Combat at the Capitale Goes Retro in All K-1│Glory Kickboxing Rules Show

Combat at the Capitale
September 11, 2011
130 Bowery │ New York City │Telephone: (212) 334-5500
Doors Open at 7:00pm │ Fights Begin at 8:00pm

With its first ever all K-1│Glory Kickboxing Rules show, Combat at the Capitale tests the Decoy Hypothesis in natural selection.

We know from behavioral biology that introducing a choice with hybrid properties tends to scramble the evolutionary circuits. Rather than bending natural selection towards a preference for the decoy with hybrid properties, though, it turns out that artificially manipulating choice tends to make popular a legacy alternative that wasn’t before.

Even though evolution works iteratively, figure regression to popular sentiment’s mean will sooner or later factor into the market dynamics of this equation.

Combat at the Capitale 37

Lou Neglia’s Martial Arts Karate, Inc. │ (718) 372-9089
Ray Longo’s Martial Arts Academy │ (516) 294-6313

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“Girl Fight” the Movie to Screen at Rahway International Film Festival

Girl Fight Poster
Sunday, August 30, 2015
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Rahway International Film Festival
Hamilton Stage 360 Hamilton Street
Rahway, N.J. 07065

Rahway Film Festival Logo

Indoor Screenings –    $15.00
Outdoor Screenings – $10.00


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Iniquity in Ubiquity

The new feature length documentary film “Girl Fight: A Muay Thai Story”, stars a familiar face on the local amateur circuit in Prairie Rugilo. It documents unscripted reality without the melodramatic tear jerking of “Million Dollar Baby”. CLICK HERE to view the movie trailer. No other sport consumes an athlete so totally in body and soul. Could anyone say it better than Prairie? “I can’t even imagine life without Muay Thai.”

Girl Fight Poster

You can infer from this that New York’s statutory definition of “martial arts” │ literally whatever the World Karate Association (WKA) sanctions │ doesn’t even come close. Otherwise we wouldn’t have full rules Muay Thai at Justin Blair’s Friday Night Fights, while the WKA’s Brian Crenshaw makes it up as he goes along, disallowing elbows and knees to the head in Lou Neglia’s house. Neither would the WKA’s brand of “martial arts” sanctioning feature a cottage industry standard Dial-A-Title app. Whatever happened to fighting your way up the ranks?


Promotional Gimmickry

As a matter of fact, the Middle Atlantic amateur ranks include everyone from brand spanking newbies to Vivek Narkami and Adam McCann, who’ve both been title caliber contenders since 2007. (See “Angel of the Alahambra Commands Palace Guard in South Philly” in the Winter of 2008 edition of Muay Thaimes®, Volume II, No. 1, pp. 53-55.) Now do the math. Operating within New York’s statutory loopholes, the WKA domain registers amateur ↔ professional New York State │ Northeast │ U.S. National │ North American │ and even World titles in every possible weight bracket.

Wardrobe AccessoryBecause it really is a matter of drawing random cards from a deck without any rankings, double the parlay for male and female divisions. Multiply by 4 for titles in K-1/Glory kickboxing rules │ full contact │ low kick │ and Muay Thai │ however Brian Crenshaw defines Muay Thai’s rules on any given night at any given show.

Then tell me whether there’s any plausible reason to believe that these mostly amateur titles are indicative of verifiable (evidence based) superiority rather than cottage industry merchandising to compensate the WKA’s captive show producers with box office boosting wardrobe accessories for the sanctioning fees they’ve got to pay the WKA, courtesy of the New York State Legislature.

It turns out the WKA was hosting Grand Prix elimination tournaments at its annual “nationals” in Richmond and the “worlds” in Europe long before Glory Sports International’s Marcus Luer had the epiphany to copy K-1 in all but name. (See “How Competitive a Sport Is Kick Boxing in the Ring of Popular Sentiment?”) Even though enrollment in these tournaments is open to anyone who can pay the registration fee and afford the trip, doesn’t championship status kind of have something to do with beating the competition │ where the caliber of competition authenticates credibility the way it does in ballistics?

