Full Results from Lion Fight XXV

Lion Fight XXV Full Results
Mashantucket Pequot Foxwoods® Resorts ♦ Casino
Ledyard, Connecticut
Friday, November 20, 2015

Julio Pena knocks out Tim Amorim

Julio Pena knocks out Tim Amorim


Nick Chasteen (Best Muay Thai in Tempe, Arizona) def.
Turan Hasanov (NYC Fitness Club in Brooklyn)
by KO (H̄mạd ŝāy k̄hwā rwm kạn │ Punches) at 0:25 of Round 3
Welterweight Professionals │ 147 lbs. │ 5×2.

John Nofer (Rami’s Elite in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
def. Victor Saravia (Muay Thai America Gym in North Hollywood, California)
by Unanimous Decision: 48-47, 48-47, 49-47
Super Bantamweight Professionals │ 123 lbs. │ 5×2.

Josh Shepard (Nick’s One Kick Gym in Las Vegas, Nevada)
def. Ben Peak (Simmler BJJ in Worcester, Massachusetts)
by Unanimous Decision: 49-46, 48-47, 48-47
Middleweight Professionals │ 160 lbs. │ 5×2.

Julio Pena (Hard Knocks Muay Thai in Boston, Massachusetts) def.
Tim Amorim (Rami’s Elite in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
by KO (Sok wiang klap │ Reverse Spinning Elbow) at 2:59 of Round 3
Lightweight Professionals │ 135 lbs. │ 5×2.

Pedro Gonzalez (Redline Fight Sports/North Shore Muay Thai in Boston, Massachusetts)
def. Sean Fagan (Stockade Martial Arts in Kingston, New York)
by Unanimous Decision: 49-45, 49-45, 49-45
Welterweight Professionals │ 147 lbs. │ 5×2.


Brian Bogue def. Chris Baker │ Unanimous Decision │ Super Middleweights │ 3×2.

Malcolm Hill def. Mike Savvas │ Unanimous Decision │ Super Lightweights │ 3×2.

Jermaine Palmer def. Justin Lozada │ Unanimous Decision │ Super Welterweights │ 3×2.

End Story MarkStergos Mikkios vs. Niko Qirjazo │ No Decision (Draw) │ Super Lightweights │ 3×2.

Frank Wells def. Phabion Wilson │ Unanimous Decision │ Super Welterweights │ 3×2.

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RAMTL Battle V in Moscow City

RAMTL Battle V │ Full Rules Muay Thai
Moscow City, Russia
October 23, 2015

Photo #1

Tension mounts towards opening bell with all of the arrangements gone awry from late injury cancellations and last minute no shows just one hour (!!!) before show time. Such pain sweetens the gain of memories that will last long beyond the two hours during which they transpired. It is the very definition of championship to win not only the fight but more importantly to earn the popular acclaim.

Шоу в это раз получилось очень нервным, с многочисленными срывами договоренностей перед матчем, досадными травмами и отказами соперников от боя в последний момент и сложилось все в четкую мозаику буквально за 1 (!!!) час до начала шоу. Но вся эта “нервотрепка” стоила того красивого зрелища, которое получилось и которым насладились в полной мере зрители, на 2 часа забывшие обо всем, напряженно смотревшие интересные бои и сопереживавшие старым и новым героям!


Timur “Osh” │ Moscow │ Manager Kirill Akhmetshin │ Weight 71 kg │ Height 170 cm │ Age 20 Years Old │ Medalist of Kyrgyzstan Kickboxing │ Professional Debut
71 кг Тимур “Ошский” (Ош – Москва, менеджер Кирилл Ахметшин, матч-мейкер Шихшабек Зайналбеков ). 20 лет. Рост 170 см. Призер Чемпионата Кыргыстана по кикбоксингу среди любителей. Проф.дебют
Daniel “Nerd” Goldin │ Smolensk │ Coach Andrei Kim │ Weight 71 kg │ Height 170 cm │ Age 24 Years Old
71 кг   Данила “Ботаник” Голдинов (Смоленск, тренер Андрей Ким), 24 года, рост 170 см. провел один проф.бой на Бойцовском шоу “RAMTL в Москва-Сити. Битва-III”

Having previously won his own pro debut by TKO at RAMTL Battle-III, despite suffering a broken foot, Daniel “Nerd” Goldin brought the “obbivshiysya” to tough it out and therefore was better prepared for the realities of the pros.

Выиграл техническим нокаутом “Ботаник”, уже “оббившийся” в прошлом жестком бою (тогда он получил перелом ступни) на Бойцовском шоу “RAMTL в Москва-Сити. Битва-III”., и, поэтому , более подготовленный к реалиям профи.

Photo #2

Timur “Osh” went full throttle, at times going exotic, but ran out of stamina. A minute before the end of Round three, he just ground to a halt and couldn’t or wouldn’t put up a fight. According to RAMTL’s rules, the referee counted him out.

Тимур “Ошский” , конечно, старался, очень много двигался и слишком много атаковал, подчас экзотическим способом, но потом закономерно “выдохся”, снизил темп… и …за минуту до конца третьего раунда отказался от боя. По правилам РЛМТ, рефери не принял отказа и отсчитал положенные 10 секунд.

Igor “Tikhon” Tikhonov │ Elektrostal │ Coach Ruslan Ishchenko │ Weight 71 kg │ Height 173 cm │ Age 23 Years Old │ Professional Debut
71 кг Игорь “Тихон Тихонов (Электросталь, тренер Руслан Ищенко). 23 года. Рост 173 см. Проф.дебют
Oleg “Spartan” Khokhlov │ Smolensk │ Manager Andrew Kim │ Weight 71 kg │ Height 175 cm │ Age 27 Years Old
71 кг Олег “Спартанец” Хохлов (Смоленск, менеджер Андрей Ким). 27 лет. Рост 175 см. Провел тяжелый профбой на Бойцовском шоу “RAMTL в Москва-Сити. Битва-IV”. и выиграл его

Despite having taken a lot of punishment in his professional debut at RAMTL Battle IV in Moscow City, Oleg “Spartan” Khokhlov came from behind off a murderous barrage of kicks to beat Isa “Samurai” Agayev. This time out, the rookie “Tikhon” was easier for “Spartan” to deal with. With a first round knockout, there was no coming back for Tikhonov.

