McCann’s BKB / Ground Combatives Seminar

March 9th & 10th
8220 Bedford Euless Rd.
North Richland Hills, Texas 76180

McCann’s Bare Knuckle Boxing
Jim McCann presents hundreds and hundreds of old school boxing drills, in-depth strategies, winning tactics and evasive tricks, so many of the ring-tested and true methods lost by the modern fitness, boxing fads of today. the moves that have been strictly ILLEGAL and banned from any “civilized” fight for over a century. You’ll cripple, shock, and cause instant blinding pain and nerve damage to ANY opponent you use them on!

Learn the secrets of legendary bare-knuckle fighters of the past.

Upper Body Support Movement Lesson
Boxing Footwork Lesson
Boxing Stances Lesson
Rhythm and Movement Lessons
23 old school boxing punches
Over 70 aggressive pad boxing drills
Over 50 Aggressive/Defensive Interactive Pad Drills
Defense Methods and Measures
Dozens and Dozens of Combat Chain Boxing Drills
Beginning Sparring: Drills, tricks and strategies

McCann’s Ground Combatives
McCann’s has collected, and forged the best real world, event-based, ground tactics to survive & to win the fight on asphalt, cement, tile, carpet, dirt and stone. McCann teaches how to use everything in your arsenal. No stone goes unturned.

The realities of harsh surface fighting Mandatory ground maneuvers
Escape the bottom-side-of-hell
Escape from the topside ground and pound
Escape the knee-over sets
Escape ground chokes
The complete, maximum Ground Strike Arsenal!
Learn to strike from all the top, bottom and side positions!
Learn to tie-up the opponent with tips, tricks and traps!
Learn to defeat common street attackers and trained athletes!
…and much more…

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