Challenger 6 FATE International MuayThai Gala October 19th, 2012 / 7:00 PM Bowness Sportsplex – Calgary, AB

Calgary, Canada - October 19, 2012 - Last Interview with final 4 Man Tournament entrant Chaopayak Kiattheppitak. This Thai athlete is involved in Calgary's next big MuayThai fight event. The biggest MuayThai event of the year in Calgary. Do NOT Miss this one. This is an ALL AGES event. FATE International MuayThai Title Belt - 4 Man Tournament. All fights on ONE NIGHT! See the Champion crowned the evening of the event! FATE International MuayThai Gala Promotional Video Courtesy of MUAYTHAI.TKO Tickets 403.244.8424 Featuring Hakeem Dawodu (Canada), Petchsila Kiattheppitak (Thailand), Wayne Fisher (England), and Omar Estevez (USA). 4 Men Enter, 1 Man Leaves as Champion! CHAOPAYAK KIATTHEPPITAK Interview Name: Chaopayak Kiattheppitak HEIGHT: 5 Feet 10 Inches WEIGHT: 63.5 Kg., 140 lbs. Stance: Orthodox COMPLETE FIGHT RECORD: 54 Wins, 8 Losses, 3 Draws TITLES: Southern Prospect Champion 2009, Suratthani GYM NAME: KIATTHEPPITAK Gym COACHES NAME: Mr. Prasit Promsorn HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT FIGHTING IN CANADA? I'm so excited because this is my first time I am travelling this far to fight. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE TOURNAMENT? I don't know if it's going to be hard or not because I never fought with Canadian boxers before but I think I am going to easily win. ANY DIFFERENT PREPARATIONS FOR THIS TYPE OF EVENT? No my team-mates and I train myself the same every day. ANY THOUGHTS ON ANY OF THE OTHER FIGHTERS? I don't think they are tough like Thailand boxers. WHAT DO YOU FEEL ARE YOUR STRONG POINTS? My mind is strong. If the mind is strong we can win everything. WHO DO YOU FEEL WILL BE THE TOUGHEST FIGHTER IN THE EVENT? I don't know and I don't care. I think I am the toughest! IF YOU WIN THIS TOURNAMENT WHERE DO YOU GO FROM HERE? I will be training harder so one day I can be like Sanchai. WHO IS YOUR DREAM MATCH UP FOR YOURSELF? Anyone, I can fight with anyone. WHAT COUNTRY DO YOU WANT TO FIGHT IN? I want to go to Germany. WHO ARE YOUR STRONGEST SUPPORTERS? My family. WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE MUAYTHAI ATHLETE? Sanchai Sinbi Muaythai. DO YOU STUDY OTHER FIGHTERS WHEN YOU ARE PREPARING? No I don't. I can fight anyone and I am not scared of anyone. PREDICTIONS ON THE EVENT? I will have the belt around my waist. Win by KO.
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