“Спартанец”, принявший на себя сумашедший “град ударов” на своем проф.дебюте на “Битве-IV” от “убийственных вертушек” ногами “Самурая”, тогда получил крепкую закалку и “прививку к проф.боям” РЛМТ, поэтому он в этот раз легко “разобрался” с дебютантом “Тихоном” и довольно быстро отправил его в нокаут в 1-м же раунде, не оставив Тихонову ни малейшего шанса.

Photo #3

71 kg of Beslan “Nomad” Nasyrov │ Rostov-on-Don │ Coach Shihshabek Zaynalbekov. │ Weight 71 kg │ Height 181 cm Age 23 │ Age 27 Years Old │ Professional Debut
71 кг Беслан “Кочевник” Насыров (Ростов-на-Дону, тренер Шихшабек Зайналбеков). 23 года. Рост 181 см. Проф.дебют
Novel “The Kite” Koshin │ Elektrostal │Coach Ivan Busarov │ Weight 71 kg │ Height 183 cm │ Age 20 Years Old │ A winner at RAMTL in Elektrostal. Battle 14 in 2012.
71 кг Роман “Коршун” Кошин (Электросталь, тренер Иван Бусаров). 20 лет. Рост 183 см. Победитель профбоя на “RAMTL в Электростали. Битва-14” в 2012 году

Three words describe this fight: “do or die”. Both did. Neither gave it up. They won the show’s “People’s Choice Award”. One judge scored it for “Nomad”. Another judge voted for “The Kite”. Instead of breaking the tie, a third judge had it dead even for a draw. The verdict confirmed that there was no loser in this battle of the indomitable.

Бой “зрительских симпатий” вечера. Кочевник, рискуя, входил с ударами рук в “зону поражения” Коршуна, работающего “вторым номером”, а тот встречал сильными ударами ног своего “зарывавшегося в атаке” оппонента. Самоотверженный, наполненный звучными ударами и бескомпромиссностью поединок стал настоящим украшением вечера. Один боковой судья отдал победу Кочевнику, один – Коршуну и третий судья вынес свой вердикт – ничья, в итоге – “боевая ничья”.

Photo #6

Rasul “Big” Vaisov │ Makhachkala │ Coach Shihshabek Zaynalbekov │ Weight 91 kg │ Height 181 cm │ Age 26 Years Old │ Medalist in Dagestan Kickboxing │ Professional Debut
+91 кг   Расул “Большой” Ваисов (Махачкала, матч-мейкер Шихшабек Зайналбеков), 26 лет. Рост 181 см. Призер Чемпионата Дагестана по кикбоксингу. Проф.дебют
Arslan “Lion” Yala │ Moscow │ Coach Jemal Tamerlane │ Weight 91 kg │ Height 197 cm │ Age 18 Years Old │ Professional Debut
+91 кг Арслан “Лев” Яллыев (Москва, тренер Тамерлан Джемалиев), 18 лет. Рост 197 см. Проф.дебют.

A good heavyweight fight. Yala beat his slower opponent on points.

Неплохой поединок тяжеловесов, где по очкам переиграл Яллыев своего более медленного оппонента.

Main Event Collage


Valeriy “The Gentleman” Pashkovskiy │ Rostov-on-Don │ Coach Shihshabek Zaynalbekov │ Weight 81 kg │ Height 175 cm │ Age 22 Years Old │ Professional Debut
81 кг. Валерий “Джентельмен” Пашковский (Ростов-на-Дону, тренер Шихшабек Зайналбеков). 22 года. Рост 175 см. Проф.дебют
Shere “Shere Khan” Mamazulunov (Moscow coach Boris Yunusov), │ Weight 81 kg │ Height 184 cm │ Age 20 Years Old │ Prize winner and Champion of Moscow in K-1 and Muay Thai │ Uzbekistan champion in kickboxing │ High-speed, diverse and winning boxer │ The last match against highly regarded professional Sergei Kopachev at RAMTL Battle IV in Moscow City turned out pretty boring and colorless. The crowd was dissatisfied with them. So now he is thirsting for redemption.
81 кг. Шер “Шер-Хан” Мамазулунов (Москва, тренер Борис Юнусов), 20 лет, 184 см. Призер и Чемпион Москвы по К-1 и тайскому боксу. Чемпион Узбекистана по кикбоксингу. Скоростной, разнообразный и бьющий боксер. Прошлый его поединок против известного мастера проф.боев Сергея Копачева на Бойцовском шоу “RAMTL в Москва-Сити. Битва-IV” у Шер-Хана получился довольно скучным, бесцветным и зрители остались им недовольные, так что он теперь горит жаждой реванша.

Even without a title in contention, we saw championship caliber fighting here that could have headlined in the world’s best stadiums. With cannon shells for punches, the more robust Pashkovskiy forced a taller but leaner “Shere Khan” to bring his best in a fight for survival between the ropes. “Shere Khan” took two counts from the referee on knockdowns, one of which seemed to end prematurely, as the crowd thought it saved him from a knockout. Justifying his “Gentleman” nom de guerre, Pashkovskiy recklessly extended his arms a few times during the battle for a handshake. Letting no good deed go unpunished, “Shere Khan” replied with an “inside stinger” low kick below the knee that ruptured the Gentleman’s tendon. [For professional prize fighters, handshakes are allowed only before and after the fight. Between first and last bells, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. We come to make war, not love.] Pashkovskiy won on points. Both fighters earned the crowd’s acclaim for their adrenaline rush of a fight.

