New Jersey Martial Arts Hall of Fame

New Jersey Martial Arts Hall of Fame=20 List of Inaugural Class Inductees Released For Immediate Release- Monday, May 28, 2012- (Wallington, New Jersey)- The New Jersey Martial Arts Hall of Fame is extremely proud to announce = the. inaugural class of inductees to the New Jersey Martial Arts Hall of = Fame. This class will be honored at the Induction dinner gala to be held at the = beautiful Crowne Plaza Meadowlands on December 7, 2012.=20 Tickets to the awards dinner can be purchased by calling 201-538-4843 or = online at www. Discount hotel room rates at the Crowne Plaza can be also obtained by = calling 877-227-6963 and mentioning the Hall of Fame dinner. New Jersey has always been on the forefront of combat sports, and some of = the biggest bouts in MMA, kickboxing and muay Thai history have taken = place at various venues around the state. =20 We are very proud to announce the formation of the New Jersey State = Martial Arts Hall of Fame. New Jersey has had a boxing hall of fame since = the 1960's and, in=20 a similar sense, we hope to recognize and honor those involved in combat = martial=20 arts such as MMA and Muay Thai. New Jersey is building a rich tradition in = non-boxing martial arts and our goal is to recognize these individuals and = entities. Our goal is to honor those involved with New Jersey martial arts and to = celebrate with them, at an evening with family and friends. Our focus is = on those directly involved in New Jersey martial arts. This truly is a historical moment in our State's combat sports history as = our intent is to have the New Jersey State Martial Arts Hall of Fame = continue for many years and serve as a record for those outstanding = individuals involved in martial arts in our State. We hope you will join us on December 7, 2012. Mark your calendars now and = purchase your tickets early so you can be sure to be a part of New Jersey = martial arts history. Call 201-538-4843 or visit and = get=20 your ticket and join us in a historic night for New Jersey and for martial = arts.=20 It is certain to be a terrific night with friends, fun, and music.=20 Award Winners-- 2012 Inaugural Class Inductee Awards Legend Award- Renzo Gracie Lifetime Achievement Award- Louis Neglia MMA Fighter of the Year- Frankie Edgar MMA Female Fighter of the Year- Munah Holland Muay Thai Fighter of the Year- Ognjen Topic =20 Muay Thai female fighter of the Year- Prairie Rugilo MMA Trainer of the Year-Mike Constantino Muay Thai Trainer of the Year- Ray Cruz MMA Promoter of the Year- Rob Haydak MMA Matchmaker of the Year-Sam Caplan Muay Thai Matchmaker of the Year- Chris Tran =20 Muay Thai Referee of the Year- Coban MMA Referee of the Year- Dan Miragliotta MMA Judge of the Year- Ricardo Almeida Muay Thai Judge of the Year- Vladimir Borodine Ringside Physician of the Year- Dr. Sherry Wulkan=20 Announcer of the Year- Kevin Garvey Media Personality of the Year-Jim Genia Pioneer MMA Fighter Award- Dave Tirelli Outstanding Achievement in MMA- Kurt Pellegrino
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