Liam Tarrant Interviews Nick Lembo on Muaythai Radio

Liam Tarrant and Owen Bowness speak with Mr. Nick Lembo, Legal Council to the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board. The NJSACB regulates every Muaythai, MMA & boxing event in the state. It is widely regarded as one of the most progressive athletic commissions in the world. Nick-Lembo-photo1 Topics include:   The Unified Rules of Muay Thai & Unified Rules of MMA, their creation and proper implementation. The training and appointment of fight officials. The 10 point must system. His views on the fight game and much much more. Dollar Bill This wide-ranging interview is a   must listen for all combat sports fans. A special thank you to our contributors Dominic LeVoci and Matt Remza [email protected] Twitter, Instagram & Facebook @ MuaythaiRadio   Muay Thai Preservation Project
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