Book Review – The Big M by Kaleb Brown

Big M book cover

An unlikely chain of events triggered to expose me to the works of 9 year old Kaleb Brown. I met Kaleb’s mother, a Fort Myers native and Jacksonville resident, through a friend in Seattle on the other side of the country who dated a friend. Kaleb was diagnosed with Asperger’s autism so I must admit I first purchased this book from Amazon for Kindle out of curiosity and to help what I considered a good cause.

In return, what I discovered astonished me. This book touched me in a way beyond description. I then read the book to two of my granddaughters and they sat through the entire novel totally mesmerized. My daughter recognized the significance of this piece of work. Listen to me carefully. This is hands down one of the best children’s books ever written! Dr. Seuss please bow to young Kaleb. You’ve found someone to carry the torch.

Kaleb’s young imagination runs wild. His story telling and artwork weave a vivid, fanciful story filled with lemonade seas, colorful friendly monsters, airplane showers, purple guitar playing ponies, and super hero training. Apparently this work only signifies the beginning of what will lead to many sequels as well as an animated series.

With Christmas fast approaching, I highly recommend this incredible book to anyone in your life under the age of 10. It is available on in standard book form as well as electronic download for kindle devices. I’m expecting a visit from this family within the next few months and at that time I hope to provide a face to face interview with Kaleb and share more of his profound artwork.

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