Master Toddy Announces MTIA Joint Venture With World Muaythai Federation

MTIA and WMF are now working together. Master Toddy has become an advisor to WMF. WMF is going to be using the Master Toddy Muay Thai System as their approved curriculum globally. This is very exciting news, as it will allow the MTIA to grow and encourage the widespread use of the approved grading system. Master Toddy is very happy, because they had many misunderstandings with each other last March but now it is for sure that they are working closely together.

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That is why Master Toddy would like to tell you and ask you, as a member of MTIA, that he would like you all to get involved in WMF by:

1) If you would like to be in the Federation or become a representative in your area please write to them and they will speak with the WMF president on your behalf. When you write to them, please include your credentials. Very important, if you are a promoter it is even better, because WMF sanctioned fights happen very often and they promote the fights very very often in different countries around the world. If you can, you should definitely involve yourself with this opportunity.

2) Please send updates about your gyms, how many you have, how many students you have. Please remember to continue grading under MTIA rules and regulations as this is the primary item that ensures your instruction is accredited by the Ministry of Education. Remember, all grading must be submitted to the MTIA or they are not officially recognized. Furthermore correct grading allows you, as instructors, to promote within the system. Showing that you are grading within the system also helps build your “resume” for Kru/Ajarn promotions that must be submitted to the Ministry of Education.

3) There will be one of the biggest Muay Thai Championships Amateur and Pro/Am in Bangkok, Thailand March, 2014. If you would like to send fighters or a team please contact WMF as soon as possible at [email protected] They will manage all aspects of the Championships this year, but we will be working very closely to try and make it more streamlined.

A) With the recent cooperation with WMF, MTIA will host coaching and grading seminars at the Championships during the conference portion of the event. This is a great opportunity for its instructors to refresh themselves and be able to share with their fellow instructors upon returning home.

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