AJARN MIKE MILES, MIKE MILES PRODUCTIONS, MUAYTHAITKO.COM, The CALGARY SUN and GLOBAL STEEL -presents- CHALLENGER 5 - "NO MERCY" INTERNATIONAL MUAYTHAI GALA FRIDAY MAY 25TH, 2012 / 7:00 PM Bowness Sportsplex 7904 - 43 Ave. NW FACEBOOK!/events/129582787173171/ TICKETS SELLING VERY BRISKLY! Mike Miles events sell out so be early to get your tickets to this exciting, action packed event. INTERNATIONAL MUAYTHAI EVENT (Full MuayThai Rules) The event is headlined with Team Canada vs. Team Scotland. Hakeem 'Ice' Dawodu (Canada) vs. Robert 'Braveheart' Burke (Scotland) HAKEEM DAWODU INTERVIEW Name: HAKEEM DAWODU Nickname: Ice Height: 5 feet 7 Inches Weight: 140 lbs. Complete Fight Record: 41 fights... 38 wins, 3 losses, 0 draws with 14 KO's Titles: 2010 - WCA Canadian Middleweight Kickboxing Champion 2010 - WKA North American Lightwelterweight Muay Thai Champion 2010 - IKF World Classic Welterweight Muay Thai Champion 2010 - CMTC-A Team Canada Superlightweight Muay Thai Champion 2010 - WKA Canadian Superlightweight Muay Thai Champion 2010 - IFMA World Muay Thai Championships - 63.5 kg. Gold Medalist 2011 - IFMA European Cup - 63.5 kg. Silver Medalist 2011 - IKF World Lightwelterweight MuayThai Champion 2011 - TBA World Classic MuayThai Champion 2012 - PAMU Lightwelterweight MuayThai Champion Coaches Name: Ajarn Mike Miles, Kruyai Scott Clark, Kru Erik Lollike, Kru Eak Club Name: Mike Miles MuayThai, Khaay Muay SitKraitus City From: Calgary, Canada THOUGHTS ON YOUR FIGHT AGAINST SCOTLAND'S ROBERT BURKE... Right now all I am thinking about is getting in shape and getting ready for the fight. I know nothing about him at all but as long as I put in the hard work I should pull out a win. I am very excited to fight Robert! Frankly, I want to fight all top level athletes put in front of me. The bigger the challenge, the more I enjoy the competition. CALGARY SUN ARTICLE... THE ARTICLE TALKED ABOUT ATTITUDE IN THE RING. WHEN YOU FIGHT YOU SHOW NO EMOTION AT ALL AND YOUR NICKNAME 'ICE' SUPPORTS THIS. ANY THOUGHTS ON THIS CRITICISM OF YOU? I pay no attention to those criticizing. Any well trained fighter knows it all about being smart and playing chess in the ring and being two moves ahead of your opponent. Frankly, any kind of publicity is good as long as it brings MuayThai to the forefront. QUICK UPDATES on latest fights and career in general... I am fighting in Iran at the beginning of May representing Canada. Not 100% sure if I am fighting in Iran because I have heard nothing about a visa to travel and if the Canadian government will allow me travel. Canada has frosty relations with Iran. Something to think about in these uncertain times. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT YOUR LAST FIGHT AGAINST SEBASTIAN CALVO?... No excuses as he was tough and very smart. I wanted to stop him but could not. Obviously, there is a reason he was in the top eight athletes in the world at the SportAccord World Combat Games and his skills demonstrated why. His defence was really solid but he didn't take too many offensive chances against me. BIGGEST FIGHT ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR... My biggest achievement is winning my Gold Medal in Thailand in 2010. YOUR THREE LOSSES HAVE ALL BEEN SPLIT DECISIONS... I have avenged my first loss against Sean Enright. Honestly, I felt I won the first encounter too. I fought tactically and defensively. He pressed forward throwing but did not land anything. I would counter and land with body kicks and then simply reposition. Would like the rubber match but I understand he has retired. My second loss was against Nosredine Adad of France in Bangkok. It was only my seventh bout and at the World Championships. Was an incredible experience to fight at that level and see all the world class talent for the first time. Not sure if he is still fighting but if he is, I would love to rematch him as well. My third loss was against Aganes Safaryan from Belarus. This was a fun and physically demanding bout and again I felt I won. All I do is look at each bout regardless of outcome and see what I have learned from it, be it a win or loss. WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO FIGHT... The Uzbekistan team coming to fight in Canada has encountered problems again, but I am not too disappointed as long as the promoter replaces the Uzbek athlete with another tough opponent, and I believe Robert (Burke) will be that. Back to Team Uzbekistan, I have never seen Firdavsiy Kholmuratov (my original scheduled opponent) fight before but all former Soviet Bloc fighters are talented, in shape, and tough fighters. He took the Silver Medal at the SportAccord World Combat Games! He lost to Thailand's Panupun Tanjad. I would also like to fight Thailand's Panupun Tanjad as I think he's a really good fighter good at scoring points knows how to play the game. I don't think he is as dominant as he used to be but he is still a dangerous opponent. I am sure I could beat him as long as I trained hard and fought smart. If I go to the World Championships in Russia this year, I wonder if he will be there this year or will Team Thailand have a new fighter in this division. Will have to wait and see. WHAT'S UP NEXT... In October I will fight in Calgary again against an athlete from Thailand in the third run off of the Canada vs. Thailand Canadian Challenger MuayThai Series. The Thais are always smart fighters and experienced so you have to be on your game plan to beat them. MuayThai returns to Calgary. Renowned MuayThai Promoter Mike Miles brings World Class MuayThai to Calgary on Friday May 25th, 2012 at the Bowness Sportsplex. Peter 'Let's Go' Arbeau (Canada) vs. Sean McDonald (Scotland) Nicci Soutiere (Canada) vs. Sophie Gallagher (Scotland) More bouts to be announced! There is preliminary work underway to have Calgary's Jesse Miles on the event. This event is being promoted in association with the upcoming 2012 CANADIAN BLACK BELT HALL OF FAME INDUCTIONS. These will be taking place on the following day May 26th, 2012 at Canada Olympic Park. Canadian Martial Arts Legends including Ajarn Mike Miles (MuayThai) and Sifu Frank Lee (Kung Fu and MuayThai). Expect to see many inducted as well as inductees show up at this event! Come and greet many of Canada's Legendary Martial Artists. TICKETS: Tables (8 Reserved Seats): $1200.00 Ringside Row 1 Reserved: $75.00 Ringside Row 2 Reserved: $50.00 General Admission: $35.00 Student: $25.00
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