Full Results from Lion Fight XXVII on January 29, 2016

Lion Fight XXVII
Pechanga Resort Casino
Temucula, California
January 29, 2015

Pinca vs. Peters


Lion Fight Welterweight Title
Fabio Pinca
(Republic of France) def. Charlie Peters (United Kingdom)
by Unanimous Decision: All three judges scored it 49-44
FRMT │ 147 lbs. │ 5×3.

Lion Fight Super Bantamweight Title
Tiffany Van Soest
(USA) def. Ashley Nichols-Kew (Canada)
by Unanimous Decision: 50-45, 49-46 and 49-46
FRMT │ 120 lbs. │ 5×3.

Van Soest vs. Nichols-Kew


Kronphet Phetrachapat (Kingdom of Thailand) def. Gaston Bolanos (USA)
by Split Decision: 48-47, 48-47 and 47-48
FRMT │ 147 lbs. │ 5×3.

Brian Del Rosario (Van Nuys, CA) def. Chris Culley (Victorville, CA)
by Unanimous Decision: 48-47, 49-46 and 49-46
FRMT │ 147 lbs. │ 5×3.

Anvar Boynazarov (Uzbekistan) def. Phanuwat ‘Coke’ Chunhawat (Kingdom of Thailand by way of USA)
by Unanimous Decision: All three judges scored it 49-46
FRMT │ 142 lbs. │ 5×3.

Travis Clay (Chandler, AZ) def. Jared Papazian (Encino, CA)
by Unanimous Decision: All three judges scored it 48-46
FRMT │ 135 lbs. │ 5×3.

Kronphet vs. Bolanos


Spencer Mix (Van Nuys, CA) def. James Gregory (El Cajon, CA)
by Unanimous Decision: 30-27, 30-26 and 30-26
Modified Muay Thai Rules │ 155 lbs. │ 3×2.

Bi Nguyen (Oakland, CA) def. Anne Gabriella Maxwell (Mount Vernon, WA)
by Unanimous Decision: All three judges scored it 30-27
Modified Muay Thai Rules │ 105 lbs. │ 3×2.

Carlos Dagieu (San Diego, CA) def. J.J. Madrid (Tulare, CA)
by TKO at 0:57 of Round 2
Modified Muay Thai Rules │ 140 lbs. │ 3×2.

End Story MarkSusan Wallace (Encinitas, CA) def. Monica Teran (Santee, CA)
by Unanimous Decision: All three judges scored it 30-27
Modified Muay Thai Rules │ 115 lbs. │ 3×2.

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Ajarn Mike Miles Presents the 15th Installment in Calgary’s Challenger Muay Thai Series with “ANNIHILATION”

International Muay Thai Gala
WINSPORT – Markin MacPhail Center
88 Canada Olympic Road SW
Calgary, Canada
Saturday, February 13, 2016
Doors Open at 6:30 pm │ Fights Begin at 7:30 pm

Annihilation Promo

Scott MacKenzie (Canada) vs.
Kieran Peart (United Kingdom)
FRMT │ 5×2

Shalva Avtandilashvili (Republic of Georgia by way of Canada)
vs. Omari Boyd (United States of America)
FRMT │ 5×2

Annihilation Poster


Mohammad Shah (Calgary/Miles) vs.
Kurt Spizawka (Saskatoon/Scheers)

Meaghan Cameron (Calgary/Miles) vs.
Kate Clements (Calgary/Smandych)

Bree Howling (Calgary/Miles) vs.
Sarah Farkas (Calgary/WTM)

Shawn Thankachen (Calgary/Sukys)
vs. Cody Jerome (Lethbridge/Wall)

Damian Moscibrodzki (Calgary/Miles) vs.
Hunter Cooze (St. John’s/Rock Athletics)

Olivia Awad (Calgary/Miles) vs.
Jen Gregory (USA/Sidthilaw)

Greg Lamothe (Victoria/MA Unlimted) vs.
Ethan Doucette (Calgary/Smandych)

Sarah Zientek (Calgary/Miles) vs.
Ketty Hoyem (Calgary/WTM)

Oleksandr Papush (Red Deer/Lafantaisie)
vs. Riley McKenzie (Saskatoon/Scheers)

For TICKETS: 403●244 ●8424

Annihilation Promotional Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3stZD4oz7oQ
End Story MarkAnnihilation on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com//1117620608282590/
Mike Miles Muay Thai & Kickboxing: https://www.facebook.com/MikeMilesMuayThaiandKickboxing

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Untamed Melody in Rhapsody on a Punch Line

Epic rivalries define the careers of legendary fighters. Three rivalries during my own lifetime that come to mind are Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier, Coban Lookchaomæsaitong vs. Ramon Dekkers and Artem Levin vs. Simon Marcus. If you’re thinking there’s a wild card in this deck: Gotcha!


The “Lion of Prokopyevsk” veritably devoured Kaoklai Kænnorsingh in Chelyabinsk for the WBC World Light Heavyweight title on February 23, 2011. Artem’s dominance of the Thai giant killer – who’d historically subdued both the 14 lbs. heavier Clifton Brown and the monstrous Mighty Mo – instantly earned Levin the status of a Muay Thai rock star.

