2012 North American’s Huge Success

2012 WKA North American Combat Sports Championships
U – Turn Sports Complex, Richmond, Virginia
March 31 and April 1, 2012

2012 WKA North American Combat Sports Championships were, in a word, stunning. With more than 400 fighters and approximately 100 grapplers from more than 116 gyms from 20 states as well as Canada, the WKA tournament is showing its usual trend of year-to-year growth. In addition to growing in size every year, the WKA has striven to grow in terms of competitors’ needs as well. The addition of K-1 for adult males as well as the overwhelmingly popular Full Rules Muay Thai (in addition to the past disciplines of Thaiboxing, MMA, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/No Gi Submission Grappling) is a prime example of this. With no limits on division sizes, competitors also had unlimited opportunity to grow their own experience by virtue of multiple bouts.

WKA staff worked hard into the night Friday to ensure that everyone was bracketed properly and that nearly all competitors had at least one match. Competitors were bracketed into their proper weight class so that even if they did not make the weight they were aiming for, no one was turned away. Despite the number of competitors and the size of the brackets, the flow of the tournament as well as the use of three rings and a cage made for a smooth running competition which finished up surprisingly early both Saturday and Sunday. Fighters Inc., the tournament’s equipment sponsor, also helped with the smooth running of the competition by its generous providing of the gear for the tournament.

WKA officials came from all over the country to promote the safety, fairness, and competitiveness of the Championships. A full medical crew, coming from CJW Sports Medicine and consisting of three doctors, several athletic trainers and physical therapists, and an emergency transport squad, ensured that fighters were well taken care of. No major injuries came out of the tournament, quite a feat for an event with so many matches.

This event is the pre-qualifier for the US National Team, which will go on to compete in the WKA World Championships later this year in Orlando, Florida. Qualifiers get the chance of a lifetime to compete against the best amateur fighters from around the world at the WKA Worlds. Past US Team members have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will never forget the great opportunity and the uniqueness of such a large-scale event.
2012 WKA North American Ring Sports Results

Division – Sport – Weight Class – Champion – Runner Up:

Male Novice K-1 -132 lbs Derik Rodriguez DK Youn

Male Novice K-1 -143 lbs Carlos Diaz Reed Miller

Male Novice K-1 -154 lbs Roman Berkovich Peter Kartava
Male Novice K-1 -165 lbs Nick Parenty Kristopher Curtis
Male Novice K-1 -176 lbs Danila Sherstobitov Chad Armstrong
Male Novice K-1 -187 lbs Alexander Burrus Greyson Jones

Male Novice Thaiboxing -118.8 lbs Adel Hussein Johnny Chacon

Male Novice Thaiboxing -132 lbs Joel Estevez Adam Pryde

Male Novice Thaiboxing -143 lbs Anthony Santiago Charles Suyat

Male Novice Thaiboxing -154 lbs Michael Koufalis Jade Kamchaman
Male Novice Thaiboxing -165 lbs Pawel Zawistowski Colin McPhilamy
Male Novice Thaiboxing -176 lbs Evan Wright Daniel Rohanna
Male Novice Thaiboxing -198 lbs Justin Barry Khalid Hudson
Male Novice Thaiboxing +198 lbs Shane Zuiker Christopher Sanders
Male Novice Full Rules -118.8 lbs Saif Waryah Andy Luong
Male Novice Full Rules -132 lbs Shankar Balthasar Aaron Weeks

Male Novice Full Rules -143 lbs Brian Asermily Elias Hernandez

Male Novice Full Rules -154 lbs Kevin Noitalay Josh Word

Male Novice Full Rules -176 lbs Hyo Sang Lim Isaac Glendening
Male Novice Full Rules -198 lbs Martin Paez Jeff Miller
Male Novice MMA -135 lbs Joseph Rodriquez Mikey Poling
Male Novice MMA -145 lbs John McNaughton Charles Huguley
Male Novice MMA -155 lbs Justin Clarke Yuting Hong
Male Novice MMA -170 lbs Nicholas Robinson Steven Eilola

Male Novice MMA -185 lbs Daniel Branch Matt Millard

Male Open K-1 -132 lbs Nick Perez James Lockey
Male Open K-1 -143 lbs Niko Tsigaras Jaffer Panezai

Male Open K-1 -154 lbs Alesandr Melts Konal Sayal

Male Open K-1 -165 lbs Clinso Brumfield IV Demarques Jackson

Male Open K-1 -176 lbs Brima Kamara Zak Kelly

Male Open Full Rules -143 lbs Carlos Lopez Adam Phillips

Male Open Full Rules -154 lbs Christopher Williams Axel Mendez
Male Open Full Rules -165 lbs Elijah Clarke Ion Craciunescu
Male Open Full Rules -176 lbs Hiroshi Perera Elvis Cruz
Male Open Full Rules +198 lbs Simon Camaj Christopher Wilson