Бой получился чемпионского уровня, такой бой не стыдно поставить на лучшие стадионы мира в “Main Event”. “Пушечные” удары кулаками бородатого крепыша Пашковского заставили более высокого, сухощавого Шер-Хана в буквальном смысле “выживать” на ринге и показать все лучшее на что он способен. Рефери два раза отсчитал нокдаун Шер-Хану, даже несколько преждевременно, как показалось зрителям, спасая Шера от нокаута. “Джентельмен”, оправдывая свое прозвище, несколько раз благородно и опрометчиво протягивал руки во время боя для рукопожатия Шер-Хану …и Шер-Хан сразу его зло “наказывал” за это – резкими лоу-киками изнутри под колено “разбил и отсушил” сухожилия Пашковскому (по проф.правилам рукопожатия разрешены только перед боем а когда прозвучал гонг – это бой, там нет места сантиментам). Выиграл Пашковский по очкам. Оба боксера получили “Приз зрительских симпатий” за великолепный бой.

Photo #9

Ahmed “Highlander” Kurmagomedov │ Makhachkala │ Coach Gasim Hajiyev │ Weight 81 kg │ Height 185 cm │ Age 26 Years Old │ Winner of Russian and International Kickboxing competitions │ A technically adept fighter aiming to beat his opponents from a distance
81 кг. Ахмед “Горец” Курмагомедов (Махачкала, тренер Касум Гаджиев). 26 лет. Рост 185 см. Призер российских и международных соревнований по кикбоксингу. Техничный и закрытый боец, старается “переиграть” оппонента на дистанции
Sergei “The Bear” Kopachev │ Rostov-on-Don │Coach Shihshabek Zaynalbekov │ 33 Years Young │Weight 81 kg. │Height 182 cm. Former Intercontinental WBL Muay Thai Champion. Winner of the 2007 “Russia vs. US” professional Muay Thai match in NYC.
81 кг. Сергей «Медведь» Копачев (Ростов-на-Дону, тренер Шихшабек Зайналбеков): 33 года. Рост182 см. Интерконтинентальный экс-чемпион WBL MUAY THAI, победитель матча “Россия-США” среди профессионалов по муай тай 2007 г. (Нью-Йорк)

Kopachev won, as expected, on points. Looking into the muzzle of “The Bear” and apparently sensing something unpleasant in store for him, “Highlander” retreated throughout all of the rounds into defensive maneuvers. His risk aversion to getting hit effectively compromised any prospect of winning. What substituted for an offense were quick single strikes then immediately bear hugging in the clinch, until the referee separated them. Working the spoiler at best was a survival tactic. The audience wanted a fierce fight. Instead “Highlander” affirmed a universal truth: “no pain, no gain”.

Победил ожидаемо Копачев по очкам. Зрители хотели красивый бой, но “Горец” , посмотрев в глаза “Медведю”, и, видимо, что-то там увидев неприятное для себя в этом маленьком профессиональном ринге, провел все раунды в глухой обороне, не давая себя ударить. но и сам не тоже не бил, “выбрасывая” быстрые одиночные удары и сразу “завязываясь” в клинче, ждал, когда рефери разведет их, т.е отработал типичным “спойлером”.

Photo #15

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Promoter of the Sports Program: Shihshabek Zaynalbekov │ President of the Rostov Regional Federation of Thai boxing │ USSR Master of Sports in boxing │Chairman of the Rating Committee of the Russian League of Muay Thai.
Промоутер спортивной части программы – Шихшабек Зайналбеков, президент Ростовской Областной Федерации Тайского Бокса, Мастер спорта СССР по боксу, председатель рейтинговой комиссии Российской Лиги Муай Тай

Promoter of the Show: Sergei Zayashnikov │ President of the Russian League of Muay Thai.
Ведущий Шоу – Сергей Заяшников, президент Российской Лиги Муай Тай

The referee in charge of the sports program: Nadir Navruzov (ZTR, Moscow)
Главный судья спортивной части программы – Надир Наврузов (ЗТР, Москва)

End Story MarkArt Director of the Show: Renat Gubaev (Moscow)
Арт-директор Шоу – Ренат Губаев (Москва)

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Pro/Am Kickboxing in Brooklyn on December 4, 2015

Battle of the Millennium II
Master Theater
1029 Brighton Beach Avenue
Brooklyn New York
Doors Open at 6:00pm │ Fights Begin at 7:00pm

Millennium II Poster

Lou Neglia’s Martial Arts Karate, Inc. │ (718) 372-9089
Ray Longo’s Martial Arts Academy │ (516) 294-6313
Lions Martial Arts Academy │ (347) 885-8520

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No ‘Dissension’ Over Challenger 14 International Muay Thai Gala Results

Challenger 14 International Muay Thai Gala
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Friday November 6, 2015

International Super Middleweight Prestige Bout
Full Rules Muay Thai │ 5 X 2 Minute Rounds │ 165 lbs.
Scott MacKenzie (Canada/Miles, Eak)
vs. Hirokatsu Miyagi (Japan/Warrior)

The fight started out with Miyagi feigning to create the impression that he was going to move forward. He was trying to break MacKenzie’s rhythm. Although this carried over into round two, it didn’t keep MacKenzie from putting some aggressiveness and power into his attacks. MacKenzie’s advantage in height and power was visible in the Japanese athlete’s loss of balance on the way to being knocked down. It got to a point in round five that the Canadian’s strength was overwhelming.

WINNER: Scott MacKenzie by KO

Mackenzie vs. MiyagiCO-MAIN EVENT:
North American Welterweight Prestige Bout
Full Rules Muay Thai │ 3 X 2 Minute Rounds │ 145 lbs.
Shijiree Chukaa Shinjiro (Mongolia/Warriors)
vs. Tony Richards (USA/Florida Muay Thai)

Both of these athletes have spent a fair amount of time training and fighting in Thailand. Both also have lots of experience. This was an exciting bout with the smaller Mongolian pressing the action, while the taller American used his reach to avoid trading with Chukaa. The fight unfolded with Chukaa moving forward, throwing big punches and then both athletes going to the clinch. Chukaa’s big punches more often than not had Richard’s head snapping violently backwards. Richards got in some very solid scoring kicks. The American and Mongolian both did some skillful clinch work with Chukaa getting the better of it, dumping Richards several times. Even though the verdict was unanimous for the Mongolian fighter, it was very close and entertaining bout.

