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BIG NEWS!!! coming from Master Toddy headquarters in Bangkok as Master Toddy and the #1 action movie director, including films such as Ong Bak and The Protector, Prachya Pinkaew team up for their next big project! The two have joined forces in search of the next Tony Jaa and Gina Carano. Together, they plan to make the next big martial arts movie star!
master Toddy and Director
The Protector Tony Jaa

NEW!!! We at MTIA have come out with a new product: The Prajied Awards
These prajied rings allow you to award your students with statuses such as “The Greatest Punch”, “Champion”, “Won by KO”, and “Fighter of the Year”. Now you can give your students the recognition they deserve. A full set of 12 Prajied awards is available for only $36, or you can order them individually for only $5! (shipping not included).
Contact [email protected] for more information and include the promo code : QW34JW to receive a free UFG key chain when ordering a set of 12 Prajied awards!!
Prajied Awards

September Special !!!
Train with us 1 week: Receive free pair of UFG Fight shorts
Train with us 2 week: Receive free pair of UFG Bag Gloves
Train with us 3 week: Receive free pair of UFG Sparring Gloves
Train with us 4 week: Receive free pair of CUSTOM UFG Sparring Gloves

**Have to register by July 31st 2013**
master Toddy with students

REMEMBER!!! Grading for MTIA is required under MTIA regulation and should be effectively carried out to meet MTIA standards. Attached is a file on how to grade under MTIA and should provide some in depth information about grading regularly and grading on time.
master Toddy ranking system

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