While national branding stretches credulity with such narrow participation – from basically just the urban clusters around NYC and southern Virginia with outposts in Delaware and Maryland – WKA tournament titles are none the less better quality control indicators of pro prospects than transparently promotional gimmickry to crown ticket quota champs.


Niko Tsigaris vs. Lashawn AlcocksSo it was that Niko Tsigaris (Lions Martial Arts in Brooklyn) veritably dominated the welter weight (≤147 lbs.) bracket throughout his tenure in the amateur ranks. In knocking out Osvaldo Dominguez (Sitan New York) at 1:14 of Round 1 for WKA’s U.S. National Title on the 20th of February in 2010, thus, Niko’s championship belt gave him a tangible measure of the authenticity from having actually fought his way to the top of the rankings. (See “Secrets in the Shadows” in the Summer of 2010 edition of Muay Thaimes®, Volume IV, No. 2, pp. 21-37.) This authenticity, rather than just his tournament title, was the more meaningful measure of Niko’s pro prospects.

A full throttle power puncher, you can imagine how Niko might not be all that enamored with the Muay Thai clinch, where finesse smothers ardor. (See also Mike Fischetti of Team Tiger Schulmann vs. Jeff Brown of World Champion Martial Arts in Ontario, Canada in Combat at the Capitale on September 27, 2013) There is no one size fits all prize fighters, which is also why MMA isn’t for everyone. Muay Thai just isn’t the best style fit for Niko’s perpetual pedal to the metal.

Finesse Smothers Ardor

Stylistic Holistics

It is exactly such a “martial arts” holistic in Muay Thai’s clinch │ transitioning to knees and/or elbows │ that New York’s statute exempts from the prohibition of (extreme) “combative sport” and that the WKA is loop holed to sanction. So also does the statute’s minimalism mandate the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) to ensure that the WKA’s meals on wheels doesn’t serve Virginia ham, when its legislative menu specifies filet mignon. Never mind who’s lobbyist wrote this loophole into the law.

Brian Crenshaw’s whimsical cooking of Muay Thai’s “martial arts” holistic, thus, makes it a doppelgänger of the very statutory prohibition intended in its legislative exemption: “A ‘combative sport’ shall mean any professional match or exhibition other than boxing, sparring, wrestling or martial arts wherein the contestants deliver, or are not forbidden by the applicable rules thereof from delivering kicks, punches or blows of any kind to the body of an opponent or opponents.” (See N.Y. Unconsolidated Law § 8905-a (2), p.5.)


The Pinocchio Principle

By virtue of the Pinocchio Principle in NYSAC’s regulatory mandate, therefore, don’t look now but guess who’s obliged to revoke the WKA’s license to operate a “martial arts” mint for reverse engineering a doppelgänger of the prohibited ‘combative sport’ instead of sanctioning the practice of authentic Muay Thai? Whether fans seek out this kind of cognitive dissonance or Brian Crenshaw thinks that his loophole to operate a mint parses legislative intent, it is unlikely that any state or federal court will abide NYSAC’s deciding which provision in N.Y. Unconsolidated Law § 8905-a (2) not to enforce. U.S. District Court Judge Kimba Wood has ruled, thus, that “evidence of arbitrary interpretation and enforcement can support a vagueness claim” and “based in part on such evidence, the Court declines to dismiss [the UFC] Plaintiffs’ as-applied arguments” challenging the constitutionality of N.Y. Unconsolidated Law § 8905-a (2) as reported by Justin Klein on The Fight Lawyer.

