CHALLENGER 5 - "NO MERCY" INTERNATIONAL MUAYTHAI GALA -presented by- AJARN MIKE MILES, MIKE MILES PRODUCTIONS, MUAYTHAITKO.COM, The CALGARY SUN and GLOBAL STEEL FRIDAY MAY 25TH, 2012 / 7:00 PM Bowness Sportsplex 7904 - 43 Ave. NW FACEBOOK!/events/129582787173171/ TICKETS SELLING VERY BRISKLY! Mike Miles events sell out so be early to get your tickets to this exciting, action packed event. NORTH AMERICAN CRUISERWEIGHT MUAYTHAI TITLE (Full MuayThai Rules) NORTH AMERICAN CRUISERWEIGHT MUAYTHAI TITLE MARK MacKINNON (Canada) vs. CHARLES AARON BISSET (USA) MARK MacKINNON INTERVIEW NAMTF NORTH AMERICAN CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE MARK MACKINNON (Canada) vs. CHARLES AARON BISSET (USA) Name: MARK MACKINNON Height: 6 Feet 1 Inch Weight: 185 lbs. Complete Fight Record: 10 wins, 1 loss, 0 draws Titles: WKA Canadian MuayThai Champion Coaches Name: Ajarn Mike Miles Club Name: Mike Miles MuayThai City From: Calgary, Canada THOUGHTS ON YOUR FIGHT AGAINST CHARLES AARON BISSET... I am expecting this to be an extremely tough fight for me. I know we have fought a common opponent in Brian Trubl, that we have both defeated. But I don't know much else about him, and I'm not looking too much into it. I'm going to train as hard as I've ever trained for this fight and leave it all in the ring. FIGHT PREDICTION... Like I said I am expecting this to be a very tough fight for me, but I truly believe as long as I train hard and listen to the advise of my coaches I will come out on top. I feel as if I have a great team around me, and welcome any challenge that comes my way! QUICK UPDATES on latest fights and career in general... My latest fight was this past Saturday when I defeated Brian Trubl by 3rd round TKO. This was my first time back in the ring after recovering from the hernia surgery I had in January. TOUGHEST FIGHT IN YOUR CAREER... The toughest fight in my career was the one I lost in Thailand to a guy from Slovenia. I don't feel as if his skill was better than mine, he was just very aggressive. And it was something I didn't know how to deal with at the time. But I definitely learned the most from that fight, and would love to someday have a rematch with that opponent (possibly at the IFMA's this year) and avenge my only loss. BIGGEST FIGHT ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR... My biggest fight achievement so far would be when I won the WKA Canadian Cruiserweight MuayThai Title against Anson Pops. WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO FIGHT... I don't really have any future opponents in mind, But I am certainly looking to fight the toughest guys in my weight class. I don't want any easy fights, and would like to gain as much international experience as possible! But one Canadian fighter I am interested in fighting would be Rob Thomas. I seen him fight at the PAMU title matches in Calgary, and would like to fight him. I feel like the Cruiserweight PAMU title would have been something I would have won had I been healthy. I want to fight all the top fighters in Canada and abroad in my weight class. WHAT'S UP NEXT... Up next for me is the May 25th fight against Charles for the North American Title. The Team Canada trails comes soon after that but I am going to focus only on this fight for now. I will train my hardest and take it one fight at a time. ANYTHING ELSE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SAY... I have never been more motivated than I am right now. I have a completely new perspective after returning from hernia surgery. I am a young talented fighter with loads of desire. I have had a lot of set backs in my 4 year MuayThai career due to injuries. But perseverance has got me through it all and at the Moment I am 100% physically and mentally. My skill level has never been higher, and I plan to continue to train hard and learn and improve. I intend on having a big year in the sport of MuayThai. MuayThai returns to Calgary. Renowned MuayThai Promoter Mike Miles brings World Class MuayThai to Calgary on Friday May 25th, 2012 at the Bowness Sportsplex. Peter ' Let's Go' Arbeau (Canada) vs. Sean McDonald (Scotland) Hakeem 'Ice' Dawodu (Canada) vs. Robert 'Braveheart' Burke (Scotland) Nicci Soutiere (Canada) vs. Sophie Gallagher (Scotland) More bouts to be announced! There is preliminary work underway to have Calgary's Jesse Miles on the event. This event is being promoted in association with the upcoming 2012 CANADIAN BLACK BELT HALL OF FAME INDUCTIONS. These will be taking place on the following day May 26th, 2012 at Canada Olympic Park. Canadian Martial Arts Legends including Ajarn Mike Miles (MuayThai) and Sifu Frank Lee (Kung Fu and MuayThai). Expect to see many inducted as well as inductees show up at this event! Come and greet many of Canada's Legendary Martial Artists. TICKETS: Tables (8 Reserved Seats): $1200.00 Ringside Row 1 Reserved: $75.00 Ringside Row 2 Reserved: $50.00 General Admission: $35.00 Student: $25.00 TICKETS AVAILABLE AT: MIKE MILES MUAYTHAI & KICKBOXING LTD. 6041 - 6 St. SE - 403.244.8424 MIKE MILES NATIONAL KICKBOXING NORTHWEST CORPORATION #15, 735 Ranchlands Blvd. NW - 403.208.1296
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