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It‘s a pleasure and an honour for me to be able to welcome all of our members and supporters to this World champion ship here in Prague. I would also like to thank our host Mr. dr. jur. Michal FRABSA and his team, our representatives in Czech Republic, who have worked hard in preparing this tournament.
It is interesting to see how the WKF World is getting ever more closer and therefore, it is pleasing to see the World championships once again here in this wonderful and charming country.
As many of the nations of the World gather together with their national teams in Prague, to challenge their peers under the banner of sport to become the best of the best, we can only reflect on how far the WKF has progressed on all 6 continents. This is due to the tireless work and effort that has been put in by it‘s members on a day to day basis. The end result being this that you see here before you today.
Sport has no racial, social or political barriers, which means that it is the perfect way for all men and women, boys and girls to achieve amazing results, regardless of race, creed or colour. The opportunity to represent one‘s country in the name of sport at an international level is probably one of the greatest achievements an individual can make. The pressure that the com- petitors have at this level is enormous, and goes far beyond normal physical endurance. To win, especially at such a high level, competitors will have to tap into inner resources that their years of training will have prepared them for.
I hope that the WKF can continue to stride forwards with determination and a positive attitude in order to keep ourselves at the centre of the stage for martial arts. We can only stay on top with the help of our representatives and members such as yourselves, for which I thank you.
Hope to see you next Year again for the WKF European Championships 2015 in Kalisz, Poland.
yours in sport Fritz EXENBERGER
Our WKF Policy
WKF’s aim was and always will be to enjoy the sport of Kickboxing and martial arts as an international sport, without discrimination over nationality, race or ethnic origin. The WKF head office strongly believes in and upholds an Equal Rights Policy with all its members and those who wish to participate in it. With such a policy we here, at WKF wish to create a friendly and welcoming environment for everyone to enjoy the sport of Kickboxing and martial arts.
Customer service is our first aim, we care for you – because we are the real Global player!

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