Upcoming News and Events in the WKA

WKA US National Team heads to Orlando, Florida! The WKA US Team will compete in the disciplines of Thai Boxing, K-1, MMA and Grappling at the amateur World Championships this year in Orlando, Florida, September 22-29, 2012. Some of the best fighters in the country will represent the US in the 20th World Kickboxing Association (WKA) Amateur World Championships. This year's championships will combine Thai Boxing, K-1 Kickboxing, Full Contact and MMA with the traditional Karate sports of Forms, Light Contact and Weapons in a joint competition, with an anticipated 1,500 competitors from over fifty countries. UPCOMING EVENTS... 9/14/12 - Ring of Combat, Atlantic City, NJ 9/15/12 - Lace Up Promotion's Fight Show, Lockport, NY 9/21/12 - Combat at the Capitale 28, New York, NY 9/28/12 - Friday Night Fights, New York, NY 9/29/12 - Stellar Fights, Laurel, DE
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