Size Mismatch

Stipulating that politics is the art of the possible, consent to be governed through ‘due process’ in administering the rule of law also ought to be possible. Don’t you think? We’ve got less wiggle room, by the same token, in how nature administers the laws of physics and biology. Speed takes a toll on stamina the same way that Niko’s power punching quotient plays off a 3×3 time dependent variable under K-1/Glory kickboxing rules compared with the 5×3 standard in Full Rules Muay Thai. So it was that Brian Crenshaw cooked a fourth round into the WKA Northeast Professional Kickboxing Championship in Battle of the Millennium on May the 15th, because what’s the fun of being able to make up rules, if you don’t get to break them whenever you feel like it?

When you've got it, flaunt it

Doing the Deed

Just like candid self-appraisal is the search engine for a prize fighter’s career development, it is even more axiomatic for corporate enterprise, where creative destruction is the new normal in American Capitalism. If the WKA is NYSAC’s company store in the ‘combative sport’ market space │ where it is mandatory for fans to buy only what Brian Crenshaw feels like selling us │ CEO Dan Hess of Merchant Forecast, a research company for retail investors, cuts to the chase in iconic brand Gap’s closing of 175 stores: “The conversation about strategic placement, the conversation about how many stores they need to keep open and how many they need to close, those are all secondary, in our view, to the fact that they need to offer product that consumers want to buy.” (Key word’s Morning Edition on June 17, 2015) Now factor net neutrality into this equation: Are the WKA’s captive show producers seeing more, less or flat attendance on Brian Crenshaw’s watch in the exact same market space where a single sports franchise (NYY) is valued at $2.5 billion, according to, and where just across the Hudson River, New Jersey’s Athletic Control Board is operating at peak capacity?

Creative Destruction

Even though the Power Elite in Albany remains hostile to UFC trade prospects in their exercise of legislative prerogative to loop hole regulation of ‘combative sport’, “evidence of [NYSAC’s] arbitrary interpretation and enforcement can support” more than a Constitutional challenge to N.Y. Unconsolidated Law § 8905-a (2). It might also violate the U.S. Code’s prohibition against unlawful restraint of trade. (See 15 USC Ch. 1: MONOPOLIES AND COMBINATIONS IN RESTRAINT OF TRADE in pdf on the U.S. Congress website)

Inside the BeltwayPublic policy converges on market dynamics, furthermore, to DQ monopolies in a corporate welfare test tube. Stifling competition operates like a hidden subsidy from WKA’s captive show producers, thus, in their sanctioning fees for licensure to operate NYSAC company stores. It is also the functional equivalent of skimming luxury taxes from their box offices for the WKA to make a business out of income distribution. Now you know why pro purses are so stingy in New York and why promotional gimmickry cheapens the product. If you’re a fan of government sponsoring anti-competitive oligarchs, move to Moscow.

Virginia HamstringWhile Americans might be tentative about the most popular sport on planet Earth, FIFA recently made headlines with indictments originating from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of New York, which of all places, operates out of Brooklyn. Beyond the actual 47-count indictment for racketeering, wire fraud, and money laundering, there are also “whispers” about bribery in World Cup hosting and even innuendos about widespread game rigging. (See “Everything You Need to Know about FIFA’s Corruption Scandal” by K.M. McFarland, posted on on May 27, 2015)

It so happens that the FBI’s investigation of FIFA pivoted off due diligence by British investigative journalist Andrew Jennings. He’d previously investigated the Italian Mafia, which got him interested in exploring “the dirty dealings of international soccer” as Melissa Block parsed it June the 3rd on The trail led Jennings to recognize that the sport “generates a lot of money. Then you realize it’s unregulated. If there’s unregulated money, then the mob turn up quite soon. They turned up. They took control of world soccer. They privatized it, sold it to the global brands.”

Shielded from the temptation of Midas riches in our cottage industry of ‘combative sport’, we default to aimless shooting in the dark. There’d be a whole lot less issue politics in this country, by the same token, were it possible to be just a little bit pregnant. Fertilization and corruption both play off doing the deed.