Showdown SetupAmerican Joe Schilling’s subsequent first round ko of Kaoklai Kænnorsingh eight months later in Los Angeles set up a U.S. vs. Russia world light heavyweight title showdown. It was arranged for the following June at WBC’s “Battle of the Belts” in Bangkok. Claiming a crippling ACL injury, Levin blew off the fight. A month later, though, he fought Steven Wakeling in England. There was no conclusive outcome – owing to a draw – in Artem’s match with Wakeling. Owing to way too much flake for anyone to take, by the same token, WBC stripped Levin of his title and dropped him from its rankings.

Glory 10’s World Middleweight Championship tournament in Chicago eventually brought Levin and Schilling together on September 28, 2013. “Stitch ‘Em Up” Joe took the measure of Artem’s trademark exposed chin in the second round with a wallop that flattened the heavily favored Russian. Beating the count with nothing to spare, neither was Levin spared a loss in the extra round decision. Artem would then win their rematch at Glory’s Last Man Standing tournament in Los Angeles on June 21, 2014. Again claiming injury, however, he pulled out of the Glory 24 rubber match with Schilling in Denver this past October.

Sunken Showboat

Soap operas like this might qualify technically as rivalry but not the kind that defines epic. Off Schilling’s win over Kaoklai Kænnorsingh back on October the 21st of 2011 – before his Glory World Series trick boxing interlude with the “Lion of Prokopyevsk” – “Stitch ‘Em Up” Joe had gone a FRMT 0-2 against Simon Marcus. This was prelude to Artem’s June of 2012 “Battle of the Belts” hiatus that reprised the Cold War nightmare of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). Whether going MAD pivoted more in Levin’s variation off the pathological than the geopolitical, truth or consequences left the American without a WBC world title to contend for and the Russian without one to defend.

Ten months or so back to the future, the MAD Russian came FRMT calling on Simon Marcus, who’d twice beaten the American that Artem had just disdained to defend his WBC world title against. In the lexicon of this year’s U.S. Presidential election season, Levin lost in a landslide. Despite Simon’s taking his trick boxing lumps since then, their rematch was inconclusive at Glory 21 in San Diego, owing to a draw.

Levin Lost in a Landslide

Now down 0-1-1 against Canada’s FRMT undefeated cruiserweight, Artem’s prospects for a career defining epic rivalry found an inspiration in Sergey Busygin’s match making for Muay Thai Moscow on December 19, 2015. There could be no more auspicious showcase for the “Lion of Prokopyevsk” in his homeland than the UIC “Wings of the Soviets” Arena. Busygin’s inspired match making also featured a Russian army champion by way of honoring the nation’s commitment to defeating global terrorism.

Instead of putting Artem’s rivalry with Simon Marcus onto a winning track, as the show’s promotion would’ve given him a chance to do, Levin ended up fighting WKN’s 36 year old European champ Daniel Alexandru from Romania. Serial truancy from dates with destiny typically doesn’t correlate with “legendary” in career search engines, no matter how many forfeited title belts adorn a photo op.

Top of the Food Chain

WKN World Muay Thai Championship
Artem Levin
(Russia) vs.
Daniel Alexandru (Romania)
Cruiserweight │ FRMT │ 5×3

Round One

On third contact off first bell, Artem trapped a waist high left round kick. Grabbing the erstwhile WKN European champ’s trapped leg like a joy stick, Levin selected a straight arm dump from his trick portfolio. It was a theme that he would play repeatedly, like a violin virtuoso, with variations on a punch line, from the very first stroke until the time came for the fat lady to sing. Except for his many clumsy pirouettes that found nothing but air, not one of Alexandru’s leg rotations went un-trapped. So attuned to the combative rhythm was Artem that he didn’t even bother to wait for Daniel to make a move before plucking the Romanian’s hamstring in a staccato solo approaching Requiem on his playlist.

Consistent ConnectionWith so much quicker hands behind an expansive reach advantage, Levin was able to connect consistently, while the 36 year old couldn’t work out the coordinates to calibrate his own firing range.

A stealth left uppercut brought congestion for Alexandru’s digestion, which might’ve distracted him from the knee on a collision course with his chest. It was a straight left to the chin, though, that knocked Daniel off his feet for a count from the ref. Less hurt than frustrated by the elusive Russian, Alexandru went to the clinch. They wrestled each other twice to the canvas. Round 1 ended the way it began, with Levin trapping the Romanian’s tepid round kick for a contemptuous chump dump.

Chump Dump

Round Two

Go figure why the beleaguered Romanian seemed undecided whether to get off his stool for second bell. Stumbling through a missed over hand right, after taking a head jolting jab, Daniel exposed his chin to a quick left counter, which then transitioned into a Russian rhapsody in rock around the clock. When Levin trapped yet another futile leg rotation, this time he unloaded a bomb upside the 36 year old’s head. Off Alexandru’s wild right cross, which finally made a connection, Levin literally knee jerked into Daniel’s Facebook.

Knee Jerk

There then ensued an unconventionally long recess for Artem’s corner to make adjustments so his cup wouldn’t runneth over. Loose EndsIt seemed also to suit Alexandru, like any port in a storm. After Levin’s loose ends were tied back together, he launched a flying knee through the defensive perimeter, where Daniel’s guard had been on recess actually the entire fight.

