Rutgers Institute for Professional Education-Rope a Dope: Legal Aspects of Drug Testing in Sports

Rope a Dope: Legal Aspects of Drug Testing in Sports

CLE Program Announcement

3.0 NJ|3.0 NY|2.5 PA credit hours

November 13, 2012

Rutgers School of Law-Newark
Center for Law and Justice
123 Washington Street
Newark, NJ 07102

This program will focus on the legal issues involved in drug testing of athletes, focusing on performance enhancing drugs.
Athletes are being tested at all levels, from high school through the pro level. The protocols used in this testing vary widely, and there are numerous issues relating to the representation of athletes, testing agencies, and governmental entities which will be addressed during this program including techniques to challenge a positive test result. Also to be addressed will be emerging issues such as when legitimate therapeutic uses cross the line to prohibited performance enhancers.

Patrick C. English, Esq. is a principal of Dines and English, L.L.C. He has represented numerous professional athletes with respect to drug testing issues both in contested matters and in complying with regulatory requirements. He has also represented an entity which conducts drug testing of professional athletes in connection with threatened litigation and as an advisor. He is a 1978 graduate of Rutgers School of Law–Newark and is a former president of the law school’s Alumni Association.

Nicholas Lembo, Esq. is Deputy Attorney General responsible for advising the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board. In that capacity he has been involved in formulating policies and practices relating to therapeutic use exemptions and handling numerous instances where athletes have been charged with use of PED’s. He is also Chairman of the Legal Committee of the Association of Boxing Commissions. He is a member of Villanova University School of Law’s Sports and Entertainment Law Alumni Advisory Board

Dr. Sheryl Wulkan is the Chief Physician for the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board (MMA Division). She is also the Chair of the Association of Boxing Commissions’ Medical Committee, and Director of the Long Island Sports Care Group. She has served as Interim Director of the World Tennis Association. She has developed protocols for therapeutic use exemptions for the Association of Boxing Commissions and for the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board and consults on PED matters.


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