WINNER: Shijiree Chukka Shinjiro by Unanimous Decision

International Light Heavyweight Prestige Bout
Full Rules Muay Thai │ 3X 2 Minute Rounds │ 170 lbs.
Shalva Avtandilashvili (Republic of Georgia/Leopard)
vs. Lucus Greer (Airdrie/Bellegarde’s)

This started off as a great fight. Lucus was pressing and throwing, while Avtandilashvili hit and moved. Greer’s straight left had Shalva stumbling back. When Avtandilashvili fell into the first clinch, Lucus literally picked him up and ran him to the ropes. Shalva landed a good right that made Greer fall back. Both continually probed at each other. On the second clinch, Avtandilashvila was cautioned. It was hard to tell but most likely for holding the ropes to get the clinch broken up. It was visible at this point that something had happened, as both athletes had a little blood on their heads. This most likely occurred during the clinch, but there appeared to be no concern from the referee. He let the fight continue. Greer flung himself forward into a superman left hook with his right hand very low. In throwing his head forward, it was completely unguarded. Shalva tried to counter with a straight left at the same time. Both heads connected. They immediately fell into a clinch, and Avtandilashvili followed with a very hard left uppercut. Then he delivered a right uppercut followed by a cross, forcing Lucus back to the ropes. Shalva followed with a left knee directly to Greer’s liver. Slouching forward and falling, Lucus sat on the second rope. He was sitting there, when Avtandilashvili blasted two lightning fast non-clinching left knees directly to his left forehead. Greer went down. When he turned over, an ugly cut was visible across his left eye. The officials called the fight a No Contest due to an accidental ‘foul’, which stirred some controversy as to whether the head contact or Shalva’s knee strikes caused the bleeding. In New Jersey, they could’ve gone to an instant re-play. It was a great fight up to the stoppage.

No Decision│No Contest


International Super Welterweight Prestige Bout
Modified Muay Thai Rules │ 3 X 2 Minute Rounds │ 152 lbs.
Eddy Chang (Edmonton/Lee)
vs. Andrew Rivera (USA/Florida Muay Thai)

Eddy Chang took this fight on short notice. Originally slated to be a Full Rules Muay Thai bout, Andrew Rivera’s original Canadian opponent pulled out. After searching for a good candidate to accept the bout, the promoter found Edmonton’s Eddy Chang. Because the fight was a full weight division above what Chang fights at, the Edmonton camp asked for no elbows and the American camp accepted. Eddy looked good on the outside with fast punches and kicks. Rivera looked tentative at Chang’s offense. Eddy unloaded and had Andrew in trouble with seconds to go in the first round, but he was saved by the bell. The second round was more even. While the American was successful when he had Chang moving backwards, Rivera could not maintain the pressure. The final round was pretty much Eddy’s. Despite not getting hurt, Andrew played too much of a defensive game in round three. Doing so gave Chang license to do what he wanted. When the votes were tallied, it was Andrew Rivera whose notice came up short on the score cards.

WINNER: Eddy Chang by Unanimous Decision

Super Welterweight Amateur Men
Modified Muay Thai Rules │ 3 X 2 Minute Rounds │ 150 lbs.
John Nguyen (Calgary/Dynamic)
vs. Jordab Sasley (Calgary/Double Dragon)

From the get go it was obvious these two talented athletes were looking for a knockout. Both athletes have good experience under their belts and possess KO power in their hands. This fight was not going to let anyone down. Both moved very well and, when the fight was completed, the nod went to John Nguyen.

WINNER: John Nguyen by Unanimous Decision

Lightweight Amateur Women
Modified Muay Thai Rules │ 3 X 2 Minute Rounds │ 130 lbs.
Meaghan Cameron (Calgary/Miles)
vs. Robin Macmillan (Toronto/TKMT)

Both athletes own title straps to wear on their waists. Macmillan took the fight on short notice. This was compensated by the fact that she’s had multiple times Cameron’s fight experience. The experience showed from the opening bell, as Macmillan veritably sprinted at her opponent to apply immediate pressure. The Calgarian was successful in round one with counter punches, kicks, and knees within the clinch to ebb the tide that was to become Macmillan. As the fight progressed, though, the pressure took its toll on Meaghan. She became flatfooted and struck mostly off a retreating step. Robin knew from her constant pressure that Cameron could not sit on any of her strikes. Pressing constantly, Macmillan did take a lot of blows in round two, but she pushed herself forward through the punishment. By round three, both fighters were completely fatigued. Neither had enough energy to put the other one away. It was an awesome scrap.

WINNER: Robin Macmillan by Unanimous Decision

Awad vs. BergSuper Lightweight Amateur Women
Modified Muay Thai Rules │ 3 X 2 Minute Rounds │ 140 lbs.
Olivia Awad (Calgary/Miles)
vs. Amber Berg (Winnipeg/Double Dragon)

Olivia Awad and Amber Berg both brought enough power, technique, drive, and commitment to race through the fight. This bout didn’t let anyone down, who was expecting action. It went straight out, from the first bell to the final bell. The road map of this fight set a torrid pace for three laps around the track. Amber came out fast, applying as much pressure as she could. Olivia intercepted her with punches, kicks and/or knees. In the clinch, Awad took her time. She successfully dumped Berg on the canvas a few times. Amber proved to be the proverbial energizer bunny. Even when getting hit, she continued pressing forward. By the final round, Olvia was looking weary. To her credit, though, she still kept up her work rate. So did Berg. Close though it was, Awad came away with a three win fight streak.

WINNER: Olivia Awad by Split Decision

Welterweight Amateur Men
Modified Muay Thai Rules │ 3 X 2 Minute Rounds │ 145 lbs.
Sean Holmes (Calgary/Champions)
vs. Gavin Owen (Red Deer/Cheney)

This was the first of two encounters featuring Calgary vs. Red Deer. Both athletes were in the ring for their first time. They were very aggressive from the opening bell. Sean seemed better able to evade and, as the fight wore on, he definitely had more in the gas tank. In round two, fatigue overtook Owen. His legs straightened and lost their spring. Holmes continued to pressure Gavin. He landed bunches of punches with the telltale smacking noise on Owen’s headgear. The final round saw Gavin in survival mode. A succession of punches to the head put him on the canvas. To his credit, he toughed it out and finished the fight on his feet.