If NYSAC does its job, so goes the WKA’s exemption from regulation: an exemption that applies to “martial arts”, not to who sanctions them. Then and only then, do competitive market dynamics get more than lip service in a New York statutory loop hole. Whether Andrew Cuomo covets a promotion to the Oval Office – Spoiler Alert – stifling competition is not how we won the Cold War. Neither does ducking punches count on the score cards. Just as talk doesn’t cross the ropes, there comes a time for our public servants to put up or shut up.

Put Up or Shut Up


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Trinity Kickboxing Championships 4 Results

Trinity Kickboxing Championship 4
Professional and Amateur Muay Thai and Kickboxing

Game Changer World
798 U.S. Route 9 South
Howell, New Jersey
Saturday, August 15, 2015


Professionals │ 135 lbs. │ 3×3
Full Rules Muay Thai
Joe Rachata (Synergy Combat) def.
Joseph Logan (Stay Fly Muay Thai)
by Majority Decision: 29-28, 29-28 and 29-29.

Professionals │ 155 lbs. │ 3×3
K-1 │ Glory Rules
Anthony Montanaro (The Institute) def.
Joe Bastone (Impact Muay Thai)
by KO (Punch) at 0:47 of Round 2.
[Bastone suspended indefinite pending ENT clearance of left ear.]

A Class Amateurs │ 185 lbs. Title │ 3×2
K-1 │ Glory Rules
Paul Banasiak (Thornton Martial Arts)
def. Paul Miller (The Institute)
by TKO (Fighter Retirement) at 2:00 of Round 3.
[Miller suspended 45 days for chin laceration.]

A Class Amateurs │ 161 lbs. │ 5×2
Modified Muay Thai Rules
Saidi Mohammad (Camp Undefeated)
def. Ken Jones (Stay Fly Muay)
by Unanimous Decision: All three judges scored it 50-45.

B Class Amateurs │ 147 lbs. Title │ 5×2
K-1 │ Glory Rules
Trevor Ragin (Combat Sports Academy)
def. Jaime Mendoza (Spyda Muay Thai)
by Unanimous Decision: 48-47, 48-47 and 49-48.

B Class Amateurs │ 135 lbs. │ 3×2
K-1 │ Glory Rules
Danny Ramirez (TSMAA) vs.
Alex Ecklin (Team Coban)
No Decision │ Split Draw: 29-28, 28-29 and 29-29.

B Class Amateurs │ 135 lbs. │ 3×2
K-1 │ Glory Rules
Melissa Gardner (Pellegrino MMA) def.
Samantha Abrams (Thornton Martial Arts)
by Unanimous Decision: 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27.

B Class Amateurs │ 147 lbs. │ 3×2
Modified Muay Thai Rules
Keith Smith (Cool Hearts Muay Thai)
def. Luis Goritti (Impact Muay Thai)
by Majority Decision: 29-28, 29-28 and 29-29.

B Class Amateurs │ 126 lbs. │ 3×2
K-1 │ Glory Rules
Tyrone Mason (TSMMA) def.
Adam Carlson (AMA Fight Club)
by Unanimous Decision: All three judges scored it 29-28.

B Class Amateurs │ 126 lbs. │ 3×2
K-1 │ Glory Rules
Mubashir Rana (Level Up Gym) def.
Jovany Alvarez (Apprentice MMA)
by Unanimous Decision: All three judges scored it 30-27.

B Class Amateurs │ 240 lbs. │ 3×2
K-1 │ Glory Rules
Aziz Alston (Gladiator Pankration) def.
Cris Collazos (Cohn Lee Kenpo)
by Split Decision: 29-28, 28-29 and 29-28.

B Class Amateurs │ 147 lbs. │ 3×2
Modified Muay Thai Rules
Brendan Sobers (Spyda Muay Thai) def.
Alex Reidy (Middletown Martial Arts)
by Unanimous Decision: 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28.