Unprepared for a right hand lead from Artem, the Romanian then got caught leaning into harm’s way. Daniel ended up getting dumped again, basically because he obviously couldn’t keep Levin from doing it to him. Unable to muster any kind of effective deterrent, never mind an offense, Alexandru became reckless.

Bombs Away

There’s a reason we recognize that it was a miracle for the biblical Daniel to make nice in the lion’s den. The “Lion of Prokopyevsk” made hamburger meat of out this mismatch, however, on the grinder of his knee. When the lion lays down with the lamb, better check what’s on the menu for dinner.

Winner: Artem Levin by KO (Knee) in Round 2

Inspired Match Making

Muay Thai Moscow 2015 Full Results
UIC “Wings of the Soviets” Arena
Moscow, Russia
December 19, 2015


Alexey Anuchin (Russia) def. Nikita Vykhodets (Russia)
Muay Thai Rules

Vladislav Vlasenko (Russia) def. Gadzhibek Gadzhibekov (Russia)
Muay Thai Rules

Rashid Salikhov (Russia) def. Gor Sargsyan (Armenia)
Muay Thai Rules

Georgy Disho (Russia) No Decision (Draw) Lery Gogokhia (Ukraine)
Muay Thai Rules

Disho vs. Gogokhia


Edward Filbeger (Russia) def. Eldar Kenkerly (Russia)
by Unanimous Decision
Super Cruiserweight │ FRMT │ 3×2

Youssef Assouik (Denmark) def. Alexey Ulyanov (Russia)
by TKO in Round 1
Welterweight │ FRMT │ 5×3

Yulia Berezikova (Russia) def. Marija Malenica (Croatia)
by Unanimous Decision
Featherweight │ FRMT │ 3×3

IBF Intecontinental Championship
Vyacheslav Gusev
(Russia) def. Cosmas Cheka (Tanzania)
by Decision
Junior Lightweight │ Boxing │ 12×3

Arslan Yallyev (Russia) def. Nikolay Ivanov (Russia)
by Decision
Super Cruiserweight │ FRMT │ 3×3

Yallyev vs. Ivanov


Artem Vakhitov (Russia) def. Jorge Loren (Spain)
by KO in Round 2
Super Cruiserweight │ Oriental (K-1) Rules │ 3×3

End Story MarkWKN World Muay Thai Championship
Artem Levin
(Russia) def. Daniel Alexandru (Romania)
by KO in Round 2
Cruiserweight │ FRMT │ 5×3

Berezikova vs. Malenica

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Sports & Special Events Incident Management

U.S. Homeland Security Consortium
Sports & Special Events Incident Management

Organizational Banner

The New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness and the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board will be sponsoring a three-day training program titled: “Enhanced Sports & Special Events Incident Management” (MGT 440). The program will be instructed by The Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), a member of the National Domestic Preparedness Consortium (NDPC).

The training will be held at:

The Hughes Justice Complex
25 Market Street
Trenton, NJ 08625

There is NO COST to participate.

Enhanced Sports & Special Events Incident Management (MGT-440)

May 17, 18, & 19, 2016 8:00AM to 5:00PM

This course emphasizes the unique aspects of response to an incident occurring during a sports/special event, including considerations for business continuity and after-action activities. This course is a scenario-based workshop focusing on incident management, crowd and evacuation management, and risk management. The course is intended to prepare for the response to a large-scale incident during sporting or special events. Participants will engage in three, simulation-supported, emergency response exercises designed to hone individual and team decision making and management skills.



All participants must have a FEMA Student Identification Number (SID). To create, retrieve or for additional information, visit: https://cdp.dhs.gov/femasid/

End Story MarkSpaces are limited and preregistration is required. For your convenience, an online registration is available at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NJSPORTSTEEX.

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Lion Fight XXVII at Pechanga Resort & Casino on January 29, 2015

Lion Fight XXVII
Pechanga Resort ♦ Casino
45000 Pechanga Parkway
Temecula, California 92592
1-877-711-2WIN or or 951- 693-1819
Friday, January 29, 2016

Lion Fight XXVII Poster


Lion Fight Welterweight Title
Fabio Pinca (Republic of France) vs.
Charlie Peters (United Kingdom)
FRMT │ 147 lbs. │ 5×3.

Lion Fight Super Bantamweight Title
Tiffany Van Soest (USA) vs.
Ashley Nichols-Kew (Canada)
FRMT │ 120 lbs. │ 5×3.


Phanuwat ‘Coke’ Chunhawat (Kingdom of Thailand by way of USA)
vs. Anvar Boynazarov (Uzbekistan)
FRMT │ 143 lbs. │ 5×3.

Gaston Bolanos (USA) vs.
Kronphet Phetrachapat (Kingdom of Thailand)
FRMT │ 143 lbs. │ 5×3.

Chris Culley (Victorville, CA) vs.
Brian Del Rosario (Van Nuys, CA)
FRMT │ 147 lbs. │ 5×3.

Travis Clay (Chandler, AZ) vs.
Jared Papazian (Encino, CA)
FRMT │ 130 lbs. │ 5×3.