WINNER: Sean Holmes by Unanimous Decision

Light Heavyweight Amateur Men
Modified Muay Thai Rules │ 3 X 2 Minute Rounds │ 175 lbs.
Nick Gallipoli (Calgary/Miles)
vs. Justin Rochelau (Red Deer/Cheney)

Calgary’s Nick Gallipoli had a hard time finding his range – standing 5 feet 9 inches to the towering Justin Rocheleau at 6 foot 3 inches. The battle see-sawed back and forth during the fight, with Justin being able to deliver cleaner kicks, knees, and punches. The shorter Gallipoli threw lots of wide leather, with most missing throughout the duration of the bout. In rounds one and later three, Nick’s wide leather successfully connected a few times, stiffening up Rocheleau on his legs. But Gallipoli could not capitalize. In round two, Justin’s successive short punches forced Nick backwards with. Whenever the audience figured Gallipoli was done or in need of a break, the Calgarian would swing back, temporarily turning the tide. A few exchanges throughout the fight – specifically throwing attempts – brought some noise from the audience. Rocheleau attempted to pitch Nick at one point, only to find himself landing face first on the canvas. Both athletes were in the ring for the very first time. They were both completely spent by final bell.

WINNER: Justin Rocheleau by Unanimous Decision

Holmes vs. OwenBest In-Town Fighter │ ROY LILLEY MEMORIAL AWARD:
Scott MacKenzie added more hardware to his resume by winning the Roy Lilley trophy, as chosen by the Ring Sports Officials Association.

Eddy Chang from Edmonton was awarded best visiting fighter for his performance against the USA’s Andrew Rivera.

End Story Mark‘Dissension’ International Muay Thai Gala featured athletes from Mongolia, The Republic of Georgia, Japan, the USA and Canada. The athletes from the first three countries could not speak English, but it didn’t make a difference in terms of the fighting or the results. Great fights all around.

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New Jersey Strong on Ending Bias in MMA Judging

Unlike governance in New York State – where three men in a room institutionalize “Silence of the Lambs” – the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board (NJSACB) is creatively disrupting MMA with an experiment in transparency through technology.

Photo Op CollageDamon Martin reported on Fox Sports that “New Jersey will score fights at cage side like normal but research will also be done with three additional judges locked in soundproof booths in the back of the arena. They will score the fights based solely on watching the action on a television screen without the distraction of crowd noise or commentary…With television cameras providing unobstructed viewing, judges will be able to see everything that happens during a fight – from whether or not punches land to submission attempts on the ground…This could help answer some of the biggest problems that continue to plague the sport – most notably controversial scoring with little reason as to why or how it happens.”

NJSACB general counsel Nick Lembo explained “This is something here we’re going to try without having a direct impact to the fighters. There’s nothing at stake, they will still have the same judging how they will normally be judged but hopefully we can gather some information. It’s premature at this point to say whether it will work or not, but we’ll gather some data from the judges and see if they like the concept and then we can tweak it from there.”


Lembo is curious to see if the outcomes differ when judges are insulated from ambient influences and given access to the unobstructed views in television broadcasts. “Guys do an entire broadcast looking at a monitor and it’s because the guys have gotten so good with this with technology, they give you the perfect angle and the perfect vantage point. So it will be interesting to see if that’s where the disconnect is in some of these close fights and the controversial fights.” Lembo said.

The comparison to the judges sitting cage side could be valuable in a long term evaluation of whether or not the system works and/or makes a difference. If the program works, commissions could potentially introduce the system into live fights with judges using this new process instead. There’s no telling if this new system could become the standard with MMA judging, but Lembo says if everything goes well, he will absolutely reach out to other notable commissions across the country to share his findings. “It’s hard to put a timeline on it,” Lembo said. “I don’t know how many times we’re going to have to do this to get enough information, but I’m sure we would share our findings with other commissions like with Andy Foster in California, and Nevada, and Bernie (Profato) in Ohio and see where it goes from there.”

New Jersey Strong

Instant replay has been available for combat sports in NJ since 2008. Thus Damon Martin reported on MMA Weekly that “instant replay has become an institution for most major sporting events all over the world and last year [2008] the sport of mixed martial arts stepped into that arena when the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board instituted the policy and now it has been instituted in practice as well. At an event held by New Breed Fighters, an amateur MMA promotion, a ruling by a referee was overturned by the commission after video review. The fight between Joel Roberts and Ryan Vaccaro was stopped after an apparent tap from Vaccaro, but referee Donnie Caroli was adamant that he did not see a tap from the fighter. New Jersey Deputy Attorney General, Nick Lembo, who was ringside, stepped in and reviewed the video tape after the controversy, per the instant replay rule passed [in 2008], and after several views decided that there was indeed a tap. After the ruling, the fight was indeed stopped and Roberts declared the winner. End Story MarkWhile the instant replay rule had not previously played out in a MMA fight, this newest development will give credence to a standard that has been a major cause of the call right in other major sports for years.”

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Lion Fight XXVI at Foxwoods® Resorts ♦ Casino on November 20, 2015

Lion Fight XXVI
Mashantucket Pequot Foxwoods® Resorts ♦ Casino
Ledyard, Connecticut
Friday, November 20, 2015

Lion Fight XXVI Poster

Tetsuya Iwashita “Yamato” defends his Lion Fight world title against British contender Greg Wootton

Turan Hasanov vs. Nick Chasteen

John Nofer vs. Victor Saravia
Sean Fagan vs. Pedro Gonzalez
Julio Pena vs. Tim Amorim
Ben Peak vs. Josh Shepard

Tickets for Lion Fight 26, which will be held inside Foxwoods’ Fox Theater, are on sale now and can be purchased through Foxwoods.com or by calling the Foxwoods Box Office at 800-200-2882 or Ticketmaster at 800-745-3000. Tickets are also available at the Foxwoods Box Office. Ticket prices are $95, $55 and $35.