Referees: Justin Greskiewicz and Scott Colon
Judges: Willie Rivera, Prairie Rugilo, Donnie Carolei and Henry Krawiec
Ringside Physician: Dr. Dave King
Scorekeeper: Ellen Rubin
Timekeeper: Joe Pinto
Medical Inspector: Joe Pinto
End Story MarkInspectors: Adrian Castro, Jay Esperon, Gary Gudzak, Kevin Jones, Jaime Phillips, Mike Morrison, Darryl Porter and Rob Suchocki

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Warriors Cup XXIII │ Muay Thai Kickboxing
Full Results
Game Changer World │ 798 US 9 South │ Howell, New Jersey
Saturday, July 25, 2015

Rob Lin from The WAT in Red vs. Stergos Mikkios from Thornton Martial Arts in Blue

Rob Lin from The WAT in Red vs. Stergos Mikkios from Thornton Martial Arts in Blue

Warriors Cup Super Lightweight Amateur Championship
A Class Amateurs │ 140 lbs. │ 5×2
Rob Lin (The WAT in N.Y.) def.
Stergos Mikkios (Thornton Martial Arts in Connecticut)
by Unanimous Decision: 50-45, 50-45 and 50-46.
[Mikkios suspended 30 days │ 14 days of which no contact.]

Rob Gonzales from The WAT in Red vs. Phil Dasilva from Red Line Fight Sports in Blue

Rob Gonzales from The WAT in Red vs. Phil Dasilva from Red Line Fight Sports in Blue

A Class Amateurs │ 147 lbs. │ 3×2
Rob Gonzales (The WAT in N.Y.) def.
Phil Dasilva (Red Line Fight Sports in Boston)
by Split Decision: 30-28, 28-29 and 29-28.
[Gonzales suspended 14 days no contact.]

Ethan Geffen from Ringsport Muay Thai in Blue vs. Vinny Melillo from Serra Longo Fight Team in Red

Ethan Geffen from Ringsport Muay Thai in Blue vs. Vinny Melillo from Serra Longo Fight Team in Red

A Class Amateurs │ 147 lbs. │ 3×2
Ethan Geffen (Ringsport Muay Thai in N.Y.) def.
Vinny Melillo (Serra Longo Fight Team on Long Island)
by Unanimous Decision: 30-26, 30-26 and 29-27.
[Melillo suspended 60 days │ 14 days of which no contact.]

Remi Singh from Sitan Gym N.Y. in Blue vs. Nick Grant from The WAT in Red

Remi Singh from Sitan Gym N.Y. in Blue vs. Nick Grant from The WAT in Red

A Class Amateurs │ 155 lbs. │ 3×2
Remi Singh (Sitan Gym in N.Y.)
def. Nick Grant (The WAT in N.Y.)
by Unanimous Decision: 30-28, 30-28, and 29-28.
[Grant suspended 30 days │ 14 days of which no contact.]

A Class Amateurs │ 105 lbs. │ 3×2
Kit Fung (Queens MMA in N.Y.)
def. Nicole Richiusa (Weapons 9 in N.J.)
by Unanimous Decision: 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27.
[Richiusa suspended 30 days │ 14 days of which no contact.]

B Class Amateurs │ 125 lbs. │ 3×2
Eliel Rios (North Jersey Muay Thai in N.J.)
def. Justin Arca (NJ United in N.J.)
by Unanimous Decision: All three judges scored it 30-27.
[Arca suspended indefinite pending x-rays of right foot/ankle.]

B Class Amateurs │ 135 lbs. │ 3×2
Cathy Raptis (Strike First MMA in N.Y.) def.
Dina Lazebnik (Serra Longo Fight Team on Long Island)
by Unanimous Decision: 30-28, 30-28 and 29-28.

B Class Amateurs │ 115 lbs. │ 3×2
Angela Chang (Sitan Gym in N.Y.)
def. Katie Brady (Weapons 9 in N.J.)
by Unanimous Decision: All three judges scored it 30-27.
[Brady suspended 14 days no contact.]

