WKF Newsletter – World Championships 2014

Dear Friends of WKF,

WKF Logo WorldWKF European Championships last week in Bregenz / Austria was the expected huge success. Teams from 22 countries attended the event.
All results and 200 photos on events are at www.wkfworld.com.

Mr. Muller has been warned few times to follow the rules. Because of repeated violations of the WKF rules and membership conditions, the WKF Head Office terminated his membership effective October the 29th. The real WKF GERMANY web site is here: www.wkfkickboxing.de
Please ignore Mr. Georg MULLERS funny e-mails in WKF matters. He has no rights to speak for WKF any more.

World Referee Seminar:
Please see the attached invitation for the upcoming World Referee Seminar in Prague on February the 28th.
Send your best referees to get and extend WKF licenses, valid for 3 Years again.
Page 1 of 2014.02.28 WKF World Referee Seminar
Page 2 of 2014.02.28 WKF World Referee Seminar

Upcoming Events:
WC WKF 2014_Prague_Czech RepublicThe next WKF World Championships in 2014 is fixed for November the 10th-15th in Prague, Czech Republic.
If you need an invitation for a visa, hotel booking, ground transportation or for any other reason involving the World Championships in 2014,
contact Mrs. Pavla SUCHANOVA by email: [email protected]

WKF Poland president did not attend the European congress. The WKF European Championship in 2015 is scheduled for Budapest, Hungary.

WKF EUROPE will hold the World Championships 2016 in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The European Championship in 2017 is scheduled for Paris or Lyon / France.

WKF EUROPE will hold the World Championship in 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Please note and fix in your schedule.

Respectfully with greetings,

WKF World director / CEO

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