Muscle, Talent and Beauties Unite to Open Antibullying Center

Muscle, Talent and Beauties Unite to Open Antibullying Center

Freehold NJ – Muscle, Talent and Beauties unite in the fight to help eradicate an ever growing epidemic that is plaguing our youth and on May 18th they are going to stand together with community members and students for the Kickin’ It Kids Antibullying and Leadership Center Ribbon Cutting Event headquartered in Freehold.

This event is certainly packed with the muscle to knockout Bullying, supporters include Former Boxing Champ Merciless Ray Mercer, Master Alan Goldberg creator of the Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors the largest MA event in the country, NJ State Athletic Commission Chief Counsel Nick Lembo, UFC Legend Dan Severn, Veteran MMA Broadcaster Mike Straka, Former WWE Wrestler Zach Gowen noted for being the only amputee in WWE history and his tag team partner Greg Iron, Celebrity Fitness Trainer Karim Ramos, David Toma whose real life story as an NJ Detective was the inspiration for the TV Show ‘Baretta’, along with another notable powerhouse MMA Athlete Phillipe Nover, who is coming off his recent win at Bellator 95.

Together, with legendary music producer Joe Venerie who has over 100 Gold and Platinum Records to his credits, classic beauties Ms. NY United States 2012 Jeannette Josue, Miss NJ Teen USA 2010 Erica Szymanski, Miss National Sweetheart 2012 Courtney Baxter, Miss NY 2011 Kaitlin Monte, Child Author Alysia Stern; talented movie and TV Actor Jose Hernandez Jr., and Movie Actor Josh Flitter, rising stars Actor Armani Del Rio, Reverse Order and Kickin’ It Teen Spokesperson Entertainment Reporter Chelsea of Chelsea’s Channel are all contributors of this historic event and supporters of the organization that carries the name of an iconic Heavyweight.

The Rocky Marciano/BULLYING..We’re Kickin’ It National Campaign, a unique and effective course of action designed to enhance students’ lives by improving the overall school and social climate, with in-service workshops, programs to create peaceful classrooms and projects to keep the antibullying message present throughout the year. The Kickin’ It Center is the first of its kind embracing children from early childhood throughout their school years and social journey with programs to balance children emotionally and socially so they can excel academically.

“Creating a center that focuses on children before they enter the school system will greatly help improve the school climate and culture.” ~states Rocky Marciano Jr “Having the opportunity to rally together with such diverse, talented and incredible individuals is an honor that will allow Kickin’ It to reach countless students and families.” ~ Marciano Jr.

“Being in Martial Arts for over 50 years I have come to realize that Bullying has brought many children through the door which always brought a feeling of concern.” ~Master Alan Golderg “Kickin’ It has faced this problem with a cutting edge approach that is effectively making an impact.” ~Master Goldberg

The Kickin’ It Center provides a preschool and after school curriculum that includes martial arts and yoga workshops as part of the daily lesson plans and core character education curriculum that teaches values, manners, etiquette and kindness amongst themselves and one another. Positive outlet programs include music, art, animal care, dance, radio broadcasting, health/beauty, gardening, athletics and other outlets to help turn negative stresses and emotions into healthy energy and respectful behaviors. The Center also provides free community resources, support and guardian workshops.

“You have to stand up to bullying, Kickin’ It promotes that and helps kids to stand up for themselves and others” ~states Former Heavyweight Ray Mercer “I am proud and excited to be a part of this incredible campaign and event” ~Mercer

“Bullying is a huge issue that needs to be recognized, it not only happens in schools but in all areas of life.” ~MMA Professional Fighter Phillipe Nover “Finally we have established a headquarters to fight back on all levels. I’m proud to be part of “We’re Kickin It” and I look forward to seeing the Center make a real difference. ~Nover

With the assistance of several business supporters, community members and student mentors, the free community event is developing into one of the most creative affairs with celebrity meet and greets, a special appearance by the “Alien Predator” of the Predator Sci-Fi Movies, acoustic performances, a student Hip Hop and Dance Show, dozens of vendor tables, moonbounces, games, face painting, a dunk tank and give aways. The exclusive, over 21, After Party Fundraiser will treat guests to unlimited food and wine tasting from elite local area restaurants with a special acoustic concert by Reverse Order, multiple celebrity guest speakers, student stories and videos.

“Bullying can ruin someone’s life, we should all do our part to recognize it and put an end to it.” ~states Erica Szymanski longtime supporter and event guest speaker. “Kickin’ It not only raises awareness but effectively provides solutions and support to schools, guardians and children.” ~Szymanski

“As a parent, I am especially proud to be a part of this program to give children a positive environment to give them room to dream and grow.” ~states UFC Hall of Fame Legend Dan ‘the Beast’ Severn

“I’m extremely proud and honored to be a part of the Kickin’ It Anti-Bullying family. ~States Zach Gowen “This issue hits very close to home for me and one that I feel strongly about. Bullying needs to end; we need to empower each other. I’m truly grateful to be involved in the Kickin’ It movement.” ~Gowen

“Getting bullied is a horrible feeling, but it just cannot be the end of world, there’s always a way to stop it and deal with it and that is what Kickin’ It provides for students, families and schools. ~ Actor Armani Del Rio

“Kickin It empowers kids to be strong, to feel good about themselves and teaches them self-worth and how they are important in the world and to not let bullies stand in their way” ~Actor Josh Flitter

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