WKF World Championships 2014

2013.09.04 World Cup Lviv, Ukraine

The World Championships 2014 in Prague, Czech Republic, is scheduled from November 10th to 15th. During the European congress in Bregenz Dr. Michal FRABSA will talk about the huge event. For any request contact Mrs. Pavlova SUCHANOVA in Prague,
mail: [email protected]

We need full support of all our WKF member countries in the World. Promoter Mr. dr. Michal FRABSA and his team has long experience in promoting such high class events, everybody will like the event. WKF Czech Republic www.wkfczech.cz in cooperation with Czech federation CUBU www.cubu.cz sanctioning this mayor event.

For any requests like Hotel booking and airport transfers from Prague Airport to the team Hotel, any further ground transportation and more, contact solely Mrs. Pavlova SUCHANOVA in Prague, mail: [email protected] The official web site like every Year events.wkfworld.com AFTER the European Championships in October in Bregenz !

WKF head office and the promoter ask all our European members to confirm your participation and estimated with how many fighters !

WKF Logo World

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