End Story MarkTickets are available online at www.pechanga.com │ by calling Pechanga’s Box Office at 1-877-711-2WIN │ or by visiting Pechanga’s box office. See more at: http://www.lionfight.com/events/lion-fight-27/. Lion Fight XXVII airs live on AXS TV at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.

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Climax of a Star Warrior’s Trilogy at Lion Fight XXV

LION FIGHT XXV showcased 39 year old John Wayne Parr out of Boonchu on Australia’s Gold Coast in the rubber match of a veritably mythic rivalry with 33 year old Cosmo “Good Boy” Alexandre from Santos, Brazil. Pivoting on the climax of their star warrior’s trilogy was the Lion Fight Super Middleweight World Championship.

Define a GenerationJohn Wayne Parr’s rivalry with Brazil’s legendary “Good Boy” goes all the way back to December of 2007. JWP won a unanimous decision over Cosmo on his Brisbane home turf in Australia. In their August of 2009 rematch – again in Brisbane, Australia – Alexandre took The Force in his stride with a series of hard low kicks. He stopped the Aussie with a TKO in the second round. Do the math and their star warrior’s trilogy has spanned nearly ten years.

Having suppressed a 2012 retirement impulse that went into remission 10 months later in 2013, John Wayne Parr profiled 300+ facial stitches in his California cameo. These were the battle scars of a 10 time World Champion, runner-up to Yodsænklai Fairtex in the 2008 Contender Asia – which he turned around in a hard fought 2010 rematch – and wins over a Who’s Who in kickboxing and Muay Thai. With titles dating back to 1992, the 15 year old child prodigy JWP would come to define an entire Muay Thai and kickboxing generation.

Scar ShoppingHimself a six time world beater – owning the belt from “Its Showtime” 2010 World Championship and the winner’s trophy from WMC King’s Cup December of 2009 Challenger Tournament in Bangkok – Cosmo Alexandre (51-17-1) came into the climax of this star warrior’s trilogy looking like the ripped world class athlete that he is.

Both star warriors had visibly trained hard for this day of reckoning between them. Six years back to the future, what better place to screen their final episode than an exit ramp off the Hollywood Freeway?

Despite almost exactly the same amount of beef on the hoof – with Cosmo at 166.4 lbs. and JWP at 166.8 lbs. – nowhere will you see more variability in muscle mass distribution. JWP looked solid and fight-ready at 5 feet 10 inches tall with an arm reach of 72.5 inches and a leg reach of 34.5 inches. At a ripped 6 feet 1 inch, Cosmo towered over the Aussie with an arm reach of 74 inches and a whopping leg reach of 40 inches. During referee Dej Sri “Nokweed” Ampai’s instructions at the center of the ring, Alexandre’s powerful athletic frame and build made him appear six inches taller and at least one weight division heavier than the bruiser from Down Under.

Lion Fight XXV
Pechanga Resort Casino
Temucula, California
October 23, 2015

Beef on the HoofCosmo Alexandre (Santos, Brazil by way of Blackzillians in Boca Raton, Florida)
vs. John Wayne Parr (Boonchu in Gold Coast, Australia)
Lion Fight Super Middleweight Championship
│ FRMT │ 5×3


The opener was clearly a feeling out round. Parr spent a lot of it with his weight on the rear leg, while tapping his lead foot up and down. He missed several low kicks that were more flirtatious than promiscuous. Cosmo fired off some aggressive strikes with especially effective knees on the RSVP. Never shy to assert himself, JWP began to press the action. Alexandre got in some good if not especially damaging licks when they mixed it up, including a gorgeous Teep kick. He lapsed into passivity, though, during those gaps where Parr refrained from indulging the Brazilian’s preference for countering. Because JWP’s pawing low kicks and hook punches seemed short and slow against the athletic Cosmo, they didn’t score on the damage meter.


JWP started the second round more aggressively with a hard clinch. He fired off harder strikes and went for multiple kick-punch combinations. Even though Cosmo looked to be the more formidable athlete – without having taken any visible damage – he resorted to covering himself on defense and frequently retreated. Many of Parr’s strikes were short of actually landing. Still in all he pushed the action forward, while Alexandre lapsed for no apparent reason into passivity. About midway through the round, though, Brazil’s “Good Boy” came alive. A switched-on Cosmo Alexandre managed to trap JWP’s left kicking leg. Maneuvering the hobbled Parr into the corner, Cosmo launched into a spectacular left high flying knee. Although it made a forceful impact, the veteran Aussie was well guarded. He didn’t flinch and wasn’t injured. There then ensued several crisp singular but non-damaging strikes from Alexandre. The bruiser from Down Under kept chipping away aggressively in his siege style – moving forward with what appeared to be much shorter arms and legs – but he was unable to break down Alexandre’s countering defense to do appreciable damage. Standing 5 feet 10 inches tall, John Wayne Parr is no Super Middleweight runt. While appearances can be and often are deceiving, there was nevertheless an impression from their juxtaposition that made JWP seem short and tight next to the towering fluid muscular Brazilian.


