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Dear Friends of WKF,

Here is the updated monthly list of all current WKF Champions. Please take a look.

WKF Champions - Page 1
WKF Champions - Page 2
WKF Champions - Page 3
WKF Champions - Page 4
WKF Champions - Page 5
WKF Champions - Page 6

We want to remind you about the annual WKF World Referee Seminar on February the 28th in Prague, Czech Republic. Please note that, without a WKF license, you cannot be a judge or referee in WKF events.

Take this opportunity to see the hotels and venue for the upcoming WKF World Championships from November 10th-15th in 2014.
We expect once again more than 1,500 fighters from 50+ countries. For full information go to http://events.wkfworld.com/.

WKF Championship Belts

For all further requests — like airport transfer, hotel booking and more — contact Mrs. Pavla SUCHANOVA from the Czech organizing team by e-mail: [email protected]
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