Challenger 6 FATE International MuayThai Gala October 19th, 2012 / 7:00 PM Bowness Sportsplex – Calgary, AB


Name: Omar Estevez
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 147 lbs.
Stance: Orthodox
Titles: Warriors Cup Welterweight Champion
Gym Name: Sitan Gym
Coach: Aziz Nabih

How do you feel about fighting in Canada? Canada has some excellent fighters, and I’m always up for a good fight. So im very excited to be fighting there.

What are your thoughts on this tournament? This tournament is a big opportunity for me. It’ll be a good challenge fighting some of the top athletes in the world.

Any different preparations for this type of event? We train very hard for all of our fights.

Any thoughts on any of the other fighters? No, I don’t know anything about any of the fighters. I never really stress on who I’m fighting. I go into the ring focused on my fight not so much on my opponents.

What do you feel are your strong points? I wouldn’t say I have any points that are stronger than another, however I do enjoy to clinch and wouldn’t mind keeping the bout there.

Who do you feel will be the toughest fighter in the event? Again, I don’t know much about any of the competitors but I’m sure they’re going in there to win and so am I so it’s gonna be a good show!

If you win this tournament where do you go from here? If I win this tournament, hopefully I get a few more fights nationally and maybe even internationally.

Who is your dream match up for yourself? I dont have any dream match ups. My coach tells me who to fight and I treat them all the same.

What country do you want to fight in? I would love to fight in a couple different countries. You can’t be a Thai boxer and not want to fight in Thailand. I would also love to fight in Holland, Morocco, U.K., and last but definitely not least, Dubai.

Who are your strongest supporters? My strongest supporters are my family and my teammates. The help me with everything from the dieting to cut weight to the training for the actual fight.

Who is your favorite athlete? Personally, I don’t have just one favorite athlete. I like Georgio Petrosian for his technique. I also like Kem Sitsongpeenong for his aggressive style. Finally, Saenchai Sinbimuaythai is on my list for his style and how much fun he has in the ring.

Do you study other fighters when you are preparing? No. Like I said before I focus more on the actual fight as opposed to my opponents.

Predictions on the event? I think the event is going to be very exciting. A bunch of fighters hungry for a belt equals a bunch of happy fans.

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