4 New WKA Pro Champs, Benefit event, Results & upcoming events

This weekend was packed full of great fights. Check out the results below. Also check out more information on the Friday Night Fights 'Fight for Rockaway' event, held on December 15th, four new WKA Pro Champions battled their way to victory, and upcoming events! December 15, 2012 Fight for Rockaway: A Special Event Benefiting CROM Martial Training and the Romulo Family Within 24 hours, Hurricane Sandy demolished the livelihoods of many in Rockaway, NY. Among them was the Romulos' home and the gym they built with their students just two years before. Justin Blair and The Friday Night Fights Muay Thai team heard this news, and immediately stepped forward. In a gesture designed to help Crom get back on its feet and get the Romulos' a home again, a benefit has been put together. The benefit will take place at the Broad Street Ballroom on Saturday, December 15th , and will feature a full fight card, a silent auction and other fundraising activities. The event will offer table service as well as premium and general admission ticketing. Check out the full article here plus get location and ticket information: Fight for Rockaway: A Special Event Benefiting CROM Martial Training and the Romulo Family 4 NEW WKA PRO CHAMPIONS

Brian Collette defeats Yahosuah Yahudah for the WKA Pro K-1 Heavyweight Title

November 16, 2012 - Top Kick Superfights Smithtown Sheraton, NY Rules Winner Loser Method Round Time FC Sam Bryant Nick Branker Majority Decision 3rd 0:00 KB Anthony Dileme Jake Galvin Unanimous Decision 3rd 0:00 FC Kevin Aguilia Alex Ortiz Unanimous Decision 3rd 0:00 FC Evan Blanchfields Joe Gautier KO 2nd 1:38 FC Mike Caiozza Rick Steinholz Majority Decision 3rd 0:00 FC Mike Cardile Ibrahim Kadi Unanimous Decision 3rd 0:00 KB Andrew Branca Chris Vilalba KO 1st 0:38 KB Rick Schaffer Thomas Rodrigues Unanimous Decision 3rd 1:42 Pro FC Steve Mann Christian Tejada Majority Decision 4th 0:00 Pro FC Derrick Oldensmith Kris Lindsey Majority Decision 5th 0:00 November 17, 2012 - CSC 34 Richmond, VA Rules Winner Loser Method Round Time K-1 Daniel Nelson Adrian Williams Majority Decision 3rd 0:00 K-1 Wayne Martin Darrian McAlister TKO 2nd 1:36 K-1 James Noe Brett Harrell Unanimous Decision 3rd 0:00 K-1 Bryan Moore Dominic Morris Unanimous Decision 3rd 0:00 MMA Matthew Kelleher Hakim Bey Submission 1st 2:34 K-1 Jesse Swain Ronald Garces TKO 2nd 0:58 K-1 Brian Butler Avron Williams Unanimous Decision 3rd 0:00 WKA Pro Eastern Regional Featherweight MMA Title MMA Ryan Farhat James Wynn Submission 1st 2:30 WKA Pro US Pro K-1 Heavyweight Title K-1 Brian Collette Yahosuah Yahudah TKO 2nd 2:22 WKA Pro US Pro K-1 Cruiserweight Title K-1 Joe Ray Francois Ambang KO 4th 3:45 WKA Pro US Featherweight MMA Title MMA Mackens Semerzier Gilbert Jimenez Submission 2nd 0:54 November 17, 2012 - Pride and Glory Lockport, NY Rules Winner Loser Method Round Time AMT Matthew McConnell Nick Thomas Unanimous Decision 3rd 0:00 AMT Donalea Maloney Erin Moris Unanimous Decision 3rd 0:00 AMT Tyler Toomey Tyler Caverly Majority Draw 3rd 0:00 AIR Jade Jenkins Julie Vincent TKO 2nd 0:18 AFC John Calixte Jim Stetson Unanimous Decision 3rd 0:00 AIR Luay Ashkar Jose Penilia Disqualification AMT Craig Diego Timothy Allen Unanimous Draw 3rd 0:00 AIR Pat Thompson Anthony Winfrey Majority Decision 3rd 0:00 AMT Keith Cole Dan Dorfman Majority Decision 3rd 0:00 AMT Kevin VanNostrand Justin Bennett TKO 2nd 0:40 PFC Amer Abdallah Tiawan Howard TKO 7th 0:00 Up Coming Events...
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