WKA North American Combat Sports March 30 – April 1 2012Championships

Both Novice and Open Class Amateurs will put it all on the line in the 12th Annual WKA North American Championships. This event will also be used as a qualifier for the 2012 WKA National the Team that will travel to the 2012 WKA Amateur World Championships.

For more information and registration go to: WKA USA

Things are always exciting for the US National Team. Aside from having the opportunity to face the best amateur competition in the world, the team also gets to enjoy all the perks and benefits of foreign travel. For instance, in 2010 the team enjoyed the exploring all the rich history and culture of Edinburgh, Scotland. Last year the team, when not in the ring or on the mat, got to wander and explore the beautiful historic streets of Karlsruhe, Germany. The next three years of WKA Worlds are slated to take place in, respectively, Orlando, Florida, Greece, and Canada.

This year is a unique opportunity to put together this best team ever, as we will be competing on our own home turf. We hope that national pride will step up and we can take the best fighters and grapplers as we will be the host country. The WKA North American Championships is the qualifier for this incredible world level event. WKA USA has worked its hardest to bring you the best event to date, the qualifier is are less than two months away and we look forward to seeing all the talent that will make up the US team this fall.

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