and why” we train the way we do. We strive to pass on only the techniques and aspects of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do without branching out, elaborating, embroidering on or interpreting anything beyond Bruce’s teaching. These techniques and concepts do not require updating, revising or adapting period.

In this module you will learn:

JKD Leg & Knee Strikes
Hand Strikes
The Art of Attack
Explosive Trapping
The Art of Moving

Tactical Advantage
Learn how to properly identify your body’s natural weapons and how to target the best spots on the attacker’s body, making it a virtual encyclopedia of human body weapons and targets. From defensive positions, the upper and lower body weapons, targets and defenses against various static attacks to fluid attacks and drills.

In this module you will learn:

Disrupting Balance
Nerve Strikes
Anatomical Weakness
Angles of Attack

Unarmed vs. Weapons
In this module learn to integrate skills from a variety of martial artists to learn system universal movements that work equally well against all handheld weapons and will greatly enhance your chances of survival against an armed attacker.

In this module you will learn:

Critical Skills
vs. Knife
vs. Gun
vs. Impact Weapons
vs. Long Weapons

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“A pint of sweat, saves a gallon of blood.”
– General George S. Patton

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