King’s Cup in Honor of His Majesty’s 81st Birthday on December 5, 2013

OneSongchai has been organizing a Muay Thai boxing tournament for this very auspicious day since 1999.


We are bringing in great boxers from around the world to fight native Thai boxers and broadcasting live to our nationwide audience. We would like to invite you to join us for this great event. We promote this charity event for free live on TV for free as well.

The competition will be held on December the 5th 2013 at Sanamluang, the Royal Ground in front of the Grand Palace in Bangkok. Fights start from 5:00 pm to Midnight. Admission is free plus there’s free food and drinks. For more about Sanamluang, click here: It is very beautiful at 7:19 pm Thailand will turn off all lights, sing praise song for the king for 40 minutes and light a small candle for everyone of us. There will be 100,000 in the audience to watch the event. Here is a video from last year’s event:


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