B Class Amateurs │ 155 lbs. │ 3×2
Jocelin Joseph (Animals MMA in N.Y.) def.
Francisco Aguilar (Extreme Muaythai in N.Y.)
by TKO (Referee stoppage) at 0:50 of Round 2.
[Aguilar suspended 14 days no contact.]

B Class Amateurs │ 122 lbs. │ 3×2
Carly Onofrio (Stay Fly Muaythai in Philadelphia) def.
Amy Schmitt (Square Circle in N.Y.)
by Unanimous Decision: All three judges scored it 29-28.

B Class Amateurs │ 175 lbs. │ 3×2
John Alvarez (Knock Out Muay Thai in N.J.) def.
Andrew Jones (Five Points Academy in N.Y.)
by Unanimous Decision: All three judges scored it 30-27.
[Jones suspended 30 days │ 14 days of which no contact.]

B Class Amateurs │ 160 lbs. │ 3×2
Brett Pastore (Animals MMA in N.Y.) def.
Sheridann Lawrence (Jeff Lentz MMA in N.J.)
by Unanimous Decision: All three judges scored it 30-27.
[Lawrence suspended 14 days no contact.]

Ringside Physicians: Dr. Sherry Wulkan and Dr. Vincent Guida
Referees: Coban, Justin Greskiewicz, Jose Tabora and Scott Colon
Judges: Kaensak, Willie Rivera, Jose Tabora, Scott Colon and Justin Greskiewicz
Timekeeper: Fred Blumstein Medical Inspector: Joe Pinto
End Story MarkInspectors: Adrian Castro, Jay Esperon, Kevin Jones, Mike Morrison, Darryl Porter, James Smith and Jeremy Uy

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Lion Fight XXIV Returns to Foxwoods on September 25, 2015

Lion Fight XXIV
Mashantucket Pequot Foxwoods® Resorts ♦ Casino
Ledyard, Connecticut
Friday, September 25, 2015

Lion Fight XXIV Poster


Ky Hollenbeck (San Francisco, CA) vs Richard Abraham (Chicago, IL) FRMT │ 160 lbs. │ 5×3.

Ognjen Topic (Lodi, NJ) vs Stephen Meleady (United Kingdom │ Ireland) FRMT │ 135 lbs. │ 5×3.


“Smokin” Jo Nattawut (Atlanta, GA) vs Charlie Peters (United Kingdom) FRMT │ 154 lbs. │ 5×3.

Gaston Bolanos (Dublin, CA) vs Ben Yelle (Marquette, MI) FRMT │ 142 lbs. │ 5×3.

Chris Mauceri (Kingston, NY) vs Nicolas Parlanti (France) FRMT │ 142 lbs. │ 5×3.

Julio Pena (Boston, MA) vs Yeison Berdugo (Providence, RI) FRMT │ 135 lbs. │ 5×3.

Danny Millet (Totowa, NJ) vs P.J. Sweda (Philadelphia, PA) FRMT │ 155 lbs. │ 5×3.

Doors open at 6:00 p.m. ET │ Fights begin at 7:00 p.m. ET │ Broadcast live on AXS-TV.

End Story MarkTickets are available online at │ by calling the Foxwoods’ Box Office at 800-200-2882 │ Ticketmaster at 800-745-3000 │ or by visiting the Foxwoods box office. See more at:

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Look What You Could Win at the 10th Amazing Thailand Festival This Month in England

Wai Kru Image

WHEN:  Saturday, August the 29th; Sunday, August the 30th; and Bank Holiday Monday, August the 31st
WHERE:  Secretts Hurst Farm in Milford, Surrey (GUB SHU) in association with

Thai Square Restaurant Logo

Wai Kru │ Ram Muay Competition

1st Prize (Overall Winner)

plus a round trip to Thailand
plus 10 free training sessions at Petchyindee Kingdom Boxing Camp, voted Thailand’s Best Muay Thai Camp
plus 10 VIP ringside tickets for a Petchyindee Boxing Promotion at Rajadamnern and The New Lumpini Stadiums
plus ₤100 voucher for a meal at the magnificent Thai Square Restaurant.