Male Open Thaiboxing -132 lbs James Shin Jared Tipton

Male Open Thaiboxing -143 lbs DJ Miller Micah Bagby

Male Open Thaiboxing -154 lbs Axel Mendez Peter Petties

Male Open Thaiboxing -165 lbs Richard Abraham Scott Drummond

Male Open Thaiboxing -176 lbs Diamond Watson Ahmad Shojaei-Zambrano

Male Open Thaiboxing -187 lbs Josh Williams Lubomyr Murashchik

Male Open MMA -145 lbs Jonathan Vinyard Josh Savage

Male Open MMA -155 lbs Chad Hernandez Daniel Chacon

Male Open MMA -205 lbs Simon Camaj Jay Lee
Male 13-14 Junior K-1 -110 lbs Reshat Mati Danny Ismailov
Male 13-14 Junior K-1 -121 lbs Ronald King Eduardo Brito
Male 15-17 Junior K-1 -110 lbs Ahmad Ibrahim Deandre Corbe
Male 15-17 Junior K-1 -121 lbs Vincent Pineno Alan Mamedov
Male 15-17 Junior K-1 -132 lbs Amin Almelik Sam Stewart
Male 15-17 Junior K-1 -143 lbs Gregory Pritchett Walfren Villeda
Male 15-17 Junior K-1 -154 lbs Nazim Sadykhov Jonathan Bianco
Male 15-17 Junior K-1 +187 lbs Vahe Sahakyan Boris Miranda Burgos
Male 15-17 Junior MMA -132 lbs Steven Parsons Felipe Valentim
Female 13-14 Junior K-1 -110 lbs Jessica Johnson Allison Casella

Female 13-14 Junior K-1 -121 lbs Shannon Morris Emily Solon

Female Novice K-1 -110 lbs Lindsey VanZandt Lindsey Haynes

Female Novice K-1 -121 lbs Julia Guseva Violet Hovorun

Female Novice K-1 -132 lbs Lauren Piemontese Allison Halterman

Female Novice K-1 +143 lbs Seneida Rivera Rachel Sadler

Female Novice Thaiboxing -105.6 lbs Minna Kao Melanie Odria

Female Novice Thaiboxing -121 lbs Casey Terrell Mirjana Sadeghi

Female Novice Thaiboxing -132 lbs Christina Peteraf Suzanne Zolas

Female Novice Thaiboxing -143 lbs Chantal Perry Torie Rovere

Female Novice Thaiboxing +143 lbs Stacy Moore Kathleen Penrod

Female Novice Full Rules -121 lbs Amanda Winburn Anne Lieberman

Female Open Thaiboxing -105.6 lbs Ani HIlditch Nicole Salgar

Female Open Thaiboxing -121 lbs Angela Hill Gizely Andrade

Female Open Thaiboxing -132 lbs Laurie Hyacinthe Jenn Szeker

Female Open Full Rules -105.6 lbs Ani Hilditch Kit Fung

Female Open Full Rules +143 lbs Dorothy Schultz Stephanie Norris
Female Open MMA -135 lbs Joanna Gomez Lorrain

2012 WKA North American Grappling Results

Gender Division No Gi/BJJ Level/Belt Weight Class 1st 2nd 3rd

Male Adult No Gi Novice -165 lbs Jeffery Melvin Jeff Fitzgerald Camden Roach

Male Adult No Gi Intermediate -154 lbs Jimi Hoctor Grayson Mullins Nick Phillion

Male Adult No Gi Intermediate -165 lbs Brandon Pennington Dane Mann David Oliver

Male Adult No Gi Intermediate -187 lbs Timothy Dawson Dann Cucuta Easton Scarbrough

Male Adult No Gi Intermediate +198 lbs Thomas Moore John Chevalier Andrew Card

Male Adult No Gi Intermediate Absolute Gregg Gibson Easton Scarbrough James Fenton

Male Adult No Gi Advance -145 lbs Patrick Trinidad Matt Canning

Male Adult No Gi Advance +198 lbs Brian Masters David Story Patrick Trinidad

Male Adult BJJ White -154 lbs Nick Phillion Dakota Palmo Grayson Mullins

Male Adult BJJ White -187 lbs Easton Scarbrough Alex Khojainov Brandon Pennington

Male Adult BJJ White +198 lbs Brian Masters Gabriel Shaya Sheraz Qasuri

Male Adult BJJ White Absolute Sheraz Qasuri Cory Powell Nick Phillion

Male Adult BJJ Blue -165 lbs David Story Jimi Hoctor Ethan Chandler

Male Adult BJJ Blue -198 lbs Timothy Dawson Andrew Card Dann Cucuta

Male Adult BJJ Blue +198 lbs Thomas Moore Jose Castellar

Male Adult BJJ Blue Absolute Timothy Dawson Dann Cucuta Gregg Gibson

Male Adult BJJ Brown -176 lbs Monroe Hall Daniel Ivy

Male Adult BJJ Purple -154 lbs Patrick Trinidad Sean Carono Bret Perchaluk

Male Executive BJJ White -165 lbs Kumnith Keo Jeff Fitzgerald

Male Executive BJJ Blue -176 Chris Henderson Ethan Chandler

Male Executive BJJ Blue +198 lbs Gregg Gibson Jose Castellar

Male Executive No Gi Intermediate Absolute Gregg Gibson Sheraz Qasuri Cory Powell

Male Children No Gi Novice -109.9 lbs Nikita Aronovich Linton Holmes III

Male Children No Gi Novice Absolute Nikita Aronovich Kai Lockhart

Male Teen BJJ Green -129 lbs Dilion Martin John Cevor

Male Teen BJJ Advance -110 lbs Deandre Corbre John Cevora Dylan Marti

Female Adult No Gi Advance -120 lbs Lindsay Hannah Cifers

2012 WKA North American Sponsors

A special thanks to Fighters Inc. and to all the sponsors-Namman Muay, CJW Sports Medicine, Title MMA, L-1 Boxing, Chapes-JPL, I Like to Save, Battleware Technology-who made the 2012 WKA North American Combat Sports Championships the most successful event of its kind to date.

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