End Story MarkAXS TV will broadcast LION Fight XXVI live starting at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT. Visit LionFight.com for news, information and event updates. Follow on Twitter @LIONFIGHT and @LionFightOfficial on Instagram.

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Twenty Fourth Lion Fight Piles Up the Body Count under a Blood Moon

With EMS getting more customers than the judges, Lion Fight XXIV was both an indictment of Pied Piper formulaic match making and an inspiration to Destiny’s Children. Out of five featured pro fights, two made it to the judges. One shouldn’t have gone there but still ended in the ER for stitches.

EMSKy Hollenbeck (Combat Sports Academy in Dublin, California)
vs. Richard Abraham (Maximus Muay Thai in Chicago, Illinois)
Middleweight Men │ 160 lbs. │ 5×2

Commencing his rehabilitation from a Glory World Series product life cycle long day’s journey into night, Ky Hollenback took a nasty gash on his left eye brow. With seconds to go in the fourth, the doc gave him a temporary reprieve only because his corner man Kirian Fitzgibbons is one of the best cut men in the business. Off fifth bell, though, Richard Abraham jumped all over the cut.

All KyUp until then, it had been pretty much all Ky. When the doc stopped it, Kirian cased the bleeder purposefully for an accidental head butt. There was no objection from either the ref or the other corner. So they went to the score cards. Hollenbeck was ahead on all of them, which gave him a UD.

Only the still photos tell a different story. Kirian’s “accidental head butt” looks more like Richard Abraham’s elbow. Score this one for Master Toddy’s worthy successor. Kirian Fitzgibbons played a wild card to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Head ButtYou think savvy corner men don’t make a difference? Ask Ky Hollenbeck, who joked with me afterwards that he always seems to get cut, when I’m covering him. No joke. That’s because I’m only there when he does Muay Thai. Although the money could be better, Muay Thai rules.

WINNER: Ky Hollenbeck by Unanimous Decision

Corner ManThe sports beat’s pay scale itself descends to pro bono for two thumbs and a smart phone. So it was that a youthful tweeter enthused: “I am so excited! This is my first time.”

Figuring the hottest place in hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in a moral crisis, I explained to MMA trending on Facebook the incongruence with Muay Thai in posturing │ spacing │ carrying the guard │ and how grounding effectively forecloses clinching, which is the pivot for Muay Thai knees and elbows. (See “The Principles of Unarmed Combat” by Mark Jacobs, ©2011, published by Turtle Press) Mix apples and oranges in a blender, in other words, you get the best of neither. Whether or not the rookie reporter got it, for all I know he might’ve been tweeting “there’s this really annoying old guy here”.

When Kevin Ross escorted Gaston Bolanos to the ring, I pointed him out. Are you ready for this? Youthful media in search of a message asked “who’s that?” So I showed him a copy of Muay Thaimes® with Sittisuk Por Sirichai carving up Kevin on the cover. He looked, glanced at Ross, turned back to me and blurted. “That’s him!” Then he got to see the good stuff. If Lion Fight XXIV sold joy stick journalism on full rules Muay Thai, who am I to judge?

Gaston Bolanos (Combat Sports Academy in Dublin, California)
vs. Ben Yelle (Al’s Boxing Club in Marquette, Michigan)
Welterweight Men │ 142 lbs. │ 5×2.

Ben Yelle came like he’d been comp’d to play the title role in a production of “Catcher in the Rye”. You’ve probably heard it said that the best defense is a good offense. Well Ben brought neither. It’s not like anyone in the house couldn’t hear the masterful stage directions that Kirian was giving his newest hot prospect. Having satisfied both of themselves that Ben’s deer in the headlights was ripe for road kill, it took only five minutes and four seconds for Gaston Bolanos to stomp the comp with a reverse spinning elbow (Sok Wiang Klap).

WINNER: Gaston Bolanos by TKO at 2:04 of Round 2

Road KillFeaturing seasoned veterans like Ben Yelle and Ky Hollenback against hot prospects like Gaston Bolanos and Richard Abraham defies Pied Piper formulaic match making. It is formulaic for so many shows around the country to wire locals into closed circuits around the shape of a box office. Closed circuitry conceals a Pied Piper, though, in the enchantment of local celebrity. Whether any prospect’s career sizzles or fizzles depends wholly upon how much voltage juices the circuitry it’s plugged into. We measure voltage on the fight circuit by the caliber of competition.

Hot ProspectsChris Mauceri (USA) vs.
Nicholas Parlanti (France)
Welterweight Men │ 142 lbs. │ 5×2.

No one had ever come out of NYC’s local circuit, for example, with a better pro record than Chris Mauceri at 8-0-0 with 4 by KO. Yet Chris was obviously no match for Kevin Ross (TKO @0:21 of Round 3) in his Lion Fight debut. When Phanuwat ‘Coke’ Chunhawat left his heart in San Francisco – virtually conceding a UD to Chris – it was a kind of Deflate Gate to take some of the air out what otherwise would’ve been seen as an upset win’s sails. Then came Sittisuk Por Sirichai, who wielded the same butcher knife predictably with Chris that he’d used to carve up Kevin Ross. So it was that Nicholas Parlanti became the crucible for Chris to reveal what, if anything, he’s learned from “Beasts of the Southern Wild”.

3rd Cavalry RegimentAt the risk of seeming subjective [moi?] Chris has never looked better. He was smooth, confident and fully in command. Try translating that into 10-9 on a score card. Picture instead the 3rd Cavalry Regiment on the road to Baghdad with the infantry gobbling up territory and great balls of fire from the artillery.

When Parlanti got clumsy with a trick, Chris showed him what it means here to finish with a walk off. NYC locals might remember how Sammy “The Bull” Gravano also crushed skulls like this. Only he was partial to a baseball bat. Either way, it was like dropping a pair of concrete shoes in the East River off the Brooklyn docks. Get the picture?

