Challenger 6 FATE International MuayThai Gala Only 2 weeks away! October 19th, 2012 / 7:00 PM Bowness Sportsplex – Calgary, AB

Featuring Hakeem Dawodu (Canada), Chaopayak Kiattheppitak (Thailand), Wayne Fisher (England), and Omar Estevez (USA). 4 Men Enter, 1 Man Leaves as Champion! Canada's HAKEEM DAWODU Interview Name: Hakeem Dawodu Nickname: 'Ice' Height: 5 Feet 7 Inches Weight: 142 lbs. Stance: Orthodox Fight Record: 45 fights 40 wins 5 losses 0 draws Titles: 2012 - PAMU Lightwelterweight MuayThai Champion, 2012 - IFMA World Championships- 63.5 Bronze Medalist, 2011 - IFMA European Cup - 63.5 kg. Silver Medalist, 2011 - IKF World Lightwelterweight MuayThai Champion, 2011 - TBA World Classic MuayThai Champion, 2010 - WCA Canadian Middleweight Kickboxing Champion, 2010 - WKA North American Lightwelterweight Muay Thai Champion, 2010 - IKF World Classic Welterweight Muay Thai Champion, 2010 - IFMA World Muay Thai Championships - 63.5 kg. Gold Medalist Gym Name: Mike Miles MuayThai Coach: Ajarn Mike Miles, Kru Eak, Kru Yai Scott Clark, Kru Erik Lollike HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT FIGHTING IN THE 4 MAN TOURNAMENT? I feel like it will be a great experience, there are some top quality fighters in the event. I have been training hard and I want to make sure I win. . ANY DIFFERENT PREPARATIONS FOR THIS TYPE OF EVENT? Going to Russia made me realize the things I need to work on. I will be doing a lot more clinching, a lot more sparring and training all around a lot harder. HOW DID YOU FEEL ABOUT YOUR FIGHTS IN RUSSIA? I feel my first 2 fights were very good. But IFMA has all the top quality athletes from around the world (like Artem Levin, Kem Sitsongpeenong, Andrei Kulebin, etc...) so I should have stepped my game up. I starting turning on things a little too late and was very successful. I rallied too late and thus did not make it into the gold medal round. WHAT WAS THE PROBLEM WITH DEALING WITH THE UKRAINIAN? Well Igor Liubchencko is very tall for my division. The only thing I found difficult at first to deal with that threw me off was his long range knees. I learned a lot from this fight and will not repeat it in the 4 man tournament. ANY THOUGHTS ON ANY OF THE OTHER FIGHTERS? I know nothing about the other fighters. I know the English athlete has beaten some very good athletes. Obviously the Thai's are always tough! WHAT DO YOU FEEL ARE YOUR STRONG POINTS? My speed. I feel I am pretty durable. I also feel I am pretty tricky and know how to capitalize on the damage I may cause. WHO DO YOU FEEL WILL BE THE TOUGHEST FIGHTER IN THE EVENT? I never underestimate anybody but I feel the Thai and the Brit. The American is from a very good camp which has turned out some very great athletes as well. IF YOU WIN THIS TOURNAMENT WHERE DO YOU GO FROM HERE? Fighting some international athletes in Canada who have come here and won. The UK's Paul Karpowicz, the USA's Sheldon Gaines, the USA's Justin Greskiewicz.. they have proven their skills in Calgary and I would like to fight them. Also I am booked to fight in Thailand next year. Would like to get involved in a 8 man tournament in Thailand like my team-mate Peter Arbeau. WHO IS YOUR DREAM MATCH UP FOR YOURSELF? Kevin Ross... he has a big name. I would like to fight Matt Embree, Gabriel Varga... Also the guys I mentioned in the last question. I know my coach Ajarn Mike Miles has been communicating with the coaches of Karpowicz, Gaines and Greskiewicz and will set these matches up in 2013. GABRIEL VARGA MOSTLY FIGHTS K-1. Yeah I know I would need to change my style up. He has great endurance, a very busy work pace, excellent throws off of the clinch... He has beaten most of the best in North America. Changing style... there is no clinch in K-1 so that would be a change for me as well. WHAT COUNTRY DO YOU WANT TO FIGHT IN? I would love to fight in Holland even though their MuayThai style is different and they score differently. WHO ARE YOUR STRONGEST SUPPORTERS? My family, obviously my coach and trainer Ajarn Mike Miles, my other trainers like KruYai Scott Clark, Kru Eak, and Kru Erik Lollike. DO YOU STUDY OTHER FIGHTERS WHEN YOU ARE PREPARING? Athletes change and adapt very quickly in MuayThai from fight to fight. Sometimes I may look on the internet but usually I just wait until the fight starts. PREDICTIONS ON THE EVENT? I have been working extremely hard for this tournament. I have been working on building a good following of fans and supporters. It will be a great night of MuayThai.
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