The World Boxing Council – Muay Thai is running a campaign called Boxing Anti– Drugs “BAD.” WBC – Muay Thai is preparing a photo collection of all the Muay Thai Camps in the world supporting this campaign. Coban’s long-time friend and best friend, Supachai “Ahnt”, in California is helping organize this for all the Muay Thai Camps in the U.S.

We’ve been asked to participate in the B.A.D. campaign. It is an absolute honor for us to take part in this project. As some of you may or may not know, Coban has been 100% sober since November 29, 2009. Life as a farmer and then a young fighter in Thailand, and as a retired fighter in America was daunting, overwhelming and directionless. Now, at 45 years of age, he has emerged a Champion again. He is hoping to influence young kids to have direction, sense of purpose and lead a positive life without costing 45 years. Coban and I have been waiting for the right project to emerge. And this is it. And this is just the beginning. We hope to do more.

So, we would like to ask for your help. We would like to ask for your participation in a photo shoot. We need to take a group photo behind the Team Coban NYC banner while holding the “Boxing Against Drugs” poster. I am asking Jean from Vivid Grafx to print it for us.

I would like to give schedule the photo shoot on a Saturday, and schedule it far enough in advance to give as many people as possible an opportunity to participate. I will send an update later on with the specific date and time.

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