Cosmo opened the round with hard, single, roundhouse kicks that were crushingly effective. Parr maintained his aggressive battle tactics. Both fighters traded tit for tat. We then witnessed one of the stranger sights in this or any fight. Hopping on his rear foot while moving forward, JWP pursued a retreating Alexandre into the corner. With Cosmo’s back against the corner pads, Parr launched a 47-punch (count them) non-stop flurry of looping left and right punches to Alexandre’s arms, covered head, and body. Only the body shots really connected. None seemed even remotely to hurt him. Brazil’s “Good Boy” danced out of the corner when he was ready and laughed like it was all in the spirit Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival. Then Cosmo went on the attack. Ferocious elbows slashed JWP, cutting him in at least two places: over the left eye and on the left temple. Blood spilling out of another cut showed up between Parr’s eyes in the next round. Alexandre seemed content afterwards to dodge whatever bullets JWP had left with an assortment of hard counters. As seconds ticked off the clock, Parr appeared to be overwhelmed by his larger, athletic assailant. He was taking significant bloody damage.

On the AttackROUND FOUR

Trading low kicks, Parr took one on the knee that seriously buckled his leg. Cosmo transitioned into clinches that were launching platforms for an artillery fusillade of explosive elbows. It was like Black Friday for JWP to go scar shopping with a volume discount. The bleeding Parr was all grit, no quit. While active and aggressive, he just wasn’t effective and ended up backed into a corner. In another truth is stranger than fiction sequence, Alexandre combined a haymaker with an upwardly mobile left knee. JWP countered with a wild overhand punch. It seemed to land on Cosmo’s left temple, jarring his head awkwardly. For some strange reason, Alexandre then stopped fighting. He looked around at the floor, as though a contact lens had fallen to the canvas, seeming to expect Parr and the Referee “Nokweed” to help him find it. Huh? Dej Sri Ampai took no more time to unwrap his surprise than any kid would recognize trick from treat on Halloween. He restarted the action right away. Cosmo seized the moment opportunistically to punish Parr with a volley of knock-knock-who’s-there elbows and punches. JWP battled valiantly throughout this onslaught, but the bigger Brazilian’s physical dominance was manifest. He had too much strength perforce for the smaller though well-conditioned and courageous Australian. With about 45 seconds to go in the round, Cosmo clocked Parr with a low left hook that would have dropped most fighters irrespective of weight class. Alexandre finished the round with more jumping knees and hard elbow strikes that drove home the message that he was in the driver’s seat on this date with destiny.

Great CloserROUND FIVE

Going into the final round, it was a no brainer that John Wayne Parr needed a walk off to salvage a win. Alexandre started the round instead with deft movement, strength displays, jumping knees, and rock-around-the-clock kicks. Still hard fighting but bleeding and injured, at this point, JWP seemed even shorter in stature than before on the order of two weight classes below Cosmo. Alexandre clobbered him with high speed round kicks, sharp elbows, and crushing body punches. About half way through the round, though, Parr unloaded a punch that had game changer written all over it. The Hail Mary rattled Cosmo’s rosary where cobwebs come from. It seemed to stun him. The resilient bruiser from Down Under seized this opportunity to detonate some of his most explosive bombs of the night. Renowned as a great closer, Parr went for the kill. Alexandre’s mouth was wide open. He was clearly gassed, while the bloodied JWP incredibly seemed to be invigorated. Cosmo dug down deep. He managed to smother the smaller Parr with his body, thus using up the remaining time. The Brazilian star warrior also let go some wild, winging punches. They didn’t connect but ate up time. Once again, Cosmo Alexandre took The Force in his stride. He rocked JWP with a wild right hook and followed it with a left uppercut. Both scored big time. “Good Boy” that he is, Cosmo effectively killed the clock along with Parr’s prospects for a walk off.

USMTA judges under Paulo Tocha voted unanimously, scoring the fight 50-48, 49-47 and 48-47.

Winner: Cosmo Alexandre by Unanimous Decision

WinnerThe star warrior’s trilogy was over. Jedi knights are bound together by The Force. Who wins or loses is just plot in a Muay Thai drama.

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Apple App Icon                                                Googleplay App Icon End Story MarkPHOTO CREDITS:
CLICK HERE Bennie E. Palmore II’s entire Lion Fight Photo Gallery.

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RAMTL Battle VI in Moscow City

RAMTL Battle VI │ Full Rules Muay Thai
Moscow City, Russia
December 11, 2015

Sweet TweetQuick Results: 6 fights │ 4 KOs │ 1 hour 20 minutes of adrenaline rush │ Too sweet to tweet!

Результаты: Уникальное шоу. 6 боев – 4 нокаута. Время шоу – 1 час 20 минут. Зрители были в шоке. Впечатления и эмоции зашкаливали. Молодцы все!


Igor “Tikhon” Tikhonov │ Elektrostal │ Coach Ruslan Ishchenko │ Weight 71 kg │ Height 173 cm │ Age 23 Years Old.
71 кг Игорь “Тихон” Тихонов (Электросталь, тренер Руслан Ищенко). 23 года. Рост 173 см.
Daniel “The Botanist” Goldin │ Smolensk │ Coach Andrei Kim │ Weight 71 kg │ Height 170 cm │ Age 24 Years Old.
71 кг   Данила “Ботаник” Голдинов (Смоленск, тренер Андрей Ким), 24 года, рост 170 см. провел один проф.бой на Бойцовском шоу “RAMTL в Москва-Сити. Битва-III”.

