Rebuilding MTIA Instructor Database

Sawasdee kap and Greetings,

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It’s a great day at Master Toddy’s, we’re currently in the process of rebuilding our instructor mailing list and MTIA approved instructors list of gyms. We know many of you have moved to larger locations, we’re requesting that all instructors please let us know their current information so we can help promote them as well as keep them updated on current events.

The format we would like to see is as follows:

*Main Instructor Name
*Name of gym/club/academy/etc
*Address of gym
*Primary email address for gym
*Phone number for gym

Arjarn Ali Yassini
ZenQuest Martial Arts Club
883 16th Ave. Unit 1
Richmond Hill, ON Canada
[email protected]
Phone: 1 905 731 3050

This will allow potential students to be able to find accredited instructors in their area. We will subsequently be using this mailing list to provide periodic emails to keep our instructors updated. We request that if you know someone who has recently changed their email address and you’re in contact with them that you please forward this email to them as well, we look forward to hearing back from you soon, and thank you.

Our mailing address is:
Master Toddy’s Muay Thai
55/103-55/109 Bearing Soi 22
Bangkok, Samutprakarn 10270

Email contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

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