2nd Prize (Winner on 1st day – Sunday the 30th)
Muay Thai Shorts belonging to Kwankhao Chor Rachapudsadu-Esarn
Winner of Best Wai Kru award in 2013-14 and Best Wai Kru of the last decade (Thailand) plus ₤50 voucher for a meal at the magnificent Thai Square Restaurant.

3rd Prize (Winner on 2nd day – Monday the 31st)
Muay Thai Shorts belonging to Sam A Petchyindee, Lumpini & Thailand Champion, voted Best Thai Boxer by The Sports Authority of Thailand and Siam-keela, also winner of Best Wai Kru performance (2010)
plus ₤50 voucher for a meal at the magnificent Thai Square Restaurant.

The competition is open to everyone and is free to enter.

End Story MarkIMPORTANT: All entrants must register at the Muay Thai area before 2pm on the Sunday or Monday.

Good luck to everyone!

For more information, go to

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Born Warriors Screening on August the 16th

Born Warriors Redux


Born Warriors Redux has been chosen as an official selection of the Hudson Valley International Film Festival. The Festival takes place this August 14-16 in Monroe, New York. It will screen at 4:20 pm on Sunday, August the 16th.

The film’s producer, Vincent Giordano invites you to join him for this special screening. For further information on tickets please visit the Festival website:

There might be a special Q and A after the film, but it is yet to be confirmed. More information will be provided closer to the screening date.

His website devoted to both Born Warriors and Born Warriors Redux is now live. Please bear in mind that he is still cleaning up and tweaking the site:

Vincent hopes to add many more articles, videos and photos in the coming weeks as he moves toward the release date. His Facebook page will continue to be updated. So please check in there for current information about the documentaries:

His newest article on Lethwei is being featured as a guest post on: The focus is on Thingyan and pagoda festival fights in this short article. There is a longer version that he will be putting up on the website soon.

There will be another update, including a possible Manhattan screening in the coming weeks.


End Story MarkVimeo:

Contact Vincent Giordano at [email protected].


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Lion Fight XXIII’s Best Western Hosts Thai, British and Polish Delegations on July the 31st at Pechanga Resort Casino

JULY 31, 2015

Lion Fight XXIII Poster

Malaipet “The Diamond” Sasiprapa vs. Liam Harrison (UK)
Kevin Ross vs. Rungrat Sasiprapa (Kingdom of Thailand)
Tiffany Van Soest vs. Martyna Krol (Poland)

Romie Adanza vs. Daniel McGowan (UK)
Victor Saravia vs. Stan Macebo (Canada)

Mike Lemaire vs. Michael Jasper
Marvin Madariaga vs. Tony Fausto

Tickets on Sale through or by contacting Pechanga’s Box Office at 1-877-7112WIN. Tickets range in price from $50 to $100 per seat. Doors Open at 4 p.m. Broadcast Airs Live on AXS TV at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.

Pechanga Logo

End Story MarkVisit for news, information and event updates. Follow on Twitter @LIONFIGHT and @LionFightOfficial on Instagram.

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RAMTL Battle IV in Moscow

RAMTL Battle IV │ Full Rules Muay Thai
Moscow, Russia
June 26,   2015

Through the Looking Glass


Chariton “Wolf” Tuktaev │ Moscow │ Coach Boris Yunusov │ 21 years old │ Weight 67 kg. │ Height 167 cm. │ Master of Sports of Russia in kickboxing.
Elbrus “Sheikh” Kaziev │ Rostov-on-Don │ Coach Shihshabek Zaynalbekov │ 22 years old │ Weight 67 kg. │ Height 171 cm. │ Champion of Dagestan and Rostov Region.

Photo #1 and #2 Collage

Even though Elbrus “Sheikh” Kaziev won in a tense battle, fans appreciated Chariton “Wolf” Tuktaeva’s courage and resilience.