“Tikhon” came out smoking with a low kick that chopped out Daniel’s leg from under him for a taste of the canvas. The smoke must have lit a fire under Goldin, because he made toast out of Igor with a liver pâté. When the flames subsided, it was lights out for “Tikhon”.

Toast“Тихон” уверенно пошел в атаку и “высек” опорную ногу “Ботаника”, отправив последнего на настил ринга. После чего Ботаник “включился” и провел мощную контратаку, завершив ее ударом ноги с разворота в корпус. После такого сокрушительного удара в область печени “Тихон” уже не смог оправиться.

Video of Daniel “The Botanist” Goldin vs. Igor “Tikhon” Tikhonov


Timur “Osh” │ Moscow │ Manager Kirill Akhmetshin │ Weight 71 kg │ Height 170 cm │ Age 20 Years Old │ Medalist of Kyrgyzstan Kickboxing.
71 кг Тимур “Ошский” (Ош – Москва, менеджер Кирилл Ахметшин, матч-мейкер Шихшабек Зайналбеков ). 20 лет. Рост 170 см. Призер Чемпионата Кыргыстана по кикбоксингу среди любителей.
Andrew “The Count” Krestyannikov │ Rostov-on-Don │ Manager Shihshabek Zaynalbekov.
Андрей “Граф” Крестьянников (Ростов-на-Дону, тренер Шихшабек Зайналбеков).

In a size and strength mismatch, “The Count” held all the cards. Although “Osh” played a skillful enough hand to earn the crowd’s appreciation, it was the only chip he had to show for it.

Card CounterЯвно был тяжелее и сильнее “Граф”, поэтому отчаянное сопротивление “Ошского” уже роли не играло, но зрителям он понравился своей красивой работй в ринге.

The Joker71 kg Abakar “The Joker” Murzabekov │ Makhachkala │ Manager Gasim Hajiyev.
71 кг Абакар “Джокер” Мурзабеков(Махачкала, тренер Касум Гаджиев).
Novel “The Hawk” Koshin │ Elektrostal │Coach Ivan Busarov │ Weight 71 kg │ Height 183 cm │ Age 20 Years Old.
71 кг Роман “Коршун” Кошин (Электросталь, тренер Иван Бусаров). 20 лет. Рост 183 см. Победитель профбоя на “RAMTL в Электростали. Битва-14” в 2012 году.

It was all grit no quit in this crowd pleaser with a double dose of will to win. No “Hawk” ever grasped a narrower margin of victory in its talons from such a bad ass “Joker”. There was no doubt here that the two of them together rocked the house.

Rocked the HouseОдин из самых жестких и упорных боев вечера. Оба спортсмена проявили невероятную силу духа и волю к победе. С небольшим перевесом победил Роман “Коршун” Кошин. Приз зрителских симпатий в этом бою у обоих.

Video of Abakar “The Joker” Murzabekov vs. Novel “The Hawk” Koshin


Oleg “The Spartan” Khokhlov │ Smolensk │ Manager Andrew Kim │ Weight 71 kg │ Height 175 cm │ Age 27 Years Old.
71 кг Олег “Спартанец” Хохлов (Смоленск, менеджер Андрей Ким). 27 лет. Рост 175 см. Провел тяжелый профбой на Бойцовском шоу “RAMTL в Москва-Сити. Битва-IV”. и выиграл его.
71 kg of Beslan “The Nomad” Nasyrov │ Rostov-on-Don │ Coach Shihshabek Zaynalbekov. │ Weight 71 kg │ Height 181 cm Age 23 │ Age 27 Years Old.
71 кг Беслан “Кочевник” Насыров (Ростов-на-Дону, тренер Шихшабек Зайналбеков). 23 года. Рост 181 см. Проф.дебют.

“The Nomad” kept his streak going with another “fight of the night”. He put on a full court press and left it all in the ring but came up short on the score cards. “The Spartan” won on points. It was enough, though, for both to earn the Audience Award.

Won on Points“Кочевник”, как всегда, закатил “бой вечера”. Он бросался на “Спартанца” и тому пришлось мобилизовать все свои возможности. “Спартанец” выиграл по очкам. Приз зрительских симпатий обоим боксерам.

Shere “Shere Khan” Mamazulunov (Moscow coach Boris Yunusov), │ Weight 81 kg │ Height 184 cm │ Age 20 Years Old.
81 кг. Шер “Шер-Хан” Мамазулунов (Москва, тренер Борис Юнусов), 20 лет, 184 см. Призер и Чемпион Москвы по К-1 и тайскому боксу. Чемпион Узбекистана по кикбоксингу. Скоростной, разнообразный и бьющий боксер.
Valeriy “The Gentleman” Pashkovskiy │ Rostov-on-Don │ Coach Shihshabek Zaynalbekov │ Weight 81 kg │ Height 175 cm │ Age 22 Years Old.
81 кг. Валерий “Джентельмен” Пашковский (Ростов-на-Дону, тренер Шихшабек Зайналбеков). 22 года. Рост 175 см.