WINNER: Chris Mauceri by KO at 1:06 of Round 3

Walk OffSince taking a beating from Cosmo Alexandre at his own Lion Fight debut, Jo Nattawut has caught on fire. Credit artful match making for also feeding this flame. So it was that Richard Abraham – whose status in this showcase seems to be somewhere between a rock and a hard place – was then auditioned for supporting actor in “Bonfire of the Vanities”.

Caught on FireTogether again in the same house, you already know that Ky Hollenbeck was also there. Whether Khunpon’s protégé wants a piece of Yodsænklai Fairtex to settle a score for their homie Chike Lindsay-Ajuda, Richard Abraham is just an engraver of tomb stones. Yodsænklai Fairtex is the cemetery, where truth meets consequences. All the belts that money can buy, by the same token, don’t take Ky Hollenbeck out of the middleweight mix. First “Smoking” Jo had to get past Charlie Peters, who’d apparently earned his title shot – by virtue of the above referenced artful match making – with a UD loss to Hakeem Dawodu in Calgary on January 24, 2015.

Jo Nattawut (Kingdom of Thailand by way of USA)
vs. Charlie Peters (United Kingdom)

With so many elbow KO’s, I figured there might never be a better show to go native in the next day’s Quick Results. Wouldn’t you know I got immediate blowback for calling the one that did it for Jo a Sok Klap Khu (Double Elbow Chop)? Kru Mark Nardone cased it for a Sok Wiang Klap (Reverse Horizontal Elbow). Having done this job long enough to know that light doesn’t go through solid objects – like a ref’s butt – ask Kru Mark whether I didn’t report back pronto that we’d both got it wrong. The still photos show a Sok Tong (Downward Smashing 12/6 Elbow).

DQHow do you say “DQ” in Thai? (See “Fouls” on page 28 in the Association of Boxing Commissions Unified Rules and Guidelines Report for Muay Thai) Between Thai refs and fighters, apparently you don’t.

WINNER: Jo Nattawut by TKO @1:56 of Round 3

Ognjen Topić’s pro/am record of 25-14-2 with 8 by KO confronts the grim alternative to upward mobility on a prize fighter’s career ladder. Neither does our WBC U.S. national title holder want for a LinkedIn password to connect with Stephen Meleady. On his way to a Lumpini ranking, the Irish scrapper put a pause in Ognjen’s cause at Asawandam Stadium on June 18, 2010.

Pause in the CauseArtful match making [without the sarcasm]: Meleady and Topić are WBC world ranked #13 and #14 respectively. (CLICK HERE for the WBC’s world rankings.) Flipping a Rungravee Sasiprapa coin, by the same token, Ognjen recently came up heads two years after Stephen’s tails. This match is about to test the relevance of quarterly earnings to a stock’s long term growth potential.

Stephen Meleady believes, rightfully so, that Thai ring supremacy is most manifest in the clinch. He also comes prepared, understandably, to pick it up with the New Jersey local where they’d left off. Five years back to the future, Ognjen Topić means to bring a game changer’s worth of malady to Stephen’s Meleady.

Ognjen Topić
(USA) vs.
Stephen Meleady (Republic of Ireland)

Having covered Ognjen pretty much since his ring debut, he’s never struck me as being especially ardent about the clinch. The game changer came with his turning the tables on “Love’s Labor Lost”. Imagine a Denial of Service (DoS) attack that went around and got inside Stephen’s firewall. It was so ferocious that the ruddy Irishman looked like a boiled New England lobster midway through the match.

Snap ChatMeleady’s best round was the third, when he managed to get his claws into the stew. Topić went surf and turf with a drum stick upside the head. It transitioned from hoof to mouth, then, with the game Gaelic eating a mouthful of leather.

If this was the only round that Stephen was awarded on one of the scorecards, “there is a tide in the affairs of men which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune”. With punches in bunches off the ropes in the fourth, Ognjen put a snap in their chat. Although Dublin’s soldier of fortune managed to keep his head above water, let’s just say that surviving a flood of misfortune isn’t exactly the kind of ring supremacy Thais manifest in the clinch.

Round five saw this generation’s best pound-for-pound American putting on a performance like Pavarotti at La Scala. Your warranty against hyperbole is the caliber of his competition, speaking of whom the AXS-TV audience probably didn’t notice a handful of fans off the neutral corner who’d come all the way from Dublin. In all of my years covering our sport, only Christine Toledo ever brought this kind of following with her on the road. With the understatement that none of these lads would’ve been mistaken for designated drivers, neither is there another ethnicity on the entire planet that subdues adversity more cheerfully than the Irish soul.

WINNER: Ognjen Topic by Unanimous Decision

Pound for PoundOgnjen Topic’s climb up the career ladder now takes him to uncharted territory for any American with ambitions beyond an occasional quickie on the tourist circuit. For Lion Fight’s CEO Scott Kent, this milestone has to be inspiring as it’s been perspiring. Upon first getting started, Scott told me that developing American talent would be his mission. The New Jersey local might still be doing re-matches and rubber matches at the Friday Night Fights in New York City or even worse Wu Lin Feng for WCK if Lion Fight hadn’t given us a league of our own. Mission accomplished. Now let’s take it, like Ognjen Topic, to uncharted territory.

League of Our OwnLion Fight XXIV Full Results
Mashantucket Pequot Foxwoods® Resorts ♦ Casino
Ledyard, Connecticut
Friday, September 25, 2015


Ognjen Topić (USA) def.
Stephen Meleady (Republic of Ireland)
by Unanimous Decision: 50-45, 50-45, 49-46.


Jo Nattawut (Kingdom of Thailand by way of USA)
def. Charlie Peters (United Kingdom)
by TKO (Sok tong │ Downward Smashing Elbow) @1:56 of Round 3.


Chris Mauceri (USA) def.
Nicholas Parlanti (France)
by KO (Sok wiang klap │ Reverse Spinning Elbow) at 1:06 of Round 3
Welterweight Men │ 142 lbs. │ 5×2.