Photo #3

Isa “Samurai” Agayev │ Moscow │ Coach Arsene Eldarkhanov │ 19 years old │ Weight 75 kg. │ Height 178cm.
Oleg “Spartan” Khokhlov │Smolensk │Manager Andrew Kim │ 26 years old │ Weight 75 kg. │ Height 177 cm. │ Repeat Judo and K-1 Medalist in Russia. A courageous, stubborn and tenacious fighter, not just winning an unequal battle but also a strong contender for character.

Photo #4

One of the most exciting fights of the evening. Samurai kept his cool against the Spartan’s roundhouse kicks and throws, despite taking a lot of punishment. Oleg “Spartan” Khokhlov won on points. Khokhlov also won the Audience Award.

Photo #5

Rustam “Tong Po” Atayev in │ Moscow │ Coach Dilshat Mirzaev │ 25 years old │Weight 75 kg. │ Height 183 cm. │ 7 professional fights.
Alex “Spear” Kostikov │ Moscow │ Coach Arsene Eldarkhanov │ 18 years old, Weight 75 kg. │ Height 180 cm. │ Medalist in Moscow Thai boxing 2014 │ Medalist of Moscow K-1 in January of 2014 │ Won all three professional fights by KO. A fan of martial arts, “Spear” dreams of becoming a world champion.

Photo #6

Kostikov scored two knock downs. He punched Atayev in the head and then went for the kill, forgetting to protect his legs. Even as “Tong Po” seemed to on his way out, he launched a counterattack with low kicks to Kostikov’s legs. Smashing Sasha’s leg, he blunted the “Spear” and won by TKO in the 4th round. Winner: Rustam “Tong Po” Atayev.

Photo #7


Albert “Highlander” Kandikamedov │ Moscow │ Weight 91 kg. │ Coach Arsene Eldarkhanov. Unhurried and cautious in battle, with a deceptively good-natured smile and relaxed style. He hits hard with both hands that unwary opponents rarely survive.
Vitali “Cat Brazil” Bamburov │ Rostov-on-Don │ Weight 91 kg. │ Coach Shihshabek Zaynalbekov. A heavy hitting direct fighter by nature, not one step back!

The fight was expected to be a heavyweight crowd pleaser. At first, the balance tilted towards Kandikamedov. But then “Cat Brazil” adapted. On the wisdom of his corner’s advice, Bamburov ended up dominating the ring in everything: in tactics, in power strokes and in heart. Winner: Vitali “Cat Brazil” Bamburov by TKO in the 3rd round.

Photo #8

Cher “Shere Khan” Mamazulunov │ Moscow │Coach Boris Yunusov │20 years old │ Weight 81 kg. │ Height 183 cm. Prize Winner and Champion of Moscow in K-1 and Muay Thai. Uzbekistan champion in kickboxing. Master of Sports of Uzbekistan Kickboxing. Two pro bouts, winning both by knockout.
Sergei “The Bear” Kopachev │ Rostov-on-Don │Coach Shihshabek Zaynalbekov │ 32 years old │Weight 81 kg. │Height 182 cm. Former Intercontinental WBL Muay Thai Champion. Winner of the 2007 “Russia vs. US” professional Muay Thai match in NYC.

Sergei “The Bear” Kopachev

Sergei “The Bear” Kopachev

A very competitive bout. Cher “Shere Khan” Mamazulunov won on points over the seasoned Sergei “Bear” Kopachev.

Photo #10

Promoter of the Sports Program: Shihshabek Zaynalbekov │ President of the Rostov Regional Federation of Thai boxing │ USSR Master of Sports in boxing │Chairman of the rating committee of the Russian League of Muay Thai.

Photo #11

Promoter of the Show: Sergei Zayashnikov │ President of the Russian League of Muay Thai.

Photo #12

End Story MarkArt Director of the Show: Renat Gubaev (Moscow).

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