With a decisive win in his pro debut, “The Gentleman” found out in this rematch that tempting fate is a risky ring strategy. The risk came high and hard upside his head within a couple of heart beats from first bell. Maintaining a proper guard in this sport is the difference between promising professional prospects and hamburger meat. Credit “Shere Khan” for proving the reason we’re on top of the food chain is what’s above our necks and that, in this season of Christian charity, it is better to give than to receive. “Ask not for whom the bell tolls.” It tolls for thee Valeriy Pashkovskiy.

Tempting FateМатч-реванш. “Джентельмен” приехал неподготовленный, памятуя о том, какую трепку кулаками он задал в прошлом бою “Шерхану”. Но “Шер-Хан” вышел на ринг совершенно другим человеком и, работая на дистанции, разгромил соперника в течении пары минут, отправив его в тяжелый нокаут ударом ноги в голову. Приз зрителских симпатий.

A day before the show, Art Director Renat Gubaev fed fan fever with a sparring session between two hopefuls on December 10, 2015. Fans and fighters both got so into it that two international conferences in session next door hit the panic button. Suckered into false alarm, the diplomats tried to restore tranquility with a chorus of “stop this disgrace!” Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

P.S. Арт-директор шоу Ренат Губаев на Ген.репетиции шоу 10 декабря 2015 года провел тренировочный спарринг в ринге одновременно против двоих соперников. Блестяще. Грозно. Очень реалистично. Настолько реалистично, что, испугавшись шума и криков, прервались две Международные конференции, чинно заседавшие по соседству и прибежала охрана со всего этажа, потребовавшие хором “прекратить это безобразие”!

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Promoter of the Sports Program: Shihshabek Zaynalbekov │ President of the Rostov Regional Federation of Thai boxing │ USSR Master of Sports in boxing │Chairman of the Rating Committee of the Russian League of Muay Thai.

Промоутер спортивной части программы – Шихшабек Зайналбеков, президент Ростовской Областной Федерации Тайского Бокса, Мастер спорта СССР по боксу, председатель рейтинговой комиссии Российской Лиги Муай Тай

Brain TrustPromoter of the Show: Sergei Zayashnikov │ President of the Russian League of Muay Thai.

Ведущий Шоу – Сергей Заяшников, президент Российской Лиги Муай Тай

The referee in charge of the sports program: Nadir Navruzov (ZTR, Moscow)

Главный судья спортивной части программы – Надир Наврузов (ЗТР, Москва)

End Story MarkArt Director of the Show: Renat Gubaev (Moscow)

Арт-директор Шоу – Ренат Губаев (Москва)

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The Muay Thai King’s Cup 2015

King's Cup 2015 LogoTrophiesThis year’s competition for the Muay Thai King’s Cup at Sanam Luang in Bangkok began with an EFN Champions League Sweet Sixteen that worked its way through four 4-man tournaments in the 70 kg (154 lbs.) division down to a Final Four on December the 5th in honor of the King of Thailand’s birthday. Sanctioned by the World Muaythai Council (WMC), the annual command performance for His Royal Majesty has made it the most prestigious event on Muay Thai’s calendar.

Going into the Final Four were winners from two qualifiers in Bangkok plus a double-header in Malaysia. The qualification series marked a return to the traditional method of selecting the finalists. It was organized by Elite Boxing under the EFN Champions League brand.

Sweet Sixteen

King’s Cup 2015 also saw the debut of a new competition format, which was introduced by WMC Executive Board member General Tanwacom Tippayachan. Instead of fighting the usual 5 three minute rounds (5×3), competitors had only 1 sudden death round in each of the two eliminations to smoke or choke. The title bout went 3 rounds. Do the math and the finalists fought 5 rounds overall but spread over three fights.

Final Four

Over 30 million viewers worldwide tuned into the Final Four. It kicked off with a semi-final fight between Sean Sor. Sumalee and Changpuek Kiatsongrit. This turned out to be a real crowd pleaser. Changpuek took a point decision. He advanced to the final, while Sean Sor. Sumalee got a standing ovation for his gutsy performance.

Peru’s Gabriel Mazzetti made it into the other semi-final on a walkover, after an injury forced Chok Eminenair to pull out. The South American champion beat Suweilek from Malaysia, earning him a place in the title bout against Thai contender Changpuek Kiatsongrit.

No cause for pause

Their battle for the King’s Cup gave no cause for pause. They sucked the oxygen out of each other’s breathing space. When the score cards all were tallied, it was Thailand’s Chanpuek lifting up this most prestigious of all Muay Thai trophies. Not only did Changpuek Muaythai Academy win the inaugural EFN Champions League tournament in Bangkok, he was also awarded 150,000 THB ($4,175 USD) in prize money.

End Story MarkThe tournament’s most meaningful scorecard, far and away, tallied how many sovereign nations were in the competition, with so many more aspiring to a berth. Reaching across the globe and back to the future, Muay Thai scored a spiritual win for the proposition that respect honors those who practice it.