Ky Hollenbeck (Combat Sports Academy in Dublin, California)
def. Richard Abraham (Maximus Muay Thai in Chicago, Illinois)
by Unanimous Decision: 40-36, 40-36, 39-37
Middleweight Men │ 160 lbs. │ 5×2.

Gaston Bolanos (Combat Sports Academy in Dublin, California)
def. Ben Yelle (Al’s Boxing Club in Marquette, Michigan)
by TKO (Sok wiang klap │ Reverse Spinning Elbow) at 2:04 of Round 2
Welterweight Men │ 142 lbs. │ 5×2.

Julio Pena (Hard Knocks Muay Thai in Boston) def.
Yeison Bergudo (Tri Force MMA in Providence, Rhode Island)
by TKO (Te tat │ Low Kick) at 0:31 of Round 5
Lightweight Men │ 134 lbs. │ 5×2.

P.J. Sweda (Stay Fly Muay Thai in Philadelphia)
def. Danny Millet (Kings Thai Boxing in NYC)
by TKO (Sok ti │ Elbow Slash) at 0:41 of Round 2
Middleweight Men │ 155 lbs. │ 5×2.


Phil DaSilva (North Shore Muay Thai Academy in Cambridge, Mass.)
def. Chris Molloy (Hard Knocks Muay Thai in Boston)
by Unanimous Decision │ Welterweights │ 3×2.

Ulbino Guzman (Kings Thai Boxing in NYC) def.
Mike Triana (Team Ling in Worcester, Mass.)
by Unanimous Decision │ Lightweights │ 3×2.

Aracely Valenzuela (Eight Points Muay Thai in Winston Salem, N.C.)
def. Elizabeth Silvira (Hard Knocks Muay Thai in Boston)
by Unanimous Decision │ Bantamweights │ 3×2.

Brian Bogue (Burke’s Martial Arts in Providence, Rhode Island)
def. Ian Greer (The Cellar in Minneapolis, Minnesota)
by Unanimous Decision │ Super Middleweights │ 3×2.

Keeman Hegan Diop (Crazy 88 Martial Arts in Elkridge, Maryland)
def. Julian Nguyen (Team Link in Worcester, Mass.)
by Unanimous Decision │ Welterweights │ 3×2.

Greg Muldrow (Sityodtong in Boston) def.
Jason Peppe (North Shore Muay Thai Academy in Cambridge, Mass.)
by Unanimous Decision │ Super Heavyweights │ 3×2.

CLICK HERE Bennie E. Palmore II’s entire Lion Fight Photo Gallery.
Dan Eric’s Photo Gallery is also a CLICK AWAY.

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New Jersey State Athletic Control Board to Host Combative Sports Medicine Symposium

The New Jersey State Athletic Control Board will be hosting a Combative Sports Medicine Symposium on Tuesday, November 17, 2015 at the Richard Hughes Justice Complex, 25 Market Street, 4th Floor Conference Room, in Trenton, NJ from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm.

NJACB 3rd Combative Sports Symposium

Admission is free of charge and open to the combative sports community; including commission personnel, current officials, physicians, contestants and other combative sports licensees.

The topic of discussion will focus on concussions and head injuries, and standards of care and clearance for combat sports athletes wishing to return to competition post suspension for such injuries. As you all are aware, this topic of discussion is currently at the forefront, not only for our regulated combative sports, but has recently dominated national media attention for both professional and amateur contact sports as well. It is a discussion that we have an obligation to learn more about, for education and the best health and safety we can offer to our contestants.

For the past 1½ years, NJ ringside physician, Dr. Sheryl Wulkan, and her colleagues have been working on this crucial topic, and they are ready to publicly share some of their observations. This symposium will also offer the opportunity for members of the combat sports community to engage in dialogue with our esteemed panelists, and learn how to identify early symptoms of head injuries and the importance of seeking immediate medical attention for early intervention and care.

Association of Boxing Commissions Logo

End Story MarkRegistration is required by contacting the NJACB’s office by fax 609-341-5038 or by email: [email protected].

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Ajarn Mike Miles Presents the Next Installment in 18+ Years Promoting Muay Thai with “DISSENSION”

International Muay Thai Gala
1000 11500 – 35th St. SE
Calgary, Canada
Friday, November 6, 2015

Top Image

Scott MacKenzie (Calgary) vs.
Hirokatsu Miyagi (Okinawa, Japan)
FRMT │ 5×2

Shijiree Shinjiro (Mongolia) vs.
Tony Richards (USA/Marfort)
FRMT │ 5×2

Side Image


Shalva Avtandilashvili (Georgia) vs.
Lucus Greer (Airdrie,Canada/Bellegarde)

Eddy Chang (Edmonton, Canada/Lee) vs.
Andrew Rivera (USA/Marfort)

Meaghan Cameron (Calgary, Canada/Miles) vs.
Robin MacMillan (Toronto, Canada/TKMT)

John Nguyen (Calgary, Canada/Gentile) vs.
Jordan Sasley (Winnipeg, Canada/Hodge)

Sean Holmes (Calgary, Canada/Sawyer) vs.
Gavin Owen (Red Deer, Canada/Cheney)

Olivia Awad (Calgary, Canada/Miles) vs.
Amber Berg (Winnipeg, Canada/Hodge)

Nick Gallipolli (Calgary, Canada/Miles) vs.
Justin Rocheleau (Red Deer, Canada/Cheney)

For TICKETS: 403●244 ●8424

End Story MarkDISSENSION on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1471995833108646

Mike Miles MuayThai & Kickboxing: https://www.facebook.com/MikeMilesMuayThaiandKickboxing

Mike Miles MuayThai (Formerly National Kickboxing): https://www.facebook.com/groups/4022610697/

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Safari to a Hidden World of African Martial Arts

Mix martial arts with Africana scholarship and you get a safari in streaming video.

African Adventure Photo Collage

End Story MarkClick this LINK to find out how to get your boarding pass for Professor Ed Powe’s guided virtual tour of Central Africa featuring a hidden world of explosive martial arts. Travel to unravel the search engine of your own imagination.

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