McCann’s CQC Unarmed vs. Weapons Seminar 12-2-12

McCann's CQC Hand / Stick / Knife / Gun December 2nd 10am - 3pm Lawrenceville NJ Unarmed vs. Weapons Course Unarmed vs. Knife Attack Module Unarmed vs. the Stick Attack Module Pistol Disarming Module Long Gun Disarming Module See and learn vital, life-saving, skill-developing tactics and drills in standing, ground-fighting, criminal and military situations. Using only the principles involved with the raw, essence of combat, We introduce these complete training modules as they work against hand, stick, knife and gun attacks. Plus, learn insider crime prevention tactics, use of force, legal aspects and so much more... One might say "unarmed and dangerous" to coin an old phrase. Learn hundreds of practical, tactical tips, tricks, steps, strategies, tactics, moves and scenarios. We will demonstrate and teach the many concepts, techniques and tactics of Unarmed vs. the Knife, Stick Attacks, and Pistol and Long Gun Threats from the major militaries, police, crime and the martial arts. Experience the rich history, then customize the future as we help you forge responses that best suit your size, shape, skill and strength. See topics like: Who will attack you? Where? How will they attack? When? Why? When to fight. When not to fight. How to fight. Counter quick draws. Counter ambush. Counter muggers. Counter killers. Combat Scenarios
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