Flag Ceremony - Revised

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Full Results from Muay Thai Global VIII

Muay Thai Global 8 Full Results
Red Lion Woodlake & Conference Center
Sacramento, California
Saturday, November 21, 2015

8 Limbs Logo


Abasolo vs. Teer

Eddie Abasolo (Combat Sports Academy in Dublin, CA) def.
Jared Teer (Thompson Fight Team in Orange, CA)
by Split Decision: 49-46, 47-48, 50-44
Super Welterweight Professionals │ 154 lbs. │ 5×3

Tauga vs. Leveque

Charles Leveque (Freelance Fighter in Brentwood, CA)
def. Panama Tauga (Cortez Martial Arts in Stockton, CA)
by KO at 3:00 of Rd. 1
Super Heavyweight Professionals │ 304 lbs. │ 5×3

Roberson vs. Powell

Donald Roberson (Team Alpha Male in Sacramento, CA)
def. Jordan Powell (Havuk Fight Team in Oakland, CA)
by Unanimous Decision: 30-27, 30-27, 30-27
Super Cruiserweight Professionals │ 204 lbs. │ 3×3

Bouttavong vs. Ramsey

Jacob Ramsey (Thongsai Muay Thai in Eugene, OR) def.
Aber Bouttabong (Legacy Muay Thai in Sacramento, CA)
by KO at 1:16 of Round 2
Featherweight Professionals │ 124 lbs. │ 5×3

Vargaz vs. Encarnacion

Javier Vargaz (Precision Strikers in Vacaville, CA)
def. Geovanny Encarnacion (Gorilla Squad in Antioch, CA)
by Unanimous Decision: 29-48, 29-28, 29-28
Super Lightweight Professionals │ 137 lbs. │ 3×3


Jonathan TanJonathan Tan def. Michael Shaw │ Split Decision │ MTG Super Lightweight Title │ 5×2

Shannah Gozo def. Ashley Thiner │ Split Decision │ Featherweights │ 3×2

Calvin Parish def. Kevin Krevi │ Unanimous Decision │ Light Heavyweights │ 3×2

Kendra McIntyre def. Janet Garcia │ Unanimous Decision │ Flyweights │ 3×2

Caroline Riojas def. Elisha Madula │ Unanimous Decision │ Strawweights │ 3×2

Reuben Dasalla def. Ontario Barnett │ TKO @1:06 of Rd. 1 │ Welterweights │ 3×2

Terra Szymkowiak vs. Nicole Bedoya │ Unanimous Decision │ Featherweights │ 3×2

Rene Funes def. Nathan Adams │ Split Decision │ Super Welterweights │ 3×2

End Story MarkArmani Thongsy def. Sorel Benitez │ Unanimous Decision │ Junior Cruiserweights │ 3×1½

Shayla Murdock def. Jolina-Rose Pardilla │ Unanimous Decision │ Flyweights │ 3×1½

Eddie Abasolo

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Full Results from Lion Fight XXVI

Lion Fight XXVI Full Results
Mashantucket Pequot Foxwoods® Resorts ♦ Casino
Ledyard, Connecticut
Friday, November 20, 2015

Julio Pena knocks out Tim Amorim

Julio Pena knocks out Tim Amorim


Nick Chasteen (Best Muay Thai in Tempe, Arizona) def.
Turan Hasanov (NYC Fitness Club in Brooklyn)
by KO (H̄mạd ŝāy k̄hwā rwm kạn │ Punches) at 0:25 of Round 3
Welterweight Professionals │ 147 lbs. │ 5×2.

John Nofer (Rami’s Elite in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
def. Victor Saravia (Muay Thai America Gym in North Hollywood, California)
by Unanimous Decision: 48-47, 48-47, 49-47
Super Bantamweight Professionals │ 123 lbs. │ 5×2.

Josh Shepard (Nick’s One Kick Gym in Las Vegas, Nevada)
def. Ben Peak (Simmler BJJ in Worcester, Massachusetts)
by Unanimous Decision: 49-46, 48-47, 48-47
Middleweight Professionals │ 160 lbs. │ 5×2.

Julio Pena (Hard Knocks Muay Thai in Boston, Massachusetts) def.
Tim Amorim (Rami’s Elite in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
by KO (Sok wiang klap │ Reverse Spinning Elbow) at 2:59 of Round 3
Lightweight Professionals │ 135 lbs. │ 5×2.

Pedro Gonzalez (Redline Fight Sports/North Shore Muay Thai in Boston, Massachusetts)
def. Sean Fagan (Stockade Martial Arts in Kingston, New York)
by Unanimous Decision: 49-45, 49-45, 49-45
Welterweight Professionals │ 147 lbs. │ 5×2.


Brian Bogue def. Chris Baker │ Unanimous Decision │ Super Middleweights │ 3×2.

Malcolm Hill def. Mike Savvas │ Unanimous Decision │ Super Lightweights │ 3×2.

Jermaine Palmer def. Justin Lozada │ Unanimous Decision │ Super Welterweights │ 3×2.

End Story MarkStergos Mikkios vs. Niko Qirjazo │ No Decision (Draw) │ Super Lightweights │ 3×2.

Frank Wells def. Phabion Wilson │ Unanimous Decision │ Super Welterweights │ 3×2.

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