Inside The Fight: USA vs Thailand Episode 1

I want to thank you for viewing Inside the Fight. This is the product of hard work and the love for the sport. It started with an idea and passion for Muay Thai. I want to give American Muay Thai an avenue of exposure through, well produced, artistic viral media.

This video is honest, and straight from the mouths of the individuals that are responsible for making this sport what it is. I wanted to provide you different views of Muay Thai and give the American fighters a platform to express their opinions about the sport, it’s lack of exposure, and the contrast between Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts.

After releasing the prior Inside the Fight videos, the Muay Thai community in America has proven they want a series like this. I am proud to say that the community got together and supported theses videos by sharing and liking it through Facebook which provided each video large number of views with in a short period of time.

Please help us grow by sharing this video with anyone that would be interested in learning about Muay Thai or that would appreciate a well put together series. Support the fighters that helped put on an amazing display of Muay Thai at Club Nokia. The more exposure this gets the better chance we have. Helping Muay Thai grow in America helps the entire sport grow as a whole.


Big Thank you to all of those that support the movement.

